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The BadBoy Diary… Episode 56

The BadBoy Diary
( She Still Love Him )
Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
Clara’s POV continues
He pulled to Maymack Apartment 3. I paid him, got down from cab and headed to my apartment.
Drake isn’t back.
This is the third day, third day that he disappeared.
I sighed and went into my apartment. I turned on the lights and headed to my bedroom.
Getting into room, I sat down on the bed and took out the phone. from the bed.
Getting it outta the pack, I found my SIM on the bedside table. (Thank goodness I didn’t trash it that day)
I inserted it into the phone and switched it on.
The battery was low and needed full charging before use but I don’t care about that.
I scrolled through the contacts and found Danelle’s phone number. I called it, anticipating for her pick up.
I haven’t even pulled off my shoes.
She picked up at the third ring.
“Sister!!” she shouted. I couldn’t point out if it was excitement or anger.
“Danelle,” I called calmly.
“Sister Clara, oh my, you finally got a phone right?” she asked.
“Yes I did,” I said.
“Why tell me!?” she sounded angry, not excited.
I sighed. “Cos I need to get intouch with Drake,” I said.
“Oh what happened to him? tell me sis? Did he travel or what?” she snapped.
“I have no idea Danelle. I came back from work on monday to find out he wasn’t home and since then, he haven’t come back. He’s on a two weeks leave and so can’t be at work.
Danelle don’t lie to me, have you spoken with him this past two days?” I asked.
I can hear her scoff a chuckle.
“Sis, how do you expect me to be truthful to you when you decided to believe in lies? in lies that people tell you. In lies that someone made you believe in for three years and even now. How could you sister?”
‘Oh I get it. She had been told, by who else, but Drake ofcourse. Which means they had communicated but it depends on the day they did last,’
“Answer my sis, cos im coming right to maymack this weekend to talk senses into your head!” she said causing a little anger into me.
“Danelle, im your elder sister,you don’t talk to me in such way!” I said.
“Im sorry sis but if it means talking to you that way would make you understand then I will. Do you understand the problem you just got yourself into? How could you let him decieve you again sister?”
“He didn’t decieve me but told me the truth and they were no lies. I forgive him because he only lied to protect and keep me save,” I defended.
“Oh really? and you easily believed him sister. Why do you easily believe? did you research about it, did you try finding out if he really was truthful?”
“I saw it in his eyes, in his voice, in his motions and in his tears. If you were to be in my shoes, you’ll do same,” I said.
“No way! I can never get decieved by mare words.
Sister whatever he told you shouldn’t have made accept him back.
Fine, you forgave him but not accepting him back. That was unthoughtful. How could you?”
“I will tell you all he said,” I said.
“I don’t care about that sister. You should know that both I and mom never wanted Noah for you. We never liked him,” she said.
“You both liked David but he broke my heart and got married to another girl,”
“Come on sister, how could you say that? we had no idea you were dating David. Did mom knew about it? No. We liked him, yeah but we thought you guys were just friends and coursemates. Have you forgotten the many tines mom asked you about it, but you lied that you both ain’t dating, you kept your relationship a secret from mom. It all came out after he broke your heart,” she said.
I sighed. “It’s all true but about Noah, no one can change my decision. I love him and I wanna stand by him,” I said.
“And then Drake?” she asked.
“Drake? I told you that he’s been out for two days now, today would make it the third day. Im worried,” I said with a sigh.
“What did you expect him to do? He left because you choosed to be ignorant of all the warnings and advises!” she said, her voice loud again.
“What do you mean by that Danelle?” I asked.
“How could you hurt him sis Clara? Have you no idea that he’s deeply inlove with you?” she asked causing me to burst into laughter.
‘This is a joke’
“This isn’t funny sister. Drake is inlove with you. He’s the right man for you siater. He left because he couldn’t bear watching you love the same guy he helped you get over. He had loved you all this weeks but was scared to let you know. He was heartbroken when you told him you still love Noah and he had to leave just to get over you but you know what sis? He still can’t,” she said.
I couldn’t believe all Danelle said. Drake inlove with who? Me, Clara?
How can that even be possible?
“So.. where is he now?” I asked.
I was more concerned about his safety than what I just heard.
The Drake I know, is a playboy. It’s not even possible and even if it is, then it’s just lust. That has been what he felt for me, those early weeks I packed in here. Lust.
Drake falling inlove with me is just a big joke.
“You wanna know? Do you care about that sister? why would you? He’s going through hard times, trying to get over you. I kept calling him, he kept ignoring my calls cos he was so hurt by you,” she said.
“He told you and you believed him?” I asked.
“Yeah I did, I believed him cos I already knew that he did. Even before Noah got arrested,” she said.
“Okay, fine. Do you know who Drake really is? im sure you don’t now and im gonna tell you. Drake is a playboy, a sex pervet, a clubber, drinker and a loud music player,” I said but I can’t lie that he’s stopped all this for the past few weeks.
