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Blue Maid. {Season 2}… Episode 1

Blue Maid
Season Two
Chapter one
Written by Hossana Ojoniko Isaac
Two months later
Adrian : please don’t kill me I’m pleading please don’t kill me
Assassin : sorry Prince but you don’t have a say in this.
He cocked the gun and pointed it at the blood stained prince and pointed it on his forehead.
He staggered backwards but the two guys at his back kicked him so hard that he fell down and hit his forehead against the ground.
They dragged him up and his blood flowed down from his forehead covering his left eye.
The assassin gave him a blow with his fist and his mouth began to bleed.
He couldn’t talk anymore but was breathing very high, at the verge of death
Assassin : you’re a tough one aren’t you? I would have taught you a bigger lesson but I wasn’t paid that much. I have better things to do
He pulled the trigger again but just as he did that, a strong force pushed his hand away and the bullet hit one of his men
The man yelled and fell down
Assassin : what the…..
Voice: leave him alone
The assassin turned back to see a woman who wore a blue garment and covered her head down. The only visible part of her body were her eyes which she used to see.
Assassin : who are you and what business do you have here?
Voice: him, he’s my business
She pointed at the prince
The assassin laughed and pointed her the gun.
He shot at her but she lifted her hand up and the bullet hung in the air. She twisted it and sent it back to the assassin with an even greater velocity
It landed on his forehead and he fell backwards
The others became terrified because she wasn’t using ordinary means.
She was using magical powers
The prince laid on the floor motionless though he was very much conscious of everything that was happening
He just resigned to his fate and said his last prayers
Meanwhile the mysterious lady was busy dealing with the rest of the assassins without touching them.
She would only touch them whenever she wanted to paralyze them
Few of them escaped but most of them were on the floor of the warehouse.
She moved to the prince and squatted beside him with only one knee on the floor
Lady : you’re really injured
He tried to look up at her but couldn’t
Lady: don’t move, this is going to tickle a little but don’t worry it won’t hurt you
She moved back a little and stretched her palm over his face, a bright blue light shone from her palm unto his face
She began to move her hand over his whole body
Up and down
She did this three times and then withdrew her hand
The light stopped shinning.
She stood up and helped the prince up
He was perfectly healed
No scratch
No scar
He looked at himself in awe
Prince: what…. Did… You do?
He tried to move but she held his hand
Lady : you’re still not strong enough for exercise. Let’s go
Prince : where?
Lady: my home
She held his waist and put his hand over her shoulder then they moved out of the warehouse into the dark night
Blue stood looking at her two friends looking for what to say to them
Blue : I…. I..
She looked away and ran into the woods
Audrey : what? No, wait, Blue
The two of them ran and followed her into the woods. They ran but caught no sight of her
Cindy: I’m scared of this place
Audrey : scared bones
Audrey kept her hands on her waist and looked around
Audrey: let’s go back to the beach house, she’ll definitely come back home
Cindy: okay, let’s go. This forest is starting to terrify me. Wild animals could be here, crawling freaky creatures, I really have to……. Ahhhhhhhhhh, get it off me, get it off me
A green snake had fallen on her from the tree tops.
Cindy fell down and a sharp stick cut her wrist.
The green snake was still on her and she pushed it off with her hand
Audrey: I can’t see it anymore, where is it, let me kill it
She had quickly taken a fallen branch in her hand.
The snake itself was terrified and charged up to defend itself.
It crawled and curled around her leg.
Both Cindy and Audrey screamed.
Immediately the snake froze up into ice
Cind & Aud : huhhh?
It broke up and the frozen pieces fell off her leg
Blue : let’s leave this place
They looked back and saw her.
From the look on their faces, she knew quite well that she had explaining to do.
She smiled
Blue : don’t worry, I’ll explain everything but let’s leave here first
They looked at themselves then nodded.
Audrey helped Cindy to stand up and they followed Blue out.
