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Her dangerous love… Episode 10

🌹don’t love me to much…🌹



Vanessa halt the car.And they got out from the car.

“That was awesome.” Prisy cheered.

“Yeah it is,I just feel so alive,i feel like I’m filled with life again.” She said sadly.

“Is this where you live.” She asked.excusing the other topic.

“Yes babe this is my small little home.” Prisy replied

“I love it,thank you so much Prisy.” She hugged her.

“Vany you’re squeezing life out of me.” Prisy laughed.

“Ahhh sorry.” She said.

“Let’s take the luggage inside.” Prisy said.

They both took out the luggage from the trunk.
Prisy unlocked the door and they both got inside.

“Wow this is a home,so cute.” Vany complemented.

“You think so.” Prisy asked.

“Because it is.” Vany said.

“Let me show you your room.”

“Let’s go.” Vany squealed with joy.

Vany’s room was opposite Prisy’s room.they walked inside

“Mmmhh not bad I love blue.” She said.

“You do,I thought that you love pink you know the girly girly stuff.” Prisy said.

“Eeyywww not me.” She said.

“So you like that girly stuff.” She asked.

“No Vany I don’t not like totally but half.” She said.

“Half.” Vany rose her eyebrows.

They both laughed.

Vany unpacked her things properly in her new bedroom.while Prisy
ordered pizza and Chinese noodles.

After a while Vany was done unpacking,she decided to take a bath
And Prisy did the same.

“Now I’m not going to be lonely anymore.” She said to herself.

After a while.they were both in the living room.watching a movie.
“Love don’t cost a thing”

“I don’t know this movie.” Prisy said.

“Which part of earth do you live in.” Vany asked.

“Pluto.” I think.

“Girl you should be in Venus.” Vany said.

“Really I didn’t know.”

“Do you this song, ‘I’m your Venus… I’m your fire… your desire’ .” Vany danced touching Prisy…

Prisy laughed very hard.

“No I don’t… oh my gosh that’s ticklish.” She laughed.

She continued tickling her,Prisy laughing her lungs out.
The door bell rang.

“Stop stop.” She said laughing

Vany ran to the door.a delivery boy was standing there with pizza and
Chinese food.Vany collected the food and paid for it.

She walked in the kitchen.Prisy walked in too.

“Did you pay for food.” Prisy asked.

“Yes I did.” Vany replied.

“You should’ve not done that.” She said.

“Well I did and I will again and again.” Vany poked Prisy’s cheek.

“Silly you.” She replied.

They both walked to the living room,and they devoured their food.

“What do you think about Marcos.” Vany asked.

“Well he’s not bad.” I think.

“Me too and friendly unlike,Dave.” Vany said.

“But he is a nice guy,I met him at the parking lot and he was totally friendly.”

“Are you sure that was him.” Vany asked.

“Yes I am he even introduced himself.” Prisy replied.

“Hon I don’t know what to say,but he’s a weird guy.” She smiled.

“Nah I disagree with you Vany.”

“Sis he is,since I’ve started to work there,I haven’t seen him interested in a girl,he might be a gay you know.” Vany shrugged.

“How many years.” Prisy asked.

“Now it’s two years.” Vany said.

“Maybe he was hurt so bad that he took a break.” Prisy defended.

“Uuhh two year break and a guy too.that’s crazy.” Vany said.

“Ummm you never know.” Prisy shrugged.

They continued gossiping that Vany slept in Prisy’s room.
By looking at them you would think that they’re blood sisters they
get along so well.

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆NEXT DAY☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Vany yawned as she sat up from the bed.she rubbed her eyes.
she looked besides her but Prisy was not there. She got of the bed and stretched her body.and hurrying to her room.

“What a wonderful night.” She jumped.

She took her toiletries to the she showered.after a while she
was done. She wore a baggy trouser ,a sweater and flip-flops.

She walked downstairs,she inhaled the nice aroma coming from
Kitchen as she walked in there.Prisy was making breakfast.

“Oh Prisy you’re a life saver,I’m so hungry.” She said.

“Why would you not be,you spent the whole night talking,like a parrot.”Prisy said and they both laughed.


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Updated: November 28, 2019 — 4:15 am
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