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Her dangerous love… Episode 11

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“Why would you not be,you spent the whole night talking,like a parrot.” Prisy said and they both laughed.

“Mmm I love cupcakes.” Vany said.

“You do even I love them,when mom make them they are more delicious then mine.” Prisy said sadly.

“Where is she.” Vany asked

“She’s in Texas planning a wedding,she’s a wedding planner.” Prisy smiled.

“Wow that cool.” Vany jumped with excitement.

“You are always happy Vany you’re a rare being.” Prisy said.

“Sis if you stay sad,quite and angry because you have lot of problems then you’re wasting your life,because it’s not like being angry or sad will solve them,you just have to wake up every morning with a promise in your heart that today you do better and find other ways to approach your possibilities.”
Vany smiled.

“Wow well said Vanessa you’re such a sweetheart.” Prisy chuckled.

“I know right.” Vany said chirpily.

“So what are the plans for today.”

“Hmm I think we need to paint this place again and add little more life for today.”

“You’re right Prisy,we will just do so.”

They both eat their breakfast in the kitchen,on the kitchen
table while chatting.

“I’m so full,I will get fat.” Vany said squeezing her stomach.

Prisy laughed and shook his her head.

“Prisy you grew up eating this kind of food but you”re not fat.”

“Well babe that’s how my body is.” Prisy said.

“I wish I was like you know that they used to call me a balloon.” Vany said.

Prisy laughed hard.

“Come on let’s go shopping.” Prisy said.

They both cleaned the kitchen,then after they hit the wheels.
but this time Prisy was driving listening to Vanessa.laughing.

“Are you serious.” Prisy asked.

“Damn I am,and I still feel embarrassed.” She smiled.

“Why did you let him do that to you.” Prisy asked.

“Prisy that guy was the most handsome guy in school,with six packes dirty blond hair and when he always come back from holidays his skin tanned,he was hot and I was so round like a balloon.” She chuckled.

She continued…

“I have never loved someone like i how I loved him,and what’s more crazy is that I love him like as fuck.” She rubbed her face with her palms.

“That’s horrible you know,what if he’s married he has a family,or he’s now gay,or a drunkard or maybe a gangster.” Prisy said.

“Sis you’re the worst in consoling.” Vany chuckled.

“Am i, well I don’t build castles in the air.” Prisy said.

“Because you haven’t fallen in love.”

“Vany there’s no such thing as love.”

“One day you will understand me,love is the best feeling ever,when your eyes lock you will feel that cool chill go through your spine and when you touch you will feel electric shocks and tingling sensations all over your body.” Vany said.

“Ppshhh you feel those when.” She stopped talking as her mind took her back when she felt the same sensation.

“Prisy watch out.” Vany screams as Prisy was about to hit a car.

“What were you thinking.” Vany asked.

“Ummm nothing,it’s nothing.” She lied.

“Well we are here.” Prisy said.

Prisy parked her car and they both got off.

“Ohhh are you okay.” Vany asked.

“Yes sure,hundred percent,specially, actually I’m fine.” Vany stared and burst into a laughter.

“I have never come across such a liar.” Vany said.

“Oak I’m not I was little scared.” Prisy admitted.

“Come on let’s go nothing happened.” She said.

They both walked inside the mall holding was full and

They first went to buy food,after to buy toiletries and clothes and finally

“Babe that is your sister right.” Chloe asked.

Liam looked at Chloe’s direction.

“Yeah she is.” Liam said.

“Look how close they are but,it seems like they’re dating.” Chloe said.

Liam stared at Chloe for a brief moment.

“Well I didn’t say anything,but look at how their hands locked and the gestures towards each other.” She flipped her dark black long hair backwards.

“Come on that’s not possible.” Liam said.

“Babe seriously I didn’t say anything,but your sister hasn’t dated any guy in her life that makes it possible that she’s a lesbian.” She smirked.

“Ahh well I agree that she hasn’t dated any guy,but what you said it could be possible.” Liam said.

“Seriously Liam I didn’t say anything, look how Priscilla is kissing that girl’s cheek.” She chuckled.

“And I didn’t see anything,she could be the reason she wanted to leave the house it was her plan all along,babe I didn’t say anything.”

Liam was furious and thinking who is the girl that is with her sister.
because Vany’s back was facing them. Kindly hi omeano on+2335544142683 to be added to the group to enjoy more stories from there.
“I can’t see that girl who’s with her.” He said angrily.

Prisy and Vany they were seated on the table eating their lunch.
Talking and laughing.unaware that her brother was staring at her.

“Thank God we are done shopping, my legs are hurting me.” Prisy said.

“I took a long time well that’s me I take time when I do shopping.” Vany said.

“And it was fun though.” Prisy said.

They both stood up and prepare to leave.

“Ummm Prisy I forget the cover phone that I told you about.” Vany said.

“Ohh yeah right.” Prisy said.

“Give me five minutes I will be back.” Vany said.

“Oh okay you will find me in the car.” Prisy said.

“Okay.” Vany said.

Vany hurried inside the shops,while Prisy picked the bags and walked to
the car.

In a rush Vany bumped into someone.


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Updated: November 29, 2019 — 4:50 am
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