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Fate… Episode 3

{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_3
“pregnant, did you just said pregnant mom, of course not, am not pregnant,” i quuickly defended myself then stood up and fold my hands.
“then why are you acting like you are? she asked.
“look mom, nothing happen between Antonio and i, and neither do anything happen between me and Jake, am already engaged to Antonio mom and you know our wedding will push through next month. Am perfectly fine, your daughter is not pregnant,” i said smiling while my mom sighed.
“i doubt so,” she said which make me angry.
“are you doubting me mom, just take a good look at me am not pregnant, i guess it malaria trust me mom,” i said so pissed off.
“okay.. am sorry Camille, if you say so, am just concern i don’t want any man to end up dumping you because i love you so much,” she said while i smile a bit then scratch my hair.
“i will just get some drugs from the chemist down the street, your daughter is fine mom, i love you too and won’t disappoint you,” i said then picked up my jacket nd went outside, i breathe out. I can’t let mom to find out am pregnant, this should be my deepest secret, am so sorry Anton i don’t know how to tell you this please forgive me but don’t worry i will abort this baby just to keep you, i can’t lose someone important and special like you just because of Jake and his baby.
..The next morning, i woke up feeling a bit dizzy, i need to do something before my mom figure out this. I packed few of my clothes in a bag, i need to visit Catherine one of my friend.
“mom, am done,” i said holding my side bag.
“i will miss you dear,” she said then hugged me.
“miss you to mom,” i said in tears, i have to do this, i have to lie to my mom, i need to abort this pregnancy immediately. I have to lie to her that Catherine one of friend is so sick and she begged me to go and help her out even if it for a week.
“take care dear,” mom said while i nodded.
“i have told Antonio and he said he will showed up before i leave,” i said, we heard a knock on the door and i went to open and was surprise to see Anton dressed so good as usual, he’s so handsome. I quickly hugged him so tight.
“can i go with you? he asked.
“huh.. look Catherine is just sick and ned my assistance for some days or week before her parents come back from cebu, it not like i will stay for years, we’ll talk on phone,” i said while he nodded then kissed me slightly on the lips.
“i love you, just take care of yourself and know that our wedding will push through,” he cooed.
“what about your dad..?
“Shhh..” he said then place one of his fingers on my lips.
“don’t worry about my dad, i know how to handle people like him,” he said while i smile a bit then hugged him.
“thank you love,” i said then turn to my mom and hug her again.
“i need to go,” i said, Anton insisted to drop me at their estate and i agreed to that but when he told me he would love to see Catherine i told him she went to the hospital, i will make meal for her before she returns back.
“seems you like your friend so much? he asked.
“sure Catherine and i has always been good friends during our high school days, she loves me so much and has been taking good care of me when am down, i need to show some concern now that she need me the most,” i said while Antonio smiled.
“that’s so sweet of my girl,” he said while i smiled.
“i will come visit you anytime here,” he said while i nodded. I watch him left, he wink at me before getting into the car. What have i done to myself??
I walked in and meet Catherine having breakfast.
“hey Camille, you’re welcome,” she said smiling. I walked in sluggishly and wipe away the tears in my eyes.
“so have you fixed the date of your wedding, i can’t believe my Camille is getting married to a billionaire, wow am gonna be rich too, you’re so lucky Camille,” she said so excited but i didn’t say anything, i just cried silently.
“Ca…Camille? are you okay? she asked concern.
“yes.. no i mean no! Catherine am pregnant!,” i said..
“wow so soon, but what the big deal, you’ll soon gonna get married to him right, hope you’ve told him about it? she asked. Catherine ask too many questions she can be so annoying atimes.
“are you crying? she asked when she realise the tears falling down my eyes.
“it not Anton responsible for the pregnancy, it Jake my ex boyfriend,” i said making Catherine looked shocked.
“fuck!!! you just fucked up Camille… Damn! what the heck were you were thinking. You’re pregnant for your ex while it just a month to your wedding with your handsome billionaire,” she yelled.
“yes Catherine it all my fault for telerating Jake in the first place, but he ended up raping me,” i said in tears then explain to her what happen and how i have lied to my mom and Anton that she’s sick.
“Jake is such a bastard, you shouldn’t have fallen for his tricks, you shouldn’t have gone to his house, he was only pretending,” she said while i wipe away my tears.
“i just want to abort this baby, i want to abort it because i can’t lose Antonio, not now i love him so much Catherine, i always feel so attached to him, please help me abort this so i can go back home next week,” i said in tears while she hugged me. Catherine comforted me and after that i took my bath and have my own breakfast, i can’t believe i lied to my mom and Anton, will they ever forgive me if they find out the truth someday?? I called my mom and that evening and later called Antonio on phone, we talked and talked until i later fall alseep, i never got tired of talking to him, he has his own way to make me happy whenever am with him, maybe if i should tell him about this pregnancy he will understand and still accept me, but his dad will see me as a slut, this will cause so much troubles, i can’t lose Anton not now, i have to hide this one secret from him, even from my own mother.
The next morning i woke up feeling a little bit weak and sad, am so sad about the whole thing, Catherine promise to take me to one of her personal doctor to help me abort this, am so nervous, what if i die in the process, why will i have to be heartless to my innocent child that knows nothing? i can’t believe this myself. I quickly took my bath then have my breakfast.
Catherine took me to Mrs. Whitney, her doctor, i was given some drugs to take.
