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Her dangerous love… Episode 17

🌹don’t love me to much…🌹


Three weeks later.

“I can’t believe that you’re getting married today.” Vany jumped on the bed,waking Priscilla.

“Arrgghh Vany please can you allow me to sleep for a while.” Prisy groaned.

“Nop you can’t.” She stretched the “p”

“Get your ass off the bed.”

Prisy was helpless,she sat up and rubbed her eyes.

“Vany you’re a pain on the neck.” She whined.

“Yes I know you have three hours to get ready.” Vany said.

“W-what.” Prisy exclaimed.

“Did you have to really wake me up this early.” Prisy scoffed.

“Hey girl don’t forget that it’s your wedding and you have to look beautiful.” Vany said.

Prisy was jumpy about the whole situation,she was happy and sad at
the same time.her mom was not coming to her wedding because of the
bad weather.

“Come on now.” Vany dragged her to the bathroom.

“Are you my sister or mom.” Prisy asked.

“Well mom both I think.” They both laugh.

“You can soak yourself if you want.” Vany said.

“Silly girl.” Prisy smiled and pecked her cheeks.

“I love you Vany.” Prisy rushed to the bathroom.


Chris was still asleep,these past few days he was happy.And he
showered Prisy with lots of love,he bought her a Lamborghini.Prisy was
very happy even though she rejected the car at first but she took it.

Because Chris insisted.


After a while Prisy came out wrapped in a neatly white towel.her
room was now occupied by make-up artists and dress makers.

She was also stunned she arched her eyebrows at Vannesa.

“Chris.” Vany mouthed and shrugged.

Prisy huffed.the three girls pushed Prisy to sit on the stool facing the
Mirror.they first did her a neat bun then after they applied
make-up while others painted her nails.

After a while she was done.they immediately lead her to her wedding
dress.As she dressed,after a while she came out looking exceptional
beautiful.everyone in the room was stunned to see her.she stood
before a big mirror.she couldn’t believe that she was the one in that

White gown,tears threatening to fall.

“Come on sis,don’t cry today is your b-day so don’t shed a tear.” Vany hugged

While Prisy nodded.

“Your brother will be with you.” Vany said.

“Do you think he will come.” Prisy asked.

“Yes he will,he wouldn’t want to miss her sister’s wedding,so cheer up.” Vany
Said comforting.


Chris was already dressed up and his friends,his friends tried to change
his mind.but they failed once he made up his mind he stick to it.


Prisy walked down the aisle as the music blurs up.they were many
unfamiliar faced.

Prisy stood facing Chris.for a while she stole glances on the people
searching for her brother.she glared at Vannesa and she smiled at her.

They both exchange wedding vows.

“I do take Priscilla McGuire…

“I do take Chris Jones as my lawfully wedded…

“You may kiss the bride.” the priest announced.

Prisy was very shy.Chris lifted the veil and they both kissed as the crowd

“Take care of yourself.” Vany said to Prisy with tears on her cheeks.

“And don’t hesitate to tell me anything,you’re still my friend and sister,
Nothing changed but one thing was just added you’re someone’s wife now.” Vany cried.

“Hey… shhh.” Prisy wiped Vany’s tears.

“I was supposed to cry not you,and either way it’s just a four hour drive,I will be there when you need me.” Prisy said.

They both hugged and cried.then Prisy stepped in the car.

“I love you Vanessa.” Prisy shouted as they drove off.

The drive was quiet Prisy faced the Window as she processed
everything she was happy and sad,but having Chris by her side.made
her happy.

Chris was quiet the whole drive.the car halt.And Chris walked inside the
house leaving Prisy behind,Prisy felt bad but she waved it away.she got
off the car,whilst the maids carried her bags to her new bed room (Chris’s room)

She followed behind because she didn’t know anywhere.she walked on
the spiral stairs.the maids open the big white door and they placed the
bags besides the wall,they rushed out leaving Prisy shocked.

She was feeling hot because of the dress.she walked to the door hoping
It’s the bathroom as she entered.Chris was done changing her clothes.

“Don’t you know how to knock huh.” Chris yelled.

he startled Prisy.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know that you’re inside.” She hurried outside.

She bit her nails wondering why Chris is behaving like that towards her.

“Maybe he’s tired.” She said to herself.

The door swiftly opened and Chris walked out and went to his closet.
Prisy stared at him for a while before she went in the bathroom.

changed to a sexy red nightie which exposed her beautiful long legs
She wore a red slipper.after a while she removed her make-up and

walked to the bedroom,Chris was not inside.she sat on the bed waiting
for him,as she blushed thinking about what Kari told her about the
wedding nights. how romantic it is and the atmosphere is also a pleasing.

But her smiles fades when she heard moans coming from another room.
her breath hitched as she went outside her room and followed the moans
the room was opposite hers.she opened the

door slowly but she was shocked to what was in front of her,a tear trail
down her cheek.she closed the door hurrying to her room she closed
her door.And fell on the bed crying.

Roses 🌹🌹🌹with thorns😭😭Just Beginning…. Stay Tuned I mean Glued…

Enjoy 🌹🌹🌹roses with thorns

I pity Prisy.

Why why😭😭😭


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Updated: December 1, 2019 — 4:37 am
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