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Blue Maid… Episode 40

I withdrew and looked into her eyes.
Her eyes sparkled and I loved her more than ever
Me: Blue, say something
Blue : I don’t know what to say
Me: can I please court you?
Blue : what? I…. But…. I… I can’t
Me: huh
Blue : I can’t court you
Me: why?
Blue : Prince Adrian, I’m sorry but I can’t love you too. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and I want to repay you by being a friend. That’s the farthest I can go with you. I’m sorry
I sighed and stood up.
I held her hand and helped her up
She tried to take the sand particles of her body.
I brought out my handkerchief and gave her .
I began to walk away with my hands in my pocket.
I suddenly started feeling bad.
It seems she doesn’t love me too.
I felt really stupid.
I dusted off the sand on my hands and brushed my fingers into my hair.
Blue : where are you going?
Me: home
I didn’t look back at her, neither did I stop walking
Blue : wait for me
I ignored and continued to walk.
She began to run and soon reached me.
Blue : what is wrong with you?
Me: nothing
Blue : then what’s with this attitude?
I didn’t reply
Blue : I’m talking to you
Me: let’s go
I held her hand and smiled at her.
She frowned but I squeezed her hand and looked away.
As we walked, no one spoke a word.
I don’t know what’s going on in her mind but my heart is bleeding.
I took my hand and kept it in my pocket.
Her head was bowed through out.
I wish I didn’t take that step
I really wish I didn’t
I sighed as we reached the beach house.
Me: I’ll be going now
Blue : but…
Me: I have to get my things ready, I’m going back to Edinburgh tomorrow
I went straight to my car and she followed me
I opened my door and turned to her
Me: if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me. My regards to mom
She didn’t reply
I got into my car and closed the door.
I winded the glass and looked at her
Me: I’m sorry for what I did earlier. Really sorry, you can just forget about it. Everything I said. Good bye Blue
Then I winded it up and zoomed off with a heavy heart
I watched his car zoom off until I couldn’t see it again.
I stood in that same spot for five minutes until my tears began to fall.
They were falling uncontrollably
I began to sob silently
My face was now totally wet
I couldn’t even see clearly
My tears blinded me
My legs felt really weak
I couldn’t stand so I sat on the floor
My sobbing turned to serious crying
I couldn’t stop myself
What did I just do?
I just sent him away
What is wrong with me?
I held my hair in between my fingers as I cried.
I’ve lost Adrian
I felt like a part of me just disappeared.
The sun began to shine on me
The ground burnt my leg and my skin too.
I gathered strength and stood up.
I went to my room and crashed on my bed.
Buried my face in my pillow and cried more
I got home feeling so empty.
I entered my living room and sat down.
I looked around and every of my moments with Blue came flowing back.
I closed my eyes
Me: I thought you loved me too. I thought you loved me too Blue
I screamed loudly and opened my eyes
I used my legs to kick the glass table in front of me.
The remotes and the table fell and broke into pieces.
I stood up and kicked the chairs
Started to throw everything in my path away.
Me: how could you do this to me Blue. How dare you make me love you? How dare you?
I sat down and looked at everything I’ve scattered
I sighed and stood up.
Went to the bar and began to drink.
I kept drinking and drinking and drinking
I emptied one bottle, two bottles, three bottles, four, five, six, seven.
I emptied seven bottles of wine
I was already tipsy
I took another bottle and began to go upstairs to my room.
I kept stumbling and staggering
I got to the door of my room and tried to open it but couldn’t.
I got really pissed off with the door
Me: open up you ugly door. Or you wanna throw me out just like Blue did, huh?
I kicked the door and it fell down.
A girl who was standing in my room got frightened and almost fell down too.
I woke up but didn’t see the prince. I went down and had breakfast.
I then sent all the servants away
I felt like being alone
I began to go round the house
Checking different things
I tried to call Prince Adrian but it wasn’t going through
I then decided to check his room.
I entered inside and he wasn’t there
He forgot to lock his room.
I began to look at his things when suddenly there was a big bang that frightened the living daylights out of me
I looked back to see the prince in a very bad state
Prince: who are you and what are you doing here
Me : geez, Prince Adrian what happened to you
Prince: what happened to me, she happened to me
Me: who is she?
He began to move closer to me and I moved back
He grabbed me and threw me to the bed
Prince: if I tell you that I love you, what would you say
I smirked and stood up.
I walked to him and hugged him
Me: I’ll say I love you too
Prince: now that’s what I wanna hear
He held my waist and I wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him.
He kissed me too and used both hands to hold my waist.
Even in his state, he could still kiss like this.
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I couldn’t help but enjoy the moment.
He pushed me to the bed and sat gently on me then bowed and began to kiss me
I suddenly became scared
I’m sure he’s going to have sex with me
It’s going to be my first time
I never had any sexual relationship with anyone in Edinburgh.
As I was thinking of what next to do, I felt a sharp pain.
I looked down at him as he was busy working on me
Then it dawned on me
I just lost my virginity to Prince Adrian
I got up and looked at my face in the mirror.
I sighed and went to the bathroom.
I showered and dressed up.
I was going to see Adrian, I have to apologize
I have to tell him that I love him too
I don’t want to loose him
I need Adrian to be with me
My tears dropped again but I wiped them off immediately.
I wore blue jeans and a white shirt.
I wore blue sneakers and went out.
I took a taxi to his house and went in.
I didn’t see any guard and I was surprised.
I entered the living room and saw how it was destroyed.
Me: what happened here
I looked around and decided to go upstairs.
I came to the hallway and heard moans and groans.
Was someone torturing Adrian?
I got scared and confused at the same time because I could hear a lady’s voice too.
I moved forward and saw that the door to his room was down.
I looked up and saw my prince in bed with…..
With Princess Gladys?
I screamed and they both looked towards me
My tears began to flood down again, blocking my vision.
I turned and began to run through the hallway and down the stairs, I fell down and got injured but I just kept going.
I was crying
I got out of the house and took a taxi back home.
The driver looked surprised and tried to ask me why but I didn’t reply.
He dropped me off at the beach house without collecting his money.
I thanked him and ran to the back of the house.
I went to the water side and began to cry more.
My leg was bleeding.
I felt crazy
I didn’t even know what I was crying for
For refusing him or for seeing him in bed with another woman
But I thought she was his sister?
I screamed and kicked my legs against the sand.
I scattered my hair and suddenly looked to the water and froze it all.
I levitated the sand and threw them all about.
I melted the water and began to pour it on the sand.
Trees began to break and fall apart.
I stood up and levitated a huge tree branch and turned to throw it away but I saw two people staring at me in awe
The branch hooked in the air as I didn’t control it further.
I was shocked
How I’m I going to explain all this magic?
And I can’t harm them
They’re my friends
I left the branch and it fell down between us.
Cindy : OMG, Blue you’re a witch?
Audrey : I can’t believe this………..
To Be Continued
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