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Fausa Eleja. {Season 2}… Episode 21


We hung up. and i picked gen sec’S call

gen sec: hello sir

me: what can i do for you?

Gen sec: please have mercy on me sir….we are guys, and what happen to me may also happen to you tomorrow

me: lol…i thought you said i should do my worse? Then
wait and see how it goes tomorrow

gen sec: don’t mind me sir

me: so are you ready to pay the money?

Gen sec: yes sir, but please sir, i want you to help me sir

me: what for?

Gen sec: i don’t have upto that amount with me
right now infact am collecting the sug money together with the one in my account

me: then how much you have?

Gen sec: i will raise 50k tomorrow sir

me: what about the balance??????

gen sec: i will do the payment next monday sir

me: just pity your mum coz you are not worth to be pitied… problem….i will put a call to my gallant agent to terminate the operation and keep hold till you balanced up.

gen sec: haaaaa thank you sir

me: don’t thank me, i will do that only if u can
make the transaction before 9:30am tomorrow otherwise hmm

gensec: its ok by me sir..
..,..we hung up……i was so happy with my wife that will had a lovely slow motion sex tonight before we go to bed around 1:30am……. I woke up earlier the following morning….after we have had
our usual morning sex..,.i sat on the chair waiting for alert… alert till 9:15am. I began disturbing my brain……what is going on??????? Is this a trick????? ….i was at the middle of my thought when i got a message on my phone…i was very happy and make a shout out loud….’am the winner!!!’……i was so glad to open it, cos i already knew what the content would be…….the content must be ”you have been credited with #‎50k‬”………….i opened the message and i almost die…..

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Updated: August 14, 2019 — 5:10 am

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