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Fate… Episode 10

{Drunk in your Love}
# Episode_10
That was so rude of you,” i scold Chloe went we return back to the house.
“don’t make fun of anyone again, it will be nice seeing you as friends, okay?
“yes mom am sorry,” she apologies in her tiny voice, i pulled her closer to me then hugged her.
“Jasmine, come over here and give mommy a hug,” i said then pulled Jasmine in the hug also.
“so, won’t you call me to join you guys,” Anton said as he walked in and they two girls ran to hug him. I left them playing, then went to the kitchen to make dinner.
After dinner we sat down at the dining table, i prepare noddles with egg sauce, that’s Jasmine and Chloe’s favourite.
“mommy’s food taste yummy,” Jasmine said mouth full.. while i smile.
“dad, you promise to buy me another big teddy bear when i came first in my class, you also promise to take us out for a picnic,” Chloe said with a frown.
“baby, what that frown for? dad hasn’t forget any of this,” i said while she quickly smile revealing her dimples, she looks so beautiful and more of me while Jasmine look more of her dad, she call daddy’s girl cos they look much alike.
“daddy always love his girls, i don’t make fake promises Chloe, that was what i was having in mind,” he said while Chloe shouted in excitement making Jasmine to laugh.
“table manners girls, no talking,” i warn while they all kept quiet.
After dinner, Jasmine suggest i read bedtime stories for her before she sleep.
“time for bedtime stories girls,” i said while Jasmine smiled.
“bedtime stories are always boring, i will prefer dad to sing for me before i sleep,” Chloe said as she walked downstairs to meet Anton. I carried Jasmine in my arms and took her to her room, it was damn scattered, i have to arranged everything.
“you’ve played too much today Jasmine, you must be tired,” I said while she smiled.
“am feeling sleepy mom,” she said while i smiled then tuck her to bed and sleep beside her.
“that means no bedtime stories today cos my princess is feeling sleepy,” i whisper to her then stroke her soft brown hair, she looks so beautiful.
Anton’s POV
Chloe came downstairs and meet me playing piano, she sat down next to me and smile as she watch me playing the piano.
“i like your voice dad, you’re indeed the best i always feel on top,” she said in her tiny voice while i laugh then touched her soft black hair.
“i love you so much Chloe, and i love your sister too, this the kind of life i have always imagine for myself. If only i followed my father’s last wish then i would have regret this for the rest of my life,’ I said while Chloe looked at me confused, she’s too young to understand all this for now.
“here let me sing for you,” i said while she giggle revealing her dimples, she’s so beautiful. I sang some crazy song for her which she make her laugh, it was so much fun.
After singing i notice Chloe was already asleep on my laps, i carried her in my arms then took her upstairs to her room, Jasmine was already asleep with Camille beside her, they look cute together. I gently laid Chloe beside Camille then laid down beside her, thank goodness their bed was very large to carry all of us.
“i love you dad, please don’t leave me,” Chloe muttered while sleeping, i just smile then held her hands.
“am not gonna leave my princess,” i said then close my eyes to sleep.
Camille’s POV
I smile when i woke up and notice i slept in those girls room, i was beside Jasmine while Chloe was by her left and Anton beside her, i just smile, it such a perfect home. I gently get down from the bed not to wake anyone.
“morning love,” Anton said then gently stood up from the bed.
“morning dear, i can’t believe we slept with those kids, how did it happen, you didn’t wake me up,”
“yeah, cos it much better this way,” he said then kissed me, the kissing became deep and i have to freed myself from him.
“love, we are in the kids room what if they woke up,” i said while he carried me up back to our room.
“i miss my wife. Sorry love i have been busy with work and those kids but you’re still the woman who gave me those beautiful kids, i love you so much and i mean it each time i say you’re my LIFE. I don’t know what i would have ever done without you,” he said then kissed me more.
“love.. thanks but i need to make you breakfast and the kids too,” i whisper.
“i just want you and you alone, let forget about the kids for now,” he said then kissed me on my neck,ear,lips,thighs and everywhere he feels like.
