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Her dangerous love… Episode 19

🌹don’t love me to much…🌹


🌹🌹🌹Roses with thorns🌹🌹🌹


Prisy was pacing around the living room when the door suddenly
opened. She was alarmed.

“Chris where have yo__” she stopped half way.

When she saw a lady carrying him,by balance Chris’s arm on her

She stared at her for a while.and didn’t realize that she was calling her.

“Mrs Jones.” Kim snapped her fingers.

Prisy was brought back to reality.

“Ma’am, Chris is drunk so I brought him.” Kim explained.

“Oh.” She said coldly.

“Should we take him upstairs or__” She was cut off.

“No I will.” Prisy said in a rush.

“Okay I will leave.”

Lucy ran in.

“How dare you take my boyfriend without my concern.” She yelled at Kim.

Prisy was beyond stunned.

“I don’t need your permission Lucy,so respect yourself.” Kim said sternly.

“Hey maid get me water.” She pointed at Prisy.

Prisy was founding it hard to register what was going on.

“Foolish maid,I said get me water.” Lucy yelled.

Causing Prisy and Kim to flinch.

“Lucy this is not your house,let’s go.” Kim held her arm.

“Leave me alone bitch this is my boyfriend’s house,so it’s my house.” She pushed Kim away.

“Lucy and Kim leave now.” Emily yelled from the door.

Prisy stood there watching the drama unfolds.

“He is my fiance so leave now.” Emily walked in majestically.

Tears rolled down Prisy’s eyes.

“What.” Both Lucy and Kim exclaimed.

Kim laughed loudly,and everyone looked at her.

“How can he be engaged to you when he is already married like yesterday.”
Kim laughed.

“What… where is she,where is the bitch.”

“Here she is.” She pointed at Prisy.

“Well I don’t believe you.” Lucy said.l

“Oh really.” Kim grabbed her hand and point at the ring.

“Still I don’t.” Emily said.

“Then check this out.” Kim held Chris’s hand and point at his ring.

Both Emily and Lucy gasped.Lucy ran away from the house.
while Emily was transfixed on the same for Prisy she felt as if
her world was spinning around and spiral out of control.

“He doesn’t love you bitch,he’s using you,he loves me only me,he couldn’t even save Pretty the girl he claimed to love,but he always saves me from any trouble,I’m sure you trapped him,but still he won’t love you,after he have fun with you he will leave you like a trash you are bitch.” Emily yelled at Prisy while crying.

“He is mine only mine note that bitch.” She cried.

Prisy’s tears streamed down like a river that flows after raining.

Kim held Emily’s hand dragged her out.

” I’m sorry ma’am.” Kim said before she walked out.

But Prisy couldn’t hear anything.she slumped on the floor.staring at
Chris,and a small smile creept from her lips.she loves him and can’t do

Without him,he is her life.still she could he betray her.
she thought of excuses,maybe it wasn’t his fault,those ladies trapped

She stood up and helped Chris to their room.he was heavy after
she layed him on the bed she took of his shoes,tie and a shirt.

She admired his bold masculine abs and biceps.he is blessed
with good looks,he is handsome beyond imagination.tears found their
way back to her eyes.

She broke down and cried her heart out.


In your arms I feel
right at home.
That’s a feeling I ain’t
felt before.🎼

🎶if your feeling the
Same way then let me
Cause there’s nothing worse
Than being In love alone.🎼

🎶is it true that I’m not
The only one?
Is it true that your
Just having fun with my heart?
I need an answer
Is it true?
Is it true?🎼

🎶your my Angel that
was sent to earth.
In your eyes I see my future.🎼

🎶I can’t be without you
So it’s got to work
goodbye not an
Option so don’t say a

🎶is it true that I’m not
the only one?
Is it true that your
Just having fun with my heart?
I need an answer🎼

🎶Is it true?
Is it true?🎼

🎶I’ve never been a
Victim of love before
So I’m not sure what I
Should be looking for.🎼

🎶but I know the signs
Are in my face
Hope its not to late to
Change your mind and make
You wanna stay🎼

🎶is it true that I’m not
The only one?🎼

🎶is it true that your
Just having fun with
my heart?
I need an answer
Is it true?
Is it true?🎼🎼…

Prisy cried herself to sleep.



The Sun rays hit her face and her eyes flicked open.she felt something
heavy on her waist.she glanced at her waist.and she gasped immediately
her back was crushing on Chris’s chest.his hand held her waist tightly.

A smile creept on her lips.and she wished every day could be like this.
She tried to move but the hold was tight.Suddenly Chris jerked up.and
pushed Prisy away from him.causing her to fall of the bed.

She cried in pain.Tears rolled down her cheeks.Chris’s heart sank,he
regretted what he just did.he ran to where she was.

He tried to help her.

“Don’t.” Prisy lifted her hand to him.

Chris stared at her.her knees were bleeding and her hand fractured
She yelp in pain.

“You’re an asshole Chris,piece of shit.” She spat.

“I-i di__.” He was cut off.

“Don’t say a word,just leave me alone.” She yelled.crying.

Chris huffed heading to the bathroom.and he slumped on the floor.
hitting so hard.

“Chris.” She called.

She leaped until she got to him.and touched his face.

“Oh my he is having a fever.” She regretted yelling at him.

“Chris please be fine.” She leaped towards a jug of water on the small table.

And leaped back to him.she poured little water at him but he didn’t wake
up.she poured the whole water in a jug to his face.Chris opened his eyes slowly
And sat up.they both looked at each other.

Roses🌹🌹🌹with thorns

& heartless how can u push her like that…

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Updated: December 1, 2019 — 4:40 am
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