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Her dangerous love… Episode 18

🌹don’t love me to much…🌹


🌹🌹🌹Roses with thorns🌹🌹🌹


… fell on the bed crying.

The sun rays hit her face.she groaned.she sat up
Feeling her was hurting as hell.she flicked her eyes open

Her eyes were red and sore with bags.she used her Palm to rub her
forehead.she scanned the room and her memory flushed back to
yesterday.tears pricked her eyes.she sniffed her tears back.

“Why.” She said sadly.

She stepped on the floor and walked to the bathroom.she stared at

tears rolling down her cheeks,she couldn’t hold it anymore she
let her tears fall freely.

she went under the shower she turned the faucet
the warm water streamed down her body.she welcomed the warm feeling

After a while she was done she walked out from the shower as she stood
in front of the mirror staring at her reflection.

water dripped down her
back,face and shoulders. She made her way to the bedroom.

Her clothes were still in the bags,she carried her luggage and placed her
placed it on the bed.

Suddenly the door was pushed abruptly and when it closed back it made
a loud sound causing Prisy to flinch.Chris went to the drawer searching
for some files.

Chris was angry and as to why he only knew that.Priscilla needed
some explanation for yesterday.

she cleared her throat,she wanted Chris
to pay attention to her,but she she decided to speak out.

“Chris can we talk.” She said faintly.

But he ignored her,continuing with what he was doing.Prisy bit her lip.
After a while of silence Chris walked pass Prisy.

but he stopped and
stared at Prisy.his eyes traced his hand that was being held by her.

“Can we talk.” She look at him.

He wanted to loosen her grip but Prisy stood her ground.he didn’t want
to her hurt her,so he decided to listen to what she has to say.

“Fine.” He groaned.

Prisy totally forgot that she was wrapped in a towel.

“Why.” She asked.

Chris stared at her for a brief moment.

“I don’t have time for nonsense.” He said to her coldly.

“Please Chris answer me.” Chris took a step forward while she stepped back.

Chris took another step forward whilst Prisy moved back,till her back
collided with the wall.they both stared at each other.

Prisy was breathing
very high.Chris noticed he decided to play along.

🌹🌹🌹Roses with thorns🌹🌹🌹

He held her waist pulling her to him.Prisy hugged him tightly
without realizing what she was doing.

she was deeply in love with him
she even forgot that she wanted to talk to him.

she shivered with his
touch.she felt so good she didn’t want that moment to end.

They pulled from each other slowly,only an inch away from each other.
their noses almost touched.

Prisy was drooling at the handsome being
before her,his clenched jaw line.her eyes landed on his pink lips.

She wanted to kiss him so badly.

“Did I hurt you love,if I did will you please forgive me.” She asked.tears rolled down her cheeks.

Chris was taken aback.but as a man of his words,he wouldn’t he pulled her away from him.her towel was falling.

But he pulled her to him again.because she was not herself she didn’t
even realize it.

Chris held her towel to her body tightly.when she felt his hand on her
skin.she immediately snatched it from him.

Chris shook her head and left.leaving a broken Prisy to cry her sorrows.



Chris got off his car.And walked his way to his company.Chris has this
Intimidating aura.everyone was happy out but hated him inside.some of

The girls were deeply lusting at him.they only wanted one night.the only
two girls on his office who he was able to get in their pants were Emily
and Lucy.the two beautiful sluts, who sometimes fight against each.

“The boss is here.”

“He looks more handsome.”

“Finally that bitch Pretty is dead.”

“He will marry me,I will make sure that he noticed me.”

“Bet he will notice me.”

Kim shook her head and walked to Chris.they both hugged.almost all
the employees were jealous of Kim and Chris’s closeness.

“Congratulations sir.” She patted his shoulder.

Chris only nodded.

“Call everyone to the board meeting in next fifteen minutes.” He told Kim.

Kim was like a younger sister to Chris.And they were both fine like that.
Chris respected his relationship with Kim,

he didn’t even once make any
shitty advances to her,neither she did to him.or did she?

“Staff in the board meeting in next ten twelve minutes.” She announced.

Everyone began to pace around.



Prisy was in the kitchen preparing dinner because it was already evening
And no sign of Chris,she was really worried.even though Chris was cold
to her,she couldn’t leave him.

Because she loves him so much,she thought of leaving him earlier but
she couldn’t do it.she wants to fulfil her vows.

Roses🌹🌹🌹with thorns….

Prisy seems to have a tough competition…

But is her LOVE for him Enough to win…??



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Updated: December 1, 2019 — 4:38 am
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