“maybe we gonna have our son after we’ve done this,” he whisper while i smile, it will gonna be so much fun when i have a baby boy, maybe he’ll gonna look like Anton. Chloe and Jasmine will be happy to have a brother, it will gonna be crazy!. I smile and enjoyed Anton touched as he explore every part of me that morning, we made love and it was great, Anton is such a perfect man, my perfect husband, we took shower together and it was fun, we almost forget we have kids in the house. After shower i wore a simple short gown, Anton suggest i wear that.
“good morning mom!
“good morning dad!
They girls chorused as they walked in and hug me and Anton.
“prayer time,” Anton said then sat down on the bed. We say a short prayer while i rushed to the kitchen to make breakfast, i couldn’t help but to smile, i feel so complete and totally happy, i felt a manly arms on my waist and i smile knowing fully well it Antonio, he kissed me on the cheeks.
“i love you dear, let me help you out,” he said while i smile, he’s so sweet.
“i can manage, just bath Chloe and Jasmine, get them ready for school,” i said while he kissed me before leaving. He insisted to bring in a nanny or maid to help me out with the house chores but i refuse to that, i want to prove him that am capacable of handling my home alone without the help of a maid or nanny.
Anton’s POV
Chloe and Jasmine arrive back from school, they freshen up and had their lunch, after dinner time Chloe bring her assignmengt while i help her out.
“dad can you believe i did this class work all by myself and pass it all, my teacher was so happy,” she said while i giggle. Camille and Jasmine walked in and joined us at the sitting room.
“my daughters are intelligent, beautiful and smart,” Camille said while we all smiled.
“look Chloe i want you to know you and Jasmine are my shooting stars, let me sing this song for you,” i said then picked up my guitar.
“i can be anything i dream..
“their’s light save for me”
“the light of the whole world..
“i will be shining so bright!
“anything is possible..
…when i look into your eyes..
“am a shooting stars…
“i love that,” Jasmine said smiling then hugged my legs.
“best daddy ever,” Chloe said while i smile then look at Camille, her yes were filled up with tears, she’s just too emotional.
“the best parents ever,’ Chloe said again while we all laughed. I would have missed a lot in life if i didn’t married Camille, my mom was right, Camille is my destiny, i don’t think i would be this happy if it was Karen i married.
The next day in the evening, we all stroll out to the plantation for the kids to play around, Nicholas kids were also their as well, I and Nicholas walked aside gisting while i left Camille with the kids.
Camille’s POV
‘am so sorry Ethan for pouring that water on you,” Chloe apologies while Ethan smile. Awww.. his smiles are so sweet, i love his one sided dimple.
“it okay,” he said smiling.
“am sorry too Ethan,” Declan apologies and i felt so happy. Everythng is fine.
“over here Ethan, let play hide and seek, i usually play that with my daddy,” Chloe said smiling.
“you have a happy family and a perfect parent, not like me, only mom loves me but dad he’s always busy, so busy to attain to us especially me,” he said while i felt so sad.
“sorry about that,” Chloe said while he nodded then smile, they held hands together and ran to meet up with Declan. they seems to get alone soon.
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Jake’s POV
Am back from to Ontario to take what rightfully belongs to me. I smile to myself then scroll down and check more of Camille’s picture with her husband and two beautiful daughter. She has beautiful daughter and i promise to take one. Camille i have warn you earlier, am back!. I was in my car and told my driver to stop when i sighted to some kids playing, that was the Santagio plantation, it must be her kids. I sighted her from afar, she looks so beautiful, sexy, fresh and happy. Anton must have spent a million on her each day, she’s just like an angel, i miss her so much. Am sure Anton must have had a good time with her on bed. It five years now but what important is am back to ruin everything!!!
Camille am back to strike you hard with the help of someone close to you…
Jake is back to strike..
can this two lovers be seperated even after having two lovely and beautiful children and planing to have the third one now..?
Remember Anton always remind Camille that she’s his life!!!
can this love be broken just like this..??
…oya comment something

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