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Her dangerous love… Episode 20

🌹don’t love me to much…🌹


🌹🌹Roses with Thorns🌹🌹


They both looked at each other.

“Let me help you.” Chris stretched his arm to Prisy.

Prisy stared at him and hissed.

“I can help myself.” She said coldly.

She stood up and leaped to the bathroom,she locked the door.

She cried her eyes out.Chris was’s been an hour and
she is still in the bathroom.

He sat on the bed,feeling very bad.

“I wanted to punish her for insulating me,she dared say I’m worth loving.” He said to himself.

Anger build up,he clenched his hand.tears pricked his eyes.

As he remembers how his father used to beat his mom and say
hurtful words.

🔙🔙🔙🔙🔙Flash Back….

“Daddy please don’t,mom is bleeding.” Chris pleaded with his father.

“You son of a bitch who’s your father,don’t dare call me that.” His father struggled little Chris neck.

As he choked.

“Please leave him,you can beat me as much a you want,stop hurting your son.” His mother crawled to them.

Chris mom was full of bruises. Her whole body.

“This boy,is not worth loving he doesn’t deserve my love,how sure I am that he’s my son.” His father spat out.

He let go of the grip.Chris coughed hard.

“I said that he should kill that girl for insulating him,but he did the opposite
thank God I have another son.” He smiled evily.

Leaving little Chris and his mom shocked.

“What d–do you mean.” Chris mom was crying hard.

“You heard me bitch.” Chris dad took his luggage but Chris mom held his leg.

“Please don’t leave me,don’t leave us.” His mom Cried.

Chris’s dad dragged his wife by gripping on her hair.and hit her head on
a vase that was on the table.

Chris’s mom screamed loud and blackout.her brain was damaged.

“Mom…” Chris cried bitterly.

16 years passed and Chris was the breadwinner he suffered a lot.

5 years back his mom was diagnosed with a
temporary mental disorder.due to stress,always crying.

Chris tried to be a best son to his dad but he was rejected.

🔜🔜🔜🔜End of Flash Backs.

Prisy came out to find out Chris lying on the bed.

She was fully dressed.something was wrong,she walked to the bed.
where Chris was lying.

She tapped him.but he didn’t move.she tapped him again.still
the was no movement.

She moved her face close to his chest.she felt his breathing slowly

“What’s wrong with him.” She wondered.

The door bell rang.she laid him well on the bed and coverd his body

she ran downstairs,she opened the door.a beautiful lady around his
40s she was standing there with her luggage.

“Hi, how can I help.” Prisy asked.

“Awwn you’re so beautiful thank God he didn’t marry that gold digger.” She walked inside leaving Prisy stunned.

Prisy closed the door and went to the leaving room.

“My bad,ummm my name is Veronica Jones.” Prisy gasped.

“Umm sorry Mrs Jones.” She smiled.

“Dear not Mrs but miss,but I want you to call me Veronica or mom.” She walked to Priscilla and hugged her.

“So where is my son.” She asked Prisy.

Tears streamed down her cheeks.

“What is it baby.” She wiped her tears.

“Mom I don’t know what’s wrong with him,this morning he passed out and now he isn’t waking up,but his breathing is okay.” She said while crying.

“Take me to him.” His mom said.

They hurried to the room.tears rolled down Veronica’s eyes.

“My poor baby.” She cried.

“He will be fine, he’s just shocked.” Prisy didn’t understand.

Tears streamed down Chris’s eyes.

“Look.” Veronica pointed at Chris.

Prisy wondered what’s making Chris to cry.



Chris was still lying on the bed,and Veronica was resting in her room.

Prisy was taking care of Chris.

Chris opened his eyes slowly and they met Prisy’s eyes.

“Are you alright.” She wanted to touch him but he moved away from her.

He sat up.

“Chris i don’t know what’s wrong with you,but please stop pushing me away from you.” She said sadly.

Their door suddenly opened and Chris’s mom walked.

Chris was surprised to see his mom but happy at the same time.

“Mom.” He grinned from ear to ear.

“My baby.” They both hugged.

“When did you arrive and why didn’t you inform me.” He asked.

“Well boy stop talking and go clean yourself.” His mom said.

“But mom.” He cried.

“No buts,Prisy bath him.”

Prisy choked on her saliva.Chris ran to the bathroom.

“He needs lot of love and care but you need to understand him first he loves you but he’s being stubborn,I saw the fire in his eyes when he stAred at you.” Veronica said as she walked out.

Leaving Prisy in the wonderland.


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Updated: December 1, 2019 — 4:42 am
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7 months ago

Hmmm,am in love with this story
Pls continue

7 months ago

Pls continue with this story

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