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Her dangerous love… Episode 9

🌹don’t love me to much…🌹



“So about the therapy.” She yawned.

“What about it.” Chris asked.

“You will start going to your therapy sessions start from tomorrow.” She said.

“Why can’t you do it.” He whined.

“Stop being a kid,it’s for your own best.” She replied.

“Mmm okay, But won’t you come and see me.” He asked with hope in his eyes.

“No I can’t,we have a lot of things to do.” She said.

“Busy with what.” He asked.

“Vanessa is moving in with me,so we have to make a lot of changing in the house especially painting.” She concluded.

“Oh I see,I wish I could help.” He smirked.

“One day you will but now your health comes first.” She snorted.

“You care don’t you.” He asked.

“Specially my patients.” She concluded.

“I’m going to have lunch,so you rest yourself.” She said.

“Oh I will babe,go on.” He smirked.

Prisy walked out from his room.

he lifted his two legs and place them on the floor and stood upright.

“I told you babe that I will get you,huh.” He smiled.

“Well let’s see the real fool,me or you and I’m not going to any stupid therapy.” He said to himself.

“Priscilla Priscilla forget about the therapy sessions,think about our sessions in the bedroom it’s going to be fun isn’t,yeah I know that.” He layed back on the bed.

She still thinks I’m not perfect well,well I am.who will fall for me now.
What did she say,I don’t deserve to be loved,I’m not worth it,now we will
see how you fall hard for me. He chuckled at his thoughts.


Prisy walked to the cafeteria,everyone was munching or sipping their
drinks. She immediately saw Vany and Kari,she walked towards them.

“What took you so long.” Vany asked.

“Well I was feeding Chris.” Prisy replied.

Vany’s drink sprayed on her clothes from her mouth.

“Oh no.” She cried.

“Are you okay.” Kari asked.

“Of course not.” She whined.

“What was that Vany.” Prisy asked.

“Reaction after you find out that your friend is dating her enemy.” She said.

“What we are not dating,I was helping since he is my patient,Stop being silly.”
She said.

“She’s not silly,you will end up in his bedroom sucking his cock.” Kari said.

“Eeeww Kari stop it,that the last thing I do in my own death.”

“She’s talking from experience isn’t.” Vany teased.

“Well it’s nice to date your patients.” She smiled dreamily.

“Do you remember doctor Cassidy who was caught fucking his patient Mr Moore behind his wife’s back.” Vany said.

“What.” Prisy exclaimed.

“For real girl.” Kari winked.

“So where is she.” Prisy asked.

“Well somewhere in other hospital,after Mr Hudges caught her,she asked him not to tell anyone and that she will leave here,and he did.” Vany concluded.

“Like that wasn’t he supposed to file a report and get her suspended from work.” Prisy asked surprised.

“We babe this hospital has a lot of drama just stick with us,you will experience more.” Kari smirked.

“I’m not so ready for any sex exciting adventures.” Prisy chuckled.

” that’s it.” Kari said.

“What.” Prisy and Vany asked simultaneously.

“Sex exciting adventures with the three G or my girls.” She said chirpily.

“Uhh okay but that’s silly.” Prisy said.

“No it’s not,Fridays and Saturdays we enjoy our sex love and make it exciting.” Kari grinned.

“Well I’m out.” Vany said.

“Me too.” Prisy followed.

“You two are just a bore.” She said sadly.

The lights went off.And everyone went to their various was not
busy as always.soon enough it was time to check out.

Prisy went to check on Chris but he was asleep so she stood besides
his bed staring at his face.

He has a perfect nose,crazy lips red like pink lips,perfect jaw actually
he is perfect.She thought silently? A smile creeping on her lips.

She walked away from there.She sighted Vany awaiting for her
standing besides her car.

“Where have you been.” Vany asked.

“In Chris’s room checking is drip.” She half lied.

“Okay,let’s hit the road.” Vany said.

“Can i drive.” Vany asked.

“Do you know how to drive.” Prisy asked.

“Of course I know,soon I will buy my own car.” She smiled.

“That’s cool.” Prisy cheered.

They both stepped in the car.

Few minutes later, Prisy was screaming like a mad women.

“Do you want to kill me.” She asked Vany.

“No babe but,to enjoy the moment.”

Vany drove the car as fast as a wind.And she drove like a pro.
She halt the car at her apartment.

Prisy was panting heavily.

“Oh girl,that was dope,you drove like a pro even I and I’m fast like that.” Prisy commented.

“When did you learn to drive like that.” She asked.

“I don’t know.” Vany replied.

“Well this is my apartment.” She said with her arms stretched side ways.

“Not bad.” Prisy said.

Her stuff was already packed so they just lifted the boxes into the trunk.
after a while they were done.

“You see my stuff ain’t much.” Vany said.

“Well yeah.” Prisy agreed.

“I will drive.” Vany said.

” No I will.” Prisy said.

They both argued until Prisy gave up.Vany drove madly while Prisy
gave directions


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Updated: November 28, 2019 — 4:13 am
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