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Her dangerous love… Episode 8

🌹don’t love me to much…🌹



“No Prisy you’ve done so much for me,I insist.”


“What’s wrong with you people insisting so much.” Prisy said absent minded

“What are you talking about.” Vany asked.

When she realised what she just said,she sighed heavily.

“No,I didn’t say anything.” She lied.

“Oh okay.” Vany replied.

“So how was your crazy patient.” Vany asked.

“Who.” Prisy asked.

Vany eyed her for a while.

“I’m talking about Chris.” She sigh.

“Oh him he’s just fine.” She didn’t want tell her.

About her being friend with Chris.

“He didn’t trouble you as always.” Vany asked.

And Prisy bit her nail.

“Ha ha ha oh no.” She laughed nervously.

“Prisy you’re acting weird are sure that you’re well.”

“Me I’m fine just fine.” She flushed her white teeth.

“Oh okay.” Vany looked away facing the Window.

Prisy won’t tell me anything,what’s wrong with her.I completely understand
her because even I, I lied to her about my mom.I don’t want to see pity in
her eyes. Vany thought.

“We have arrived.” Prisy said chirpily.

“Thank you.” Vany said.

“Vany stop thanking me so much.” Prisy said faking anger.

“Okay sis I won’t.” Vany and Prisy hugged before she got out in the car.

“Bye Vany.” She waved and Vany waved back.

On her way to her apartment… She was still bothered about Chris.
About what she felt,she didn’t know that feelings.

“Didn’t Chris feel what I felt.” She asked no one in particular.

“Well if tomorrow I still feel the shockings,then this means Chris or me need to more iron (Fe).” She said to herself.

When she arrived in her apartment.She was lonely and bored.
So she took her bath after she wore her nightie. And decided to eat pizza that she booked.
She was watching (Perfect women.) When her phone rang.

But she saw that the caller it’s Liam.She switched off her phone.



Chris was disappointed that Prisy left without seeing her.he wondered.
If she really accepted her apology.

“I love her fragrance.” He smiled to himself.



Prisy woke up late and prepare herself for always she rushed
to meet Chris first.

Chris was reading a magazine.

“Morning Chris.” She greeted.

Chris felt her presence but he ignored her.She walked to his bed.

“Chris are you okay.” She asked.

Chris kept quiet.

“Did I offend you.” Prisy asked again.

But Chris was stubborn,he continued reading his newspaper.
Prisy touched Chris.She felt tingles and electric shockings.

She removed her hand at once.I need to add more ion in his drip.And I
Will eat food with lots of iron.

“Why didn’t you come to see me,before you left yerstaday.” He said

“Chris oh that,I came to see you but you wers asleep,and it’s not right to wake you up, you still in medicine so I have to be careful.” She said.

‘Mmm I get you.” He replied.

“You are beautiful.” Chris said.

“What are you talking about.” She asked.

‘You’re beautiful as always.” He said.

Her heaetbeat rate increased and she smiled till her cheeks,started to hurt.

“I will be back.” She said and rushed out.

I think something is wrong with my heart actually my whole body.
She thought.

“Why do I feel hot,when I’m with him.” She asked no one.

“Is these how people feel when they make male friends.” She asked herself.

I will stop here I’m so sleepy…..till tmr
🌹don’t love me to much…🌹


“Is these how people feel when they make male friends.” She asked herself.


Priscilla was busy in her office when doctor Hudges called her to his

Priscilla immediately she walked to his office.She knocked on the

“Come in.” He said. With his manly voice.

Priscilla walked in and stood before him.

“Sit down.” He told her.

“No sir I’m here.” She remained standing.

He cleared his throat.

“Priscilla the way you and Chris are I don’t like it.” He said.

“Sir that’s problem is solved.” She said.

She continued…

“Chris and I we are now friends.” She smiled gently.

“Oh,but I hope you know your boundaries.” He said.

“I don’t understand.” She replied.

“No ther relationships can be formed than being of friends.” He said.

“I know that.” She smiled.

“Priscilla McGuire,you’re a beautiful young woman,a full package that every man need.”