No one spoke a word to the other
They got to the beach and it was looking so disastrous
Cindy leaned towards Audrey and whispered
Cindy: Blue did all this, but why and how
Audrey : (whispers) idiot, she has magic
Cindy: ohhhh
They got to the beach house and followed Blue upstairs to her room
Blue: do you guys need anything?
Audrey : I think we need some explanation
Blue sighed and hopped on the bed
Cindy sat on the floor and laid her hand on the bed
Audrey sat on a blue stool
Blue : I’m not who you think I am
Cindy: OMG, you’re truly a witch. Audrey she’s a witch
Blue : no I’m not
Audrey : then what are you
Blue sighed and looked down….
Blue sniffed as she choked on her words, tears were streaming down her face and she was in Cindy’s arms.
Even Cindy was crying
Audrey brought a hanky and Cindy took it.
She brought another one and used it to wipe Blue’s face
Audrey : it’s okay baby, don’t cry anymore
Blue : but I want Adrian, and I’m so confused right now, what was he doing with her if she was his sister
Cindy looked up at them
Cindy: the prince doesn’t have a sister, he’s an only child
Audrey : then is she his girlfriend?
Blue : why would he have a girlfriend and ask me out?
Audrey : just forget about him Blue, we can’t answer that question yet. Maybe he’ll come around, he definitely will if it’s you he loves.
Cindy: yes, let’s wait for him. Maybe she used magic on him too. Who knows, she might be a wicked mermaid. Ughhhh
She used her fingers like a paw and waved them towards Blue
The trio laughed
Cindy: so you never loved any merman at all
Blue sat up
Blue : no, it was only Rainbow
Audrey : is Jace handsome?
Cindy: what’s the color of his tail?
Blue : I don’t know, leave me
The three of them laughed and threw more questions at Blue
Cindy and Audrey were going to sleep over.
It was Derek who informed them about Blue’s whereabouts since Adrian told him.
Blue left her room and went outside.
She wanted to be alone
In order to get the two girls off her neck, she gave them a jar of cookies to share.
Knowing the type of person they were, they would want to share it equally
The total number of the cookies were 21
She knew they would share ten ten but start arguing on who to have the remaining one.
She went to the back of the house and looked up to the window of her room.
Her light was on and she could hear them arguing and their shadows moving.
She smiled weakly and moved away.
She went to the beach and looked over the water.
It was cold out there so she began to hug herself
Memories of when she was locked in the dungeon the day Rainbow died came setting in
She sat on the sand and curled up, hugging her legs.
Tears began to flow
Blue : why I’m I so unfortunate? What is wrong with me?
She started sobbing more and the cold breeze was brushing against her body.
Someone called her from the back and she turned her face to see who it was
Ma’am Nina : do you remember your song?
Blue : mother
Her mother moved to her and sat down beside her
Ma’am Nina : do you remember the song you sang the day I was to tell you that we’ll be leaving for the shore?
Blue nodded
Her mother smiled and stroke her hair.
She leaned on her mother’s shoulder and her mother continued to stroke her hair
Then her mother began to sing the song for her.
She closed her eyes and began to sing too
sometimes in life, they’re questions that need answers
you might ask why
but you don’t see why
you try to soar high but things are going down
when the ones you love starts backing off
and your once bright life starts turning dark
but at this point in time, you have to get up
get up and fight the figth
of survival
cos it’s all going to be okay soon
yes it’s gonna be okay
it’s gonna be okay
it’s gonna be OK…aayy
Both of them smiled as they hugged each other
Nina: it’s cold here, let’s go inside
She stood up and helped Blue up. They dusted themselves and went back to the beach house
Cindy: Blue where have you been?
Blue : outside, what’s wrong?
Cindy: it’s Audrey, she ate the last cookie without sharing it with me and now she grabbed two of my extra cookies and ran off to God knows where
Blue sighed and held her hand
Blue : follow me to the kitchen let’s eat some pizza
Cindy: yay! Pizza
They got to the kitchen and saw Audrey about to take a slice of pizza into her mouth.
She froze when she saw them
Blue : what
Cindy: thief, Blue freeze her.
