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Her dangerous love… Episode 12 & 13

🌹don’t love me to much…🌹

EPISODE 12 & 12


They both played for a while in the rain.


“Well this is enough.” Prisy dragged Vany inside.

“But I want to play for little more.” Vany cried.

“No Vany you will catch a cold.” Prisy scolded.

“Okay mom.” Prisy chuckled.

“Do you know what little sis I pray that our wishes should be fulfilled.” Prisy said.

While drying Vany’s Hair.

“Don’t worry sis they will be just believe and Faith in.” She held her hand.

“Prisy you’re busy drying me,look at your self come I will dry you.” Vany said.

“No no I’m fine I won’t catch a col__.” Before she could complete her sentence she sneezed.

Vany rose her eyebrow.staring at Prisy.whilst she shrugged.
They both laughed.

Prisy stared at Vany as she was laughing.thinking.she has not just
found a friend but a sister who always puts a smile on her face.
She prayed silently that God even her wishes ain’t fulfilled but Vany’s
Wishes must be fulfilled.


The day flew very fast,it was evening they were eating their supper
When Prisy’s Phone rang.

She checked the caller but it was unknown number,so she just ignored
It.the phone rang again.

“Why don’t you pick it.” Vany asked.

“It’s an unknown number,so I can’t pick it.” Prisy bit her nail.

“What if it’s an important call.” She said.

“Okay fine if the phone rings again I will pick it.” She huffed.

The phone rang thrice before she decided to pick it up.

“Hi smiley…* The caller said.

“Excuse me.* Prisy couldn’t make out who was it.

“It’s Chris smiley.* immediately she heard his name her heartbeat rate went from ten to threesixty degrees.

“Chri-Chris.* She stammered.

“Yes smiley.* Chris smirked.

“Ahhh what do you want.* She asked him.

“Since you don’t care about me and I care about you,I just wanted to check on you.*

She was dumbfounded.she removed the phone from her ear to her beating
heart and close her eyes.while Vany watch her smiling like a crazy

She placed the phone back to her ear.And she opened her eyes.

“Isn’t like that.* She smiled.And she don’t know why.

“Oh really my smiley.* He teased.

Prisy’s cheeks turned crimson.Vany placed both her hand on her chest.
holding a laughter.

“How are you feeling.* Prisy asked as she bit her nails.

“Now that I’m talking to you I feel fit and fine,I can be discharged.* He joked.

“Well I will see that on Monday.* She said.

“Won’t you come and see me tomorrow.” He asked.

“I-i can’t I will be b-busy.* She lied.

“Please for me smiley.” Prisy was blushing very hard.

“Oh okay I will.* She bit her lower lip.

“Take care smiley.” He said.

“Go-od night.” She hanged up.

She breathed heavily,not knowing that she held her breath.

“Wow sis if you see yourself on the mirror now, your cheeks are as red as a tomato.” Vany teased.

She felt embarrassed.

“Sis if you really like him,I don’t mind having him as my brother in-law as long as he will keep you happy.” Vany walked up to her.

“Vany there’s no such between Chris and I.” She said.

“Then can you explain to me why were you blushing when you were talking to him.” Prisy touched her cheeks.

“And why did your heartbeat rate rise.” Prisy touched her chest.

“Why were you lost of breath and words and why didn’t you refuse him.” Vany said and chuckled.

“We Vany that’s nonsense.” Prisy said.

“Well sis you can deny it when I say it,but you can’t deny what’s in your heart I can’t force you on Chris just listen to your heart

and explore because what I see in your eyes is way to deep,you’ve fallen hard for him and unknowingly.” She pecked Prisy cheek and walked to her bedroom.

Leaving Priscilla with thousands of questions.she tried to sleep but she
couldn’t sleep she kept on tossing and turning.

She heard the most beautiful melodious voice.singing.

🎼Have you ever seen
such a beautiful night?
I could almost kiss the
stars for shining
So bright

She traced the voice as she followed it.And there Vany stood on the
terrace staring at the dark blue sky and the shining stars.
A tear escaped her her mind triggered some memories.

Priscilla stood behind her as she enjoying her voice as she closed her
Eyes.And Chris’s face flushed on her mind.she immediately opened her

🎼When I see your smilig I

🎼I would never want to miss this
Cause in my heart
I know what this is…

Priscilla coughed mistakenly. And Vany froze at once.

“Wow that’s was wow.” Prisy said.

“It’s nothing.” Vany said.

“I’m not sleepy so i came to feel the fresh air.” Vany said.

“Mmmhh even me to.” Prisy said.

“Vany do you know what about Chris,i think i-i…



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Updated: November 30, 2019 — 10:44 am
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