“Oh really? But he is a legal worker, he do a clean work. He isn’t a drug dealer, He swore to me that he isn’t, and im sure he’ll do anything just to make you happy. He can change for love but a drug dealer, his bad names remains and never wash out.
I could feel how much that Drake loves you. Think about it sister. I want you to be with the right man and the right man isn’t Noah but Drake,” she said.
“Danelle you know nothing about love,” I said.
“Jeez sister, how can you say this? sister I know a little and if you must know, Drake never told me where he is, im damn worried too. Goodnight sister and thanks for getting a phone. Think about it, Im gonna call tomorrow, I love you big sis,” she said and ended the call.
I breathed out.
‘Drake inlove with me? How can that even be true?
He was scared to tell me, why?
The much care, the niceness, the changes, was it all because he fell inlove with me?
Inlove with me,’
I chuckled.
‘That’s really funny and unbelievable. How can a playboy even fall inlove.
He told me he’s never gonna fall inlove again.
Ah Drake, I ca’t believe it. I can’t believe you are inlove with no one else but me! it’s weird, really weird.
But even if truely you are, I can’t do anything about it. I love Noah and I can’t leave him.
If you left because of it, then im sorry, I hope you get better but I can’t deny that I miss your company. How caring and nice that you were.’
I sighed and pulled off my shoes and layed on the bed.
‘I still can’t believe all these.’
That night, I didn’t call my mom to avoid long calls about Noah.
I just wrapped myself with the duvet and slept off.
It was drizzling. I felt cold.
Hearing that Drake is inlove with me and heartbroken because I accepted Noah back, and then he had to leave and all the other things, suprisingly made me feel hurt. Shocking to me, I was begininh to feel guilty of being the reason for his disappearance and I was getting really sad about his heartbreak.
‘If at all, I’d wanna see him and clear this guilt building up strongly within me but how do I? how do I find him and even if I do? what do I say?’
I kept thinking that night till I eventually drifted to sleep.
Brenda’s POV
I heard dad’s car drive in, and I went to the window and drew the curtains to see.
He drove into the garage.
I closed back the curtain and walked out with my phone.
‘Nikky had gone out, to her black work ofcourse. Today is definitely a black wednesday for who ever she has been paid to assasinate’
I walked down the staircase to see dad walk in with Iris, his driver behind him. The door was shut by Mrs Edmond who had opened it.
“Welcome Mr Adams,” Mr Edmond said.
Dad nodded at her with a bright smile.
“Welcome Dad,” I called and pecked him. He reciprocated.
“Thanks darling, how are you doing?” he asked.
“Im fine,” I said and he settled on one of the cushions, I sat beside him while Iris headed upstairs with dad’s briefcase.
Dad loosened his tears while Mr Edmond rushed to the kitchen to get his dinner served at the dinning.
“So dad how was office today?” I asked.
“Good, good. And the contract with the Genestyle, when are you starting your shoots?” he asked, looking at me.
I smiled.
I lied to him yesterday about getting the contract. Anyways, I did.
It was simple.
“Im starting on saturday dad,” I said.
He nodded in smiles. “You deserve it dear, congratulations once again,” he said and kissed my cheek.
I smiled. “Thanks dad.”
‘I love my dad’
Mr Edmond came out with trays of dishes and dropped it on the dinning table, then turned back to the kitchen again.
“So dad go get a shower and come down to have your dinner,” I said.
Just then his phone rang.
He glanced at the screen and picked it up.
“Hello,” he said.
His face lighted in a wide smile immediately.
“Reallyy Patrick, I can’t believe I could get intouch with you after how many years.”
“Are you still in the police force or retired?”
“Awesome. How where you able to get my contact?”
“Jesus Christ! Patrick, we need to see, where you now?”
“Oh Texas, awesome! Im also in Texas all this years,”
Then his smile faded at whatever the reciever said.
“Patrick, I’ll let you know about everything. Can we meet tomorrow at
Orlan Hotel by 5pm,” he asked.
“Alright, see you there old friend,”
The call ended.
He turned to me.
“An old friend. He was a DPO then. He knows my first family and he asked about them. I’ll have to tell him about them tomorrow.” he said.
“Alright. Maybe he can be of help,” I said.
He nodded and stood up.
“Lemme go freshen up. I’ll be back,” he said and headed upstairs.
I breathed out and tapped on my phone screen.
I scrolled to my contacts and called Drake for the twentieth time tonight, it rang and rang but he didn’t pick up.
He’s one of the two problems that I need to solve now, the second is finding my step-family.
I called him again.
Drake’s POV
The night was cool and bright as always as Claire and I headed towards the second lodge building after spending four hours at the bar with Evan and Chelsea. who had left twenty minutes aga because Evan got a call.
