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Fausa Eleja. {Season 6}… Episode 25

Episode 25

Amoke: baby, please have me,,,,, I have
missed you,,,,, you are the only one that
knows what I want,,,,,,,, you are the only one
that suit my liking……..

Me: “oooohhhh
ahhhh”……..I place her on the chair and we
have a fresh sex which lasted for just 15minutes…… she told me I won’t go home on
that day. I agreed to sleep with her in the house.. I slept there. I felt like to stay there
forever because I found the joy I have lost longtime ago…. I was so happy at least. I
spent almost a week in there house playing with my one and only son I ever had…… like
seriously at that particular period, if you
travel through my stomach with a horse, you
will never have an accident…… I took ayo to
many places, zoo, beach, cinema and many
places, infact I gave myself a work-free on
friday and I spent it with my son before I left
there house …… I often goes to her house
while she also comes to mine too……… to
make the story short……. after some month
later I proposed to amoke and we got married. she moved to my house while I
introduced temi to her as my adopted daughter…. she accepted her. they love each
others while we live a happy home together……. temi and amoke acted like sisters
to each others….. infact I personally love their
affairs…… amoke usually goes to her school for visiting many times…………. I and amoke
run the companies together and we have a joint account……..

One day temi came with a guy she called her
boyfriend, the guy do comes to our house at
any time it pleases him……….. though I do not support the motion at onset but for the fact that I want her happiness always, so I accepted him for her…. amoke like the guy
too. I and the guy do talks about many things together…. sometimes we goes out
together to catch fun and I did invited him to
my office…….femi was a wonderful inlaw I have ever seen, he discussed many things with me, especially about his late father and
his mother that’s still alive……….. but he
mentioned some issues I was very interested to……..and apart from those issues, he
mentioned some names that are so familiar to me. the most that called for my attention was the picture of Mr. John that he showed
me Egbami oooooo, how femi and mr john got
Who is femi???????
Who is temi??????????
What happens between femi and Mr.john. how did I connected back to my formal love (seyi) ??????????????
All answers to this would be found in the
next coming season
The end………

Preview of the next season

Me: so I can still meet you again? I never
dream it at all
Seyi: me too
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!
Watchout for season 7 Tomorrow

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