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Her dangerous love… Episode 15

🌹don’t love to much…🌹



“This is going to be a long night.” She whispered.


Prisy drove to the hospital,she was nervous.

“I hope everything goes well.” She muttered.

“Chris has changed and I love him,he’s cute.”

You love who?…her subconscious asked.

“No no I didn’t say that.”

Liar her mind said.she slapped herself mentally.

“I’m the boss of you,so you listen to me.”she said loudly.

Oh really you’re the boss of me,hey listen I’m free to say whatever
I want.her mind said.

Prisy don’t listen to that stupid mind listen to me.I’m your heart have I
Ever said anything love him dear so listen to your heart.
Forget about the past.give yourself a chance I’m always with you.
I can’t tell you if he’s a right person for you or not,only time will tell.

“You think so.” She mumbled.

No Prisy I’m your mind and can predict the future,so you don’t have to
date anyone,you don’t want to be like your’re fine by

No no no you’re not,as the time goes you will be left alone.we learn
from our mistakes so don’t be tight.listen to your heart.

“But you’re my heart.” She said sadly.

Yeah you’re right,so I say give yourself a chance.learn how to be loved.

Prisy grinned.from ear to ear.

I give up Prisy…. don’t say I didn’t tell you.

“Shut up.” She mumbled.

Prisy pulled over.the journey was short.unlike other days.

She got of, picked the bag with food inside and walked elegantly
Inside the hospital building.she got in the elevator as she pressed the
button.And the elevator stopped she walked out straight to Chris’s

She pushed the door.she was surprised.the room was decorated
in roses and the light were dim and red candles brighten the room a
little bit.

Chris was not on the bed,she wondered where could he be.she placed
the bag on top of the decorated table.

“Chris.” Prisy called.

“Are you here.” She was getting scared.

The toilet door opened slowly.she felt hot,and sweating.

Chris rolled his wheelchair,he was wearing a t-shirt,white trousers
And white flip-flops. He was handsome.not just handsome he was
beautiful or can I say pretty.

He took Priscilla’s breath,Chris was totally breath taking. He wheeled his
Wheelchair to the table.Priscilla stood there like a robot.

“You’re beautiful,you’re gorgeous.” Chris complimented.

Prisy’s face like a tomato.she was glad that the room was dim.or else
Chris would see how red her cheeks were.

“I’m sorry Prisy that I couldn’t move the chair for y__.” He was cut of.

By a nervous little laugh.

“Oh Chris it’s alright there’s no need.” She sat down.

They both remained quiet for a while staring at each other.

“You’re beautiful.” Chris said.

Prisy was smiling she couldn’t help it.

“Thank you,you’re not bad too.” She said nervously.

Prisy took out the food from the bag and placed them on the table.
there were silent again.

“The room quiet different.” Prisy broke the silence.

“Do you like it.” Chris asked.

“Yeah I love it.” She was nervous because she had never went out with a boy.

“Vanessa helped out.” Chris said.

“She did,but she was with me the whole time.” Prisy said.

“Yeah,she sent Kari to to help and my friends to helped out.” He smiled.

She stared at Chris her heartbeat race high.she was drooling and she
wasn’t aware.

Chris smirked inwardly because he got her where he wanted him.

Prisy served both of them, Chris was staring at her.And that made her
more nervous she was conscious of that.

Chris was glad to see her like that.

They both eat their chatting,well they got along so well.
Chris handled her well,she made her a while they were done

They only thing was left was a red wine.Chris reached to Prisy’s hand on
the table.they both felt electric shocks.Prisy wanted to remove her hand
but Chris held it tight.

And they both stared at each other.their faces were pulled close to each if the magnet was pulling them.the dark blue,green eyes of hers
stared on the light chocolate eyes of his.

Their forehead leaned against each other,the strawberry smell brushed
against each other face.their lips touched.the temperature in the room
rise,the electric shocks and tingling sensations came back with force,as
they both froze.

Chris made the first move as he stroke her lower lip.And Prisy’s opened
up slightly.Prisy was her first time to kiss.she followed Chris movements.

They both broke the kiss as they catch their breath.

“How was it.” Chris asked.

Prisy blushed madly her cheeks were hurting.

“Nice.” She said.

Chris was teasing her.

“Look at me Prisy.” Chris said.

She rose her head slowly till her eyes met his.he smiled at her.
he cleared his throat.

“Priscilla McGuire,I know that we met in a bad note and after were made peace, I don’t know what’s wrong with me but all I need is you close to me.”

Prisy’s heart thundered.

“Can you please be my girlfriend,I know that I very bad with words.” He said.

“Uhmmm.” She was speechless.

“Please be my girlfriend,give a chance please.” He said his eyes filled with emotions.

Prisy looked at her beating heart.And held her chance.give yourself a
chance to be happy,her heart said.

“Chris.” She called as he stared at her.

She searched his eyes.his eyes didn’t say otherwise.

But am i really ready for this.

“Chris i-i… I…


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Updated: December 1, 2019 — 4:34 am
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