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All For Love… Episode 43

*All For Love – Episode 43*

Andy: hey man, your crying can’t save you! I need your father’s number.

Edward: i don’t have it offhand but it is in my phone.

Search for it there.

Andy: okay. Pray for him to cooperate if not hahahaha! Then he left the room again and toward evening time, he re-enterd again with his phone.

Andy: show me his number! He commanded handing the mobile phone over to him.

There Edward did some little work on the keypad of the phone then showed him the number.

He smiled as he collected the phone then he transferred the number to his own phone.

Next then he began to make a call which was certainly sure that it was mr.johnson he was calling.

****** Nikky ******

Main while, she her self tried to gather up the money to release her brother but could not raise the money alone she tried more to convince her dad to pay off the money to avoid problem but he paid deaf ears.

Soon it was a day remaining for the week to run over and yet the police men still could not find any reasonable information.

Nikky began to cry exessively and uncontrolled.

Mr. Johnson at the point was tired of waiting for the police men.

He then began to gather up the money and then dialed the kidnappers line but it was not reachable through out the day.

Soon it was obviously Saturday being the last day of the week

. He got a strange call from another strange number.


. *

Johnson tried to call the number again but it was switched off so he had no other choice than to hurry up to the venue immediately.

But not with out informing the police about it.

The police themselves also headed to the venue the same with nikky and anita.

***** EDWARD *****

The day ago being Friday, at night, a new person was on duty to monitor him.

He walked in then the one monitoring him was relieved of the duty.

The new one took over the duty.

. He walked around the room for a while with a torch on him hand.

Soon he pointed the torch at the victim’s face, and that was the first time he was seeing the victim clearly.

His face looked familiar.

He knew him some how and some where and that what he couldn’t remember that particular time.

He kept thinking as his eyes keep staring at him and suddenly he exclaimed.

EDWARD!!! is this you?

Edward was really surprise.

He kept silent and more over he was so very weak after going through several torture.

He might not have enough energy to talk.

”hey is it really you edward”

he said again then he turned the flash of the torch toward his face making him to see his face clearly. It did not take time before he recognised him back and exclaimed.

– Edward: MATTHEW! he knew him very well back in secondary school. He always acting as a speaker in the school social gathering.

He wondered why some one like him should be engaged in such a dirty business like that

Matthew: i am really sorry that my boss got you kidnaped.

Edward: what the hell are you doing here.

Matthew: its a long story. I have to get you out of here.

Edward: why?

Mathew: because you are in a great danger and my conscience won’t be at peace.

Edward: thanks. Are you going to talk to your boss?

Matthew: not at all. He would never agree. He was hired by some one to do this. I did not really know that its you they did planned to kidnapped. I would has warned you earlier.

Edward: who really planed this.

Matthew: he is a certain rich man. Also with a rich man as well. I think i know him …

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