“you’re just four weeks pregnant dear, this drugs will flush everything in you within an hour,” she said while i swallowed the drugs, i was so scared that i might end up dying. After some minutes i felt my stomach paining me so badly, i held it tight and fall to the ground, i have never experience something like this before, even my menstural pain is nothing compare to this, i felt like hell and i thought i was going to die, soon i saw a thick blood runing down my leg, Catherine and the doctor helped me stood up and took me to the bathroom. I kept rolling in pain until i finally stopped the bleeding, seems like i lose so much blood, i took my bath and change into something portable.
“have this,” the doctor said then dropped some pills on the table.
“this will help you a lot,” she said but before i knew it i collasped to the ground.
. I woke up and saw myself on a bed, my hand connected to a blood.
“you’ve lose a lot of blood but you’ll be fine,” Catherine said while i smile a bit.
“it better this way than to lose Anton for the rest of my life,” i said.
“but Camille, don’t you think it dangerous keeping such secret even from your own mother, does that mena you don’t trust her? Catherine asked.
“of course i do, i don’t want her to get worried, i don’t want to be a burden anymore, i know if my mom knows about that she will never allow me to abort it,” i said as tears slide down my eyes.
“but you have to tell Anton when you get married or before marriage,” she said.
“i can’t tell him that Catherine, i don’t want to lose him,”
“but if he truly loves you then he’ll understand you, please Camille don’t keep this secret from him,” she said while i just nodded.
….The next day, i was discharged from Mrs. Whitney apartment because i was a little bit fine. Catherine made some soup for me when we arrived. I felt so sad aborting my baby but at the same time i wanted it this way because i don’t want Jake to end up being the father of my child.
Antonio’s POV
Work was hectic and boring so i just went out with my buddy Nicholas, he has been my best friend and only him understand me so well.
“so what about Camille, are you sure your dad will allow you pushed through with your wedding? he asked
“sure Nicholas, whether he likes it or not am gonna get married to Camille, nothing will stop me from doing that,” i said so determined.
“don’t be too sure,” he said with a smirk while i give him a glare.
“what did you mean? you suppose to help me in this..” i said
“sure i will, but haven’t you found who killed her father and raped her? he asked while i looked at him.
“time would tell Nicholas, one day! just one day i will get to know who did that to her and her father and believe me Nicholas that man put pay, i will killed him myself,” i said so angry with everything.
“oh that so nice of you, but she don’t even know the man, so how is she suppose to know him? he asked while i kept quiet.
“you don’t even have a clue of who he is,” he said again.
“time would tell Nicholas, afterall nothing is hidden under the sun right..? I said while he nodded then sip his drink.
I arrived home and meet Karen already at the sitting room, i know dad must have told her to wait for me.
“where have you been all this while Anton, don’t tll me you’re busy with that slum girl, are you trying to chose a slum girl over me, look Anton don’t stoop this low to marry that lowlife,” she ranted while i sighed.
“enough Karen, you’re still my friend if you want, but i love Camille, can’t you see i quit being a player because of her, ever since i meet her i became more responsible, i want to spent the rest of my life with her,” i yelled at her while i felt her hands landed on my cheeks, she just slapped me hard.
“what the heck was the slap for? i asked so angry.
“for breaking my heart Anton, you’re nothing but a fool, a big fool, that’s who you are,” she said in amidst of tears then ran out of the sitting room. I sighed then touched my cheeks, i sat down feeling so sad about the whole thing. Why is everyone around me not in support of me getting married to Camille, can’t they just let us be for once. I sighed then brought out my phone and click on the gallery, looking at my picture with Camille make me smile.
“why is everyone against us Camille..? i asked in a whisper, i don’t just get it..
Jake’s POV
Camille hasn’t been picking up my calls recently, i don’t know what wrong with her, ever since i rape her she never picked up my calls, afterall i didn’t rape her intentionally, she first came to my house and she respond to every bit of my touched, just at the middle of the hot romance she decided to leave at the wrong time, i was already hot and horny then i can’t let her go to leave me in pain, i have to force myself in her, so to me i didn’t rape her and maybe she still have feelings for me. I tried her number again but she wasn’t picking up my calls. Just yesterday i went to visit my friend Mrs. Whitney, she was the doctor who helped Tania abort her pregnancy. Tania was the girl i was dating while dating Camille, she was the one that introduce me to Mrs. Whitney as her doctor. I can’t believe who i saw when i reached to her apartment, it was Camille, she looks so weak and pale and a lady who put her arms around her shoulder to help her walk to the car, i guess they’re just leaving. I couldn’t sleep throughout that night, i need to find out how she know Mrs. Whitney and what they’re doing in her house.
I arrived to her apartment this morning and meet her ready to go to the hospital i guess.
“hey Jake? she said smiling.
“hi,” i replied.
“so how’re you and also Tania hope she’s fine,” she asked.
“sure, Tania is even stronger tha you now, your drugs are good, i trust you cos you’re not like those fake doctors who give out fake abortion drugs,” i said while she smiled.
“but i saw one of my friend yesterday coming out from your apartment,” i said.
“oh! it Catherine and Camille,” she said smiling.
“yeah, Camille is my friend,” i said while he smiled.
“okay, she was here for an abortion, she said she was pregnant for her ex boyfriend while her marriage with her finance’ is just in one month time,” she said while i fake a smile.
“oh i thought she was sick that’s hy i came to ask,” i said.
“we’re done with the abortion and am sure she’d doing fine by now,” she said glancing at her wrist watch.
“i need to go before i get late,” she said while i also left immediately.
What the heck was that, how could Camille be this heartless to abort our baby, am sure that must be our unborn child, she have to pay doing that without my permission..
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