Audrey quickly began to eat the pizza and started to run away.
The two girls pursued her out of the kitchen and round the whole house.
They even got outside of the house pursuing her and laughing .
Ma’am Nina sighed softly and chuckled.
Nina : I hope you’re safe Kyl. I just have this feeling that everything is not okay, but I hope you’re safe
It’s been a week already. Blue didn’t even receive a short text from Adrian.
Sometimes she swallowed her pride and called him but he wouldn’t Just pick up.
She began to wonder what exactly was wrong
Audrey and Cindy had resigned from working in Edinburgh and now work with her at her mother’s working place.
That was the only reason why she was a bit lively apart from the time she spent with her mother.
After working for a few hours, her shift was over so she decided to try and call Adrian again.
Anytime she thought of him or wanted to call him, her heart would start beating very fast
The phone began to ring but no response again.
Tears began to fall down her eyes.
She misses him so much
She loves him
She just wished none of this happened
She keeps blaming herself for rejecting him at first but she didn’t mean it.
She just didn’t want to accept immediately
Suddenly the phone was picked
She jerked
hello… hello… hello Adrian
quit disturbing us please. Adrian doesn’t want you, isn’t the message clear enough?
It was a lady’s voice
who are you?
Princess Gladys of Birmingham, soon to be Queen Gladys of Edinburgh
Blue’s tears streamed down more
Prince Adrian and I are getting wedded soon. You’re invited
Blue left the phone and it smashed on the floor.
Audrey came there just at that moment
Audrey : what’s wrong Blue. Are you okay?
Blue began to sob out and brushed her hand into her hair.
Audrey understood what she was going through after she saw the broken phone.
She embraced Blue and gave her a shoulder to cry on.
For the first time in forever, Audrey felt emotional and her eyes turned teary.
She held Blue so tightly as she cried.
Audrey : it’s okay Blue. Don’t waste your precious tears. Please
She unlocked and looked at her.
She wiped her tears and hugged her again.
Blue finally stopped crying but was still choking and sniffing.
Ma’am Nina came to look for her and saw Blue’s state
Nina: Blue, why are you crying again?
She was already sad to see her daughter this way
Blue : mother…. Adrian…. He’s getting married……
Audrey’s face changed and Blue started another phase of crying.
This time she hugged her mother.
Audrey was boiling with anger
How dare they do this to her friend?
Blue doesn’t deserve this at all
She felt her fist tightening
Audrey : ma’am Nina, can you please take her home. She can’t work in this state
Ma’am Nina nodded and she and Blue walked out
At the castle in Edinburgh
Derek: what the heck is wrong with you Adrian? Are you out of your mind?
Adrian : just let me be, it’s none of your business
Derek: it’s all of my business because Blue is involved
Adrian : well if you want Blue, just have her
Derek: I never said that
Adrian : but that’s what you want right. Just go for it
Derek hit the wall with his fist and yelled
Derek : ahhhh. You idiot, you’re hurting Blue
Adrian : hurting? Did you just say hurting? She doesn’t even love me
Derek: yes she does, Adrian she does
Adrian : you’re crazy
Then he sat down on his cushion and leaned on it
Derek : why are you like this?
Adrian : they made me like this. Elaine, Theodora and Blue, they made me like this. What’s the essence of going after love when love is at your door?
Derek: so that’s why you want to love Gladys too? Huh?
He didn’t reply
Derek: don’t do this man
Adrian : please leave
Derek : what
Adrian : I said leave
Derek : you’re sending me out of your damn house
Adrian stood up and glared at him
Adrian : get out
Derek moved backwards
Derek : okay okay okay, I’m leaving your house now
He turned and left the prince.
He got out of the chamber and was about going out when he changed his mind and took a turn heading towards Gladys chambers
Derek parked his car and quickly came outside.
He ran to the front door and banged on it
Audrey ran out to see who wanted to break their door
Audrey : Derek?
Derek: Audrey open the door now
She briskly opened it and he came inside immediately
Audrey : how did you find…..
Derek: where’s Blue?