We were supposed to be at the restaurant but Evan and Chelsea came ovee and dragged us to the bar where I got to know that Claire smoke too.
“So did you think about what I told you?” she asked.
I took her hand, “What’s that?”
“About you giving a girl a chance. Im sure there’s some girl,” she said.
“There’s no girl,” I said.
She chuckled. “What about the calls you’ve been ignoring. I mean isn’t it from a girl?”
“I don’t want her. I don’t even have a single likeness for her. She’s just being a pest to me.”
“Why? how did you get connected to her then?”
“Well we met at a club and it led to a ‘one night stand’ and you know, it was supposed to be a ‘goodbye’ but she came back, telling me she wanna get into a relationship with me, that she is inlove with me. Bulshit. I don’t like her. ” I said.
“She might be right Drake. Probably she is inlove with you. C’mon why not give her a chance. You are trying to get over a girl who do not care about you and here is the girl who care-” she got stopped by the ringing of my phone. I glanced at it. Brenda.
I chuckled.
“She’s the the one right?” Claire asked.
“Yes.” I answered.
“Why don’t you just pick it up?” she asked.
“I don’t want to,” I said.
“Well think about it,” she said.
We were at the door into her suite now.
I took her hand and gave it a light squeeze. She smiled.
‘I like this girl but I know ut’s just lust and someone that I wanna use to see if I could get over Clara’
“Claire why don’t we date? I want it to be you,” I said.
She smiled and withdrew her hand.
“I’ll be going tomorrow morning, around 9am – 10am,” she said.
“Answer me Claire,” I said.
“Like I told you, it can’t work between us. Yeah we had sex and i’d have it with you again if possible but I can’t date you Drake,” she said.
“Why?” I asked, not suprised.
“Because im not ready for a relationship yet. No more question, goodnight Drake,” she said and walked into her suite.
“Goodnight Claire,” I said and she shut the door.
Brenda’s call came in again.
I walked up to my suite and went in. Shut the door, dropped my phone on the bed, pulled off my clothes and headed into the ensuite.
‘Brenda, can I give her a chance?
I can’t. I just can’t.
Shit! I don’t even know!’
I turned on the shower.
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[Minutes later] I got out of the shower and dressed into my night wear. I turned off the light and turned on the bedside table.
I layed down on the bed and covered myself in thick duvet.
I turned to the other side of the bed and checked my phone, Brenda called two more times.
I sighed and dropped the call
“I think im gonna give her a chance,” I muttered and hieved a sigh.
The phone rang again. I picked it up with the thought of Brenda calling again but it wasn’t her this time but Danelle.
I sighed and picked it up.
“Hello Danelle, how are you doing?”
“Im good, you?”
“Im fine,”
“Drake,.I spoke with my sister tonight,” she said, suprising me.
I stayeld silent.
“And guess what? she’s been damn worried about you. She had to buy a phone just to get intouch with you,” she said.
“Let her know that im fine,” I said.
“I wi but she asks of where you are,” she said.
Ask of where I am?
“Im at the place better to me. Tell her not to worry about me but her boyfriend who is in cell,” I said.
“Drake you see, you can’t blame my sister. She had no idea that you have feelings for her. I’ve told her about it and trust me, she’s gonna come to you, trust me.” she said, causing me to gasp.
“Why did you tell her Danelle!”
“You can’t hide it. If only you didn’t hide it, then she would have considered that before doing such thing,” she said.
Claire told me this too.
“Please just tell me where you are?” she said.
I sighed.
“I can’t Danelle. You’ve told her about my feelings for her but it’s too late now. She’s back to Noah. She said that he makes her happy so let her be with the one who makes her happy,” I said.
“Oh no Drake, I want you for my sister. My mom and I never liked Noah. I know you’ll make her more happier. I feel it strongly,” she said.
“I would make her happier and i’d give anything but I guess I don’t deserve her. I will get over this Danelle,” I said.
“No Drake please I promise to make her realize that you are meant for her and not that jerk,” she said.
“That jerk is someone whom she love, someone who makes her happy. Let her be with him. I have no place in her heart. First she hated me cos of my lifestyle. That same lifestyle I had to quit cos I fell inlove with her. I had to give up my lifestylr just to make her happy and comfortable with me cos I needed hee and wanted to be close to her but it didn’t change anything. She only took me as a friend and I can’t blame her but myself for letting my heart open for love again. But im gettinh over it. Anyways, there is someone who could do just anything to have me. Someone who’s been calling and pleading to be mine. I think im gonna give her this chance. Clara doesn’t want it. So Danelle, let Clara understand that i’ve gotten over her and i’ve got someone else who love me. Goodnight Danelle,” I said.
“Drake, wait, you-” I clicked the call on her and scrolled to Brenda’s phone number.
I stared at it.
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