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My love And Talent… Episode 1

Author : Chorusman
Contact: 09038676998
Episode 1
02:00pm On Sunday
Location : Kwara state
In my dad’s sitting room.
My mum: Eti e melo? (How many ears do you have?)
Me: it’s two, ma
My mum: What are you using the ears for?
Me: Am using it to hear word, ma.
My mum: That’s good, Omo mi abefe.(My belove son) u are leaving this house to write exam.
Don’t forget what we sent you to do at school, don’t forget the son of who u are.
Do not join the bad gang u know we sent u there to bring the good grade,
God will be your guidance.
Me: amen, I promise to not dissapoint you Ma.

My mum: Your dad left this for you before he travelled to Lagos this morning.
Don’t hesitate to call me when the money is exhausted.
*******She handed me some cash in an envelope *****
{I pull off my bags and bid her goodbye and I left to park}
Location: Kogi state/Royal crown secondary school.
Time: 07:00pm
As I dropped on a bike and paid for the bike I sighted “Royal crown secondary school”
boldly wrote at the school gate.
I entered the gate and don’t know where to go or sleep.
I walked about 1 kilometre and sighted this guy fetching water at the borehole.
******** I moved closer to him, if he can be of help*******
Me: Good evening
Guy: You are welcome, bro
Me: Please am a newbie here and am here to write exam, but I don’t know where the hostel is.
Guy: Hope u are not included with those students starting exam tomorrow?
Me: Am starting on Wednesday. Can you please address me the hostel?
Guy: It would be better u stay off the hostel because the hostel is already occupied with lot of students. You can manage with me at Cooper’s Lodge, if you wouldn’t mind.
Me: I will be grateful.
Guy: Am Richard by name
Me: I’m Ope by name,
*******We Shook hands together and headed to his appartment*******
Richard cooked for both of us to eat that day and we slept off.

I woke up the following day with the ring of my ringing tone.
*****I checked the screen of my phone and it was my mum calling me*****
Me: Hello! Good morning mum
My mum: what is good in this morning that you couldn’t call me after u reach the school since yesterday and you didn’t pick my call.
Me: Am sorry mum, I thought in me to call you before I sleep yesterday but I didn’t know when I fall asleep. Just seeing the missed call on my phone now.
My mum: Ok,.. How was ur night?
Me: fine ma
******We had some conversation before she later hung up ******

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