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Fausa Eleja. {Season 6}… Episode 23


Amoke: its because I caught her having an affair with a man I guess he was one of your colleague at work, the man will came to the house, bang her at any place bangable, sometimes on the sofa in the sitting room, I
have caught them many times without number but they didn’t see me…… day I
was sent to market and by the time I get back, I met the front door locked and I wondered why that should be, I took the backdoor at the
backyard because that one was opened…….I got inside and I met a male trouser on the
sofa, male shoe at the sitting and a female underwares on the sitting room floor……… I
walked toward your bedroom to check what is
what! And when I got there I peeped at the
little hole beneath the handle of the door and
I saw the man banging tolu so harder as if
they were acting p–n video, he was not even
showing any mercy to her, banging as if he
was drugged…. he was given her different
styles I have never encountered in my life
before………..the most style I couldn’t bear
myself there was a style he called a “upside down”
style. The style was very bad that he placed
her head on the floor, raising her toto upward
and he was banging from the bed he stood
on………tolu was screaming so bitterly and it get to a point I heard yeeeeeeeeeeh and
follow by gbassssss……….I hurriedly opened
the door and got inside to see what
happened.. not knowing it was the glass cup
on the stool beside the bed they smashed on
the floor, when I got in, they both freeze and I
excused them, though, I don’t know if they
still continue but after some minutes she
came to me and asked if I saw something, I
told her I saw nothing……since then she
started emitting some attitude……….the act
doesn’t stop but instead continuing with
different men….after a month, during the time
you didn’t call nor come home, she came
home with a man, and she called him her
brother, she said she came from abroad and
she will be with us for a while, who are mine
to complain, I said “ok maam”, but I noticed
they were sleeping together in your bedroom,
and many more things are happening
thereafter ………….I deduced they were
having serious affair together and I wasn’t
confortable in the house any longer, the man
started showing me some bad move… the
period madam went to work….he will be
coming to the kitchen, touching me from
back, robbing me from behind, peeping at me
when bathing and he later busted it out that
he likes me, he said he want me instead of
my madam, he said he was just using my
madam as a sex machine the way she wanted
it, that it was me he love………..I didn’t
agreed to release myself for him and he
started some attitude…….one saturday
morning madam was inside the bedroom
while I was in the kitchen when I felt a hand
grabbed my waist from behind, he started
pressing his manhood at my butt from behind
and my all possible moves to get away from
him was avail….because he was too strong,

Me: hmmmmmmmmmm(sigh)

Amoke: (continue) so I later tried to get myself off
him but instead he turned me over while he
rested his back at the kitchen opposery table
and was pressing by pulling me so harder to
himself facing him but backing the
door……..we never heard any footstep of
anybody until we heard…”What!!!!!, what the
hell is happening here” madam spoke out
loud…………..the man hurriedly released me
and make a statement thus: “sweetheart you
won’t believe this girl was harassing me
sexually and I have almost fell into her
provocation, imagine what she wore on! No
man will see this and won’t try to do, but I
didn’t even look her side, I just came to the
kitchen to get a cup while she started
seducing me and was forcing, pressing her
boobs on me as you can see when you cut
in……….thank God you came on time, she almost got me into her trap” I didn’t know
what to say, I was just crying and ‘haaaahhaaaaa’ coming from my mouth…………next thing madam altered was
that “the heavier and the lighter part of your
luggage shouldn’t be met by the time I come back
to this sitting room today, if I see them you will be a dead meat” there is nothing I
can do, I hurriedly packed my load and I left
the house, I have nowhere to go while I was
still carrying your 2 and half month pregnancy then


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