“Oh o-ka-y .” She was speechless.

“Can we go for drinks tonight after work.” He smirked.

“Sir I my boundaries remember.” She smiled.

“Oh yeah bou-boundaries.” He brushed his beards with his fingers.

“I’m leaving sir.” She walked out immediately.

I can’t believe him.he is foolish.She thought as she walked to her office.

Vany walked in doctor Marcos.

“Doc here are the results.” She handed him the file.

“Thank you Vanessa,are the results that scary.” He asked.

“Well yeah a little,but you prescribe him the Vitamn C and Fe he will be fine
It is just lack of blood anaemia,the red blood cells had turned white.” She said proudly.

“Wow Vanessa how did you know.that.” doc Marcos asked.

“Well I studied health sciences but I dropped it.” She said faintly.

“Why.” He asked concerned.

“Umm i will leave now.” She said.

“Wait Vanessa,can I have your number.” He asked.

Vanessa was very happy but she didn’t show it.

“Oh sure.” She took his phone.

And punched her number.after she was done she give him his phone

”I will call you tonight.” He said.

“Okay.” She nodded and walked out.

She stood outside his door,she was grinning from ear to ear
She ran to Prisy’s office.She ran inside.

“Whoa… what’s chasing you.” Prisy asked.

She went to her side of her table and hugged her.

“Prisy he took my number.” She said laughing.

“Who took your numbers. ” Prisy asked.

“Do you know what he said,I will call you tonight.” She hugged her tight.

“Oh what are you talking about and who is he.” She asked at once.

“It is my Prince charming Marcos.” Shereplied.

“I’m happy for you,see he noticed you.” She beamed.

“Yeah he did,and I’m so happy.” She said.

“Be happy girl.” Prisy cheered.

“Are you coming with me for lunch.” Vanessa asked.

“Aahh you carry on,I will join you.” Prisy said.

“Okay bye.” She walked out to fetch Kari.

Prisy packed her things neatly on the table and walked to Chris’s room.

As usual Chris was watching cartoons.when Prisy walked in.

“Hi friend.” Prisy greeted.

“Hi babe.” Looking at Prisy.

“Do friend call each other babe.” She asked.

“Your choice.”

“Oh okay.” She sat besides him.

“Why did you run out like that.” He asked.

She was caught of guard.

“I had things to do.” She replied.

“Things like what,that will make rush out like that.” He pushed again and he was doing it deliberately.

“Women stuff.” She replied and look away.

“Mmmhh… If you say so.”

“I’m saying so.” She said again.

“Whoa we are not fighting or are we.” He smirked.

“Well no,let me feed you.” She said.

“So aren’t going to eat.” He asked.

“Well I can see that you’re fit,you’re right I will go to have lunch.”as she stood up Chris held her hand.

“Come on feed me pretty.” Prisy broke into smiles.

“You’re tough you know.” He teased.

“Oh boy,I know that.” Prisy fed him.

“I will miss you,you know Saturday and Sunday.” He said.

“It’s just two days.” She said.

“But you will be far away from my reach.” He said.

“Geez stop this melodrama.” She said.

‘Prisy this may seem as a drama to you but to me isn’t.” They both stared at each other.

The stare was intense,they felt their body heat up and their faces moving
close to each other,like they were pulled by a magnet.

On the other side someone was staring at them anger visible in the eyes.
the lips made a thin line.

“He’s not allowed to do so.” He said with gritted teeth.

“She’s mine,I know that it’s his fault he charmed her with his handsome face.” He clenched his fist tight.

Veins were visible under his skin.

Their lips touched,the feeling was magical.they pulled away immediately
they heard footsteps but no one came in there.

“I’m sorry.” Chris said.

“No I should be sorry.” She said.

“I am the one who should apologise.” Chris said.

“I should’ve pulled away but I couldn’t I felt,what am I saying.” She dismissed whatever she wanted to say.

“It won’t happen again.” They said simultaneously.

And they both laugh and Prisy continued feeding him.

Do you think Chris’s actions are genuine toward Prisy?…

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Updated: November 28, 2019 — 4:09 am
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