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Her dangerous love… Episode 14

🌹don’t love me to much…🌹



“Vany do you know what about Chris,i think i-i…”


Prisy sigh irritated.because she was founding it hard to express her
her feelings.

“You.” Vany nudged her.

“Prisy if you’re thinking on how to say it,just forget it.because you will never say it,

you will think and think then at the end of the day you will give up.” Vany advice.

“I want to but I can’t.” Prisy said.

“Prisy do you know what sometimes we live our lives in regrets and what left for us to think about what you should have said,

the more you think the more you find it hard to say it.” Vany explained.

“I’m not saying it for sake,but from experience if I was courageous enough to express my feelings to him,maybe I would be saying something else but sometimes I wonder if it’s destiny because I found you,

If him and I we were meant to be I will see him again but if not so be it.I can’t tell you what to do and not to do just follow what you believe in.everything in life is complicated babe.” She sighed deeply.

“What do you mean.” Prisy asked.

“I can’t tell you now.” Vany said.

“No please tell me.” Prisy whined.

“Okay see Prisy,people think in many different ways.Logically,emotionally and practically.And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’ matter of the heart,

Our hearts sometimes can be wrong like some of our parents where things turned to ashes.I can’t tell you to follow your heart or what your mind says.

Just follow what you believe in.”

“Now you’re confusing me.” Prisy said.

“There’s nothing to be confused about,which one do you believe in,Prisy don’t start something you can’t finish.” Vany squeezed her hand in comfort and left to her room.

“What do I believe in,I don’t know too.” She stared up in the sky.

And smile sadly.



Prisy and Vany they were eating their breakfast.on the kitchen table.

“I’m so seeply.” Prisy yawned.

“Even me too,I didn’t get enough sleep.” Vany said.

“Vany what do you believe in.” Prisy asked.

“Priscilla as to what I believe,it doesn’t matter.” Vany said.

“But I want to know.” She said.

“I believe in thinking emotionally.” Vany replied.

“Oh,any reasons.” She asked.

Vany smiled and nods her head.she understood that Vany didn’t want
to talk about it.

“So how did you know all this thinking stuff.” Prisy asked.

“People around us.they will make you realize that a brain of a person function differently and due to that no one is wrong or right.” She said.

“That’s wow.” Prisy said amazed.

“I analysed everything in arguments,when people argue about something and they States different facts and if your brain function the same you will agree with the one who’s brain is same as yours.

But that doesn’t mean in all aspects,sometimes they’re things where they think the same.”

“You deserve to be a scientist.” Prisy teased.

“Ahh no,that’s a total no.” She shook her head.

“But why.” Prisy said.

“I don’t believe that the earth was made by a small atom blah blah blah,that’s a lie.” She said.

“Many people believe in what they see and you need to note this not everything you see it’s true or everything you hear,and not everything needs a proof especially the truth,lies can be built easily.” Prisy said.

“Well that’s true.” Vany agreed.

“So are you going to see Chris.” Vany asked.

Prisy blushed at once.Vany laughed hard.

“Where is my stubborn sister.” She teased.



Chris was watching t.v. but no actually the t.v. was watching him.his
mind was somewhere.

He was thinking about Priscilla,he was planning on how to make
Priscilla accept his proposal.he was getting worked up.



It was evening already.

Priscilla was getting prepared.she wore a white tight body hug Jean
With a brown silky blouse And black heel.she fixed her hair in a messy
bun.she stared at her reflection on the mirror to her heart content .she picked her black side bag. And walked to the living room.

Vany was watching a moving,she heard clicking sound on the floor she
turned her head and she was wowed by Priscilla,how beautiful she is.

“Priscilla I’m jealous.” Vany screamed.

“Whoa… are you planning on making me deaf.” Prisy said.

“What can I do when you look so beautiful,and without make-up.” Vany said.

“Something is messing.” Vany ran to her room.

She came back with a nude lipstick.

“Let me apply this.” Vany said.

“Ahh Vany but I__” She was cut off.

“Shhh let me.” She gave up.

Vany applied the nude lipstick.And yeah everything was now complete.

“Do I look a okay.” She asked Vany.

“You look absolutely beautiful not okay,he will go crazy.” Vany teased.

“Okay bye.” Prisy said.

“No wait,I have already made homemade food,you guys need healthy food not some junk.” She winked.

“What’s in the cooler.” Prisy asked.

“Meatloaf and spaghetti, meatballs , creamy yoghurt and casserole.” She rushed her words.

Prisy rose her eyebrows.

“And lastly red wine,and a stereo in the car.” She smiled.

“Whoa… what’s all that for.” Prisy asked.nervously.

“Come on don’t such a bore.” Vany pushed Prisy to the car as she helped her pack.

“Careful okay,just lock the doors and be safe sweetheart.” Prisy said.

“Yeah I will mom and be safe to.” Prisy chuckled as they both hugged.

Prisy got in the driver’s sit as she waved goodbye.

“I wish you have a blissful evening.” Vany yelled.

“Thank you Prisy mouthed.

She drove off.

“This is going to be a long night.” She whispered to herself.

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Updated: November 30, 2019 — 10:46 am
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