He said panting heavily
Audrey: she’s upstairs and why are you in a hurry
Derek: let’s go
He held her hand and they ran upstairs
Derek : which room
Audrey : that one
They went towards it and opened the door.
Cindy was trimming Blue’s nails
Blue : Derek
Derek: Blue
She ran up and hugged him
Derek : where’s your mom?
Blue : she’s still at work, why?
Derek : girls, get your things ready. We’re leaving?
Girls : why
They said it at the same time
Derek breathed in and out
Derek: your lives are at stake. Gladys is coming for you Blue. She knows you’re here and don’t want you to temper with her wedding. She’s sent her thugs to get you
Girls: what?
Derek: why are you girls just saying everything at the same time
Girls: forget it!
The three girls immediately began to pack whatever they couldn’t do without.
They were doing it so hurriedly
Blue : oh no, my mother’s things
Audrey : quick go get them already
Blue dashed off to her mother’s room. Since she was alone, she turned everything into mini size and kept them into one briefcase.
She took the briefcase with her to her room
Derek : I’ll keep it in the car
He took it and left with it
Cindy: I can’t find some of my things Blue
Audrey : I can’t find my makeup bag.
She sighed
Blue : go downstairs and try to get some of my mother’s important things that you know
I’ll fix this issue and find your things
Cindy: but how will you….
Audrey : leave her, she has magic
Cindy covered her mouth and whispered
Cindy: someone is going to hear you
Audrey bit her palm and she withdrew it immediately
Cindy : ouch
Blue : you guys go already
They left and Blue closed the door. She did exactly what she did in her mother’s room and came out with a luggage.
They hurried into Derek’s car and he zoomed off to the bakery
That day wasn’t a working day but ma’am Nina had gone there to get something she forgot the previous day.
They saw her about taking a taxi and they took her instead and Derek explained what he overhead Gladys saying
Blue and her mother were to be shot dead that very day.
Blue sighed and sat back wondering why Gladys hates her that much
Not that she was even a competition to her.
That very day at night the thugs came but didn’t see Blue and her mother.
They went back and said they’re return the next day until they find them and kill them
In Adrian’s lineage, whenever a lady is pregnant for the prince or king, he must make her his wife.
As you’ve guessed already, Gladys is pregnant for Adrian.
And today is their wedding day
Priest:……… if anyone has anything to say against the couple and doesn’t want them to get married should stand up and testify or remain silent forever
Gladys was just smiling because she knew nothing could stop them.
Adrian looked so handsome in his black tux.
The priest repeated his line and when no one responded, he wanted to proceed into the next stage but a voice stopped them
Derek: this wedding cannot hold
Everyone looked to his direction including the bride and groom
Derek began to walk towards them
The guards ran and surrounded the couple
Priest: what is your testimony young man
Derek : she’s pinning Prince Adrian down with a pregnancy that’s not his
Everyone in the chapel made sounds of surprise and confusion
Derek : Princess Gladys pregnancy is mine
The chapel was thrown into pandemonium.
Adrian looked at Gladys and back at Derek.
Gladys was shocked and confused
Gladys : no no, he’s lying. Don’t listen to him Prince.
Adrian knew the kind of friend he had, he angrily stormed towards him and punched him so hard in the mouth
Adrian : how dare you?
He gave him another punch and he staggered back and held his jaw.
His lips were torn already
Gladys tried to move to Adrian but he pushed her away and she fell.
Everyone began to run out of the chapel.
The prince left and some guards followed him.
Not ordinary guards though.
Hired assassins by Oliver Likes, Gladys former fiancee before she met Adrian.
They blocked him on the way to get his car and abducted him.
They took him to the warehouse and tortured him for days and finally wanted to kill him before the lady showed up
The lady took him to a cottage and laid him on a bed.
The room was bright so he could finally see her face.
He turned and faced her.
She removed her veil and he saw her perfectly
Prince Adrian : OMG, Blue!
She smirked, turned and left the room banging the door behind her
Story written by Hossy Rich

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