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Her dangerous love… Episode 16

🌹don’t love me to much…🌹



“Chris i-i… I…” Chris cut off.

“Prisy take your time,breath.” He cautioned.

She nodded nervously.

“I love you Chris,I don’t know how it happened I ju__” Chris placed his finger
on her lips.

Prisy swallowed her she gasped.

“I wish I could stand up,I want to hug you I want to feel you in my arms.” Chris said.

Prisy stood up,and walked to she knelt before him.
And hugged him.

“I still can’t believe that you’re mine,my girlfriend.” He said.

“Even me too,I never thought that you and I we could end up like this.” Tears rolled on her cheeks.

Chris felt his t-shirt wet.he knew that she was crying.

“Shh… why are you crying,did I say something bad,did I hurt you.” Chris asked.

“No you didn’t I’m just happy.” She said.

Chris rolled his eyes,this girl is to emotional but whatever,as long as
you’re in my arms.

“Me too baby me too.”

Prisy blushed hard when she heard him call her that.butterflies in her
stomach danced.

They disengaged from the hug,they locked their lips.they kissed so hard
sure there was some emotions displayed on Chris.

“I have to go.” She said shyly.

“Hmm so since when have you started to be shy.” He asked.

Prisy faced the floor.

“I’m not shy.” She said lowly.

Chris moved his index finger to Prisy’s chin and lifted her chin to
his eye level.And Prisy stared at him. Chris kissed her forehead.

“Have safe journey.” He whispered into her ears,Prisy shivered.

Chris was glad to know that he had an effect on her.

“Let me help you.” Prisy helped Chris to stand up as she helped him
to lie on the bed.And covered him careful.

“Good night Chris.” She pecked his cheek.

She pick her things,and left.she checked the was quarter to nine.
she drove home,smiling to herself,she was totally happy.she was

never happy like this ever since her family broke apart.

She halt the car.And got off.she walked to the door,because she had the
key she opened the door.she went inside and locked the door.

The lights in the living room were switched off and the only thing
That lit the room.was the t.v. she tiptoed to the couch where Vany sat on
And she was concentrating deeply on the movie.

“That guy is stupid how can she let her go.” She said angrily.

Prisy stood behind her.

“Oh yeah now kiss her,I wish that someone can kiss me.” She rubbed her face.

“Awwn French kiss,Marcos only if you agreed to love me,ahh what am I saying… only if he asked me to be his.” She her popcorn.

“It’s half nine and Prisy isn’t back.I hope they’re not riding each other.
what am I thinking,gosh I’m so hungry.” She rubbed her stomach.

“Are they kissing now,Prisy by now she would’ve turned on redcrimson.” She

Prisy hit Vany’s head.

“Ouch what’s that.” She said.

Prisy immediately hid behind the couch.when Vany looked around but
didn’t see anyone.

“This house could be that it is haunted.why am i saying self.” She walked to the kitchen.

And Prisy sat on where Vany was sitting and changed the channel.

Vany took her leftovers and poured juice in the she hummed.
she was startled to see someone sitting there.

“Priscilla is that you.” She asked.

She was shaking like a chicken.

“Who are you,if you don’t tell me know I will come there and beat you so hard I’m not scared of you,I am a ghost Hunter I also learned karate.” She said at once.

Prisy struggled to hold her laughter as she laughed loud.

“Priscilla.” She yelled on top of her lungs.

“How dare you scare me so hard huh.” She walked to her and placed the tray on the table.

As she playfully hit Prisy with a pillow couch.

“I am sorry.” She giggled.

They both sat down,Vany was staring at Priscilla.

“Stop staring.” Prisy said.

“No I until you tell me.” She said.

Prisy knew that Vanessa is a stubborn sister she ever have.

“Well we are dating.” She said shyly.

“Aaaaaaaaa… ” Vany screamed.

She jumped on Priscilla,and they both landed on the floor.Vany on top
of Prisy.

“So tell me,every detail.” She grinned.

“Are you sure like this.” Priscilla asked.

“Stop wasting time.” Vany whined.

“Are you somehow planning to rape me.” Prisy pouted.

She looked at their position.

“Oops sorry.” She got of her.

As they both sat down comfortable.And told her
But half of the story.both of them finished eating the food that Vany brought.

They walked to Vany’s bedroom and they layed there as
Prisy continued telling her.

“Babes I’m very happy,you gave yourself a chance to love.” Vany squealed with happiness.

“Did Marcos call.” Prisy asked.

“He did and only once.” Vany said sadly.



The days passed the couple grew stronger,but no one knew about them
only Vany knew.Chris was not able to walk very well as to what everyone thought.

“It’s four months now and everything about you and Chris are getting very deep.” Vany said.

“Yeah I know right,I love that man so much,I can’t imagine my life without him.” Prisy said as she was drying her hair.

“Seriously I don’t know why I’m doing all this.” She said.

“Come on Prisy Chris just want to see you beautiful that’s all.” Vany did her make-up.Prisy loved it light because she was not a fan of make-up.

After she was done she wore a long red dress which exposed her back

“I can’t believe Chris selected this dress,is so exposing but for him I don’t mind.” She heaved a sigh.

On the front the dress was like a v neck it was a shoulder free.She wore a
glassy heels.the dress swept the floor.And the diamond earrings. Her hair fell on her back.

Prisy’s hair was dark black most people envy her hair.She stood staring
at the mirror.She has never seen herself this beautiful.

“Prisy the car is here.” Vany said.

Vany walked Prisy to the door.And handed her a black clutch bag.

“Bye babes.” They both hugged.

Prisy got in the car,the driver drive off.

It was a 30 minutes she arrived to the vanue. This was one of
Chris hotels “Garden Hotel.” The name of this hotel was suited to the
environment… the flowers were there you wouldn’t believe the hotel was

Of the best hotel.She walked to the hall but as she pushed the door and
went inside the hall was dark and quiet.

“Hello anyone.”the place was quiet.

It was late in the evening ,she began to feel scared.

“Hello is there anyone here.” Her voice was shaky.

“It’s better if I leave.” As she was about to leave.

The fire crackers lit the sky.She stood can hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more of this.
The big sounding fire cracker lit the sky and it said.



Tears rolled down to her cheeks.the lights on the hall come on.

The hall was decorated beautiful and there the billboard saying
“Will you marry me?” And other billboards played their videos which they
Both took when they went outing or so at home.

The hall was not so crowded but many unfamiliar faced.Chris walked to
Her he wore all black he was handsome,some ladies were drooling

“I don’t have much to say,but I want to wake up every day besides you.I want you to be part of my life,mother to my children.I’m not good with words but this words I want to say now I really mean it,Priscilla I love you and I want you to be besides me through my life till death do us apart.” He said.

Priscilla was speechless at this moment she wished her mother was
around,because her brother was not here.

She stared at Chris for a brief moment and nodded continuously.

“Yes I will marry you.” She cried.

She cried,and Chris Smirked.


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Updated: December 1, 2019 — 4:35 am
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