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Blue Maid. {Season 2}… Episode 4

Blue Maid
Season Two
Chapter Four
Written by Hossana Ojoniko Isaac
I arrived at their house and knocked on the door.
Cindy opened up and immediately she saw me she yelled
Cindy: Derek is here
I covered my ear and smiled
Me: don’t pull out my ear drums
Cindy: hahaha, sorry. Come inside your friend is here
Me: Blue?
Cindy: not her
Just then Blue ran to me in the living room and hugged me passionately.
As if I’m a soldier who she thought was dead but I came back home alive
Blue : Derek I missed you
Me: I missed you too. I’ve been trying to call you
Audrey : hi Derek
Me: xup sexy
Blue : don’t call her that
She was still clinging to my body
I chuckled
Cindy: come on, Adrian is here
Me: huh, which Adrian?
I heard my name and I turned to look
Me: Adrian???
He walked slowly towards me
Me: I don’t understand. I thought you were kidnapped…..
Cindy: Blue saved him
Blue glared at Cindy
Cindy: sorry…..
Me: can someone please explain something to me
Audrey sighed and rolled her eyes
Audrey : she saw him at a warehouse where she was sent to work in Stirling, locked up in a dark corner. She rescued him and brought him here immediately
Me: what
Blue : I didn’t expect to see him at all. I didn’t even know it was him, it was when I took him to the place I was staying that I recognized him
Me: oh my goodness, Adrian are you okay? Did they hurt you?
I moved to where he was sitting and stared down at him
Adrian: I’m fine
He didn’t look up, I guess he’s still angry for ruining his wedding.
Well look at this
The very person he threw out of his life saved it for him
I sighed
Me: should we announce it yet?
Adrian : no, but you can tell my parents. But let them keep it a secret for now
Blue came to me and held my hand
Blue : Derek, who exactly did you come to see? Me or Adrian?
He looked up with a surprise look on his face
Me: well I came to see you but….
Blue : no buts, let’s go
She dragged me
Me: huh, wait……
I watched as she and Derek climbed up the stairs, hand in hand
I shook my head and Cindy sat beside me
Cindy: prince, I’ve prepared your room upstairs. Let’s go so you’ll rest
I nodded then stood up
Audrey : I’m going to check that car out before she returns it tomorrow
She went out
I followed Cindy upstairs
We passed by Blue’s room
She was laughing happily with Derek
I sighed as Cindy opened the door.
Cindy: sorry it’s nothing compared to your chamber but it’s still comfortable
I smiled
Me: I like it
We entered and she closed the door behind her.
Cindy: I personally prepared it. I made sure the bed is soft and the pillows are comfy
I smiled and sat on the bed
Wow it’s really soft, just the way I like it
Cindy: is it okay?
I pulled her to sit on the bed beside me
Me: see for yourself
We laughed
She bounced on the bed
Me: and it’s bouncy
Cindy: when I was a kid, my mom always put me to bed but immediately she offs the light and locks the door. I bounce on my bed like it was a bounce house
She laughed and I smiled
I looked at her
She’s beautiful
Her lips are love shaped, full and pink.
Her hair is pretty long, same color as Blue’s hair.
And she’s really slim
Cindy: come let’s check the garden. Or you want to rest?
I seriously needed rest but if I should be left idle now, my mind and conscience is going to fill me with regrets and depression.
Cindy: don’t worry, blue flowers are there
I smiled
Me: what’s your favorite flower?
Cindy: lily
Me: make sure you pick some lilies for me and keep them here
Cindy: huh, you like lilies too
Me: I just began to like them
I stood up and we went out
We got to Blue’s door
Cindy: oh no, I forgot my hair band in your room. I’ll be right back
She left and I leaned on the wall
I could hear Derek’s voice
I wonder what he’s telling Blue
Then I heard Blue’s voice
Blue : believe me, I’ve never had feelings for Adrian at all. I even prefer you to him
They laughed
My heart sank to my feet
I didn’t even know what to think
Should I be sad?
But I always knew she didn’t love me
Why are her words affecting me?
None of this would have happened if Derek allowed me to have a peaceful wedding with someone who actually loves me
I wonder how Gladys is?
Is the baby truly for Derek?
Why can’t I just have a perfect love life just like others?
I love Blue but she doesn’t love me
Gladys loves me but I don’t love her
This is frustrating
And what is keeping Cindy so long?
Blue’s door opened and she came out holding Derek
I looked at them and I know Derek could see through my heart
Derek: uhmm Blue, why don’t you excuse us
Blue : I don’t wanna leave you
I scoffed and looked away
She smiled
Blue : okay
Then she pecked his cheek and turned to go
My eyes widened
She turned back to him
Blue : don’t stay long
Then she left
Derek stood motionless
I guess he’s also as surprised as I am
Derek: it’s not what you think
I shook my head
Derek: I really don’t understand her anymore. But I think she still loves you
I looked up at him
Me: still loves me? Dude, she never loved me in the first place
I began to move away
He pulled me back
Derek: trust me, she does. I think she’s pained. She needs you now
Me: seriously dude, if you continue talking on her behavior and that fictional love that you made up, I’m gonna lose my temper
He sighed and put his two hands on his waist
Derek: well I wouldn’t blame you for that, this is the very first time we talk about a girl everytime we meet for complete two months. I mean, it’s worth rising your temper. Knowing the kind of person you are
We laughed
Me: you have a lot of explaining to do young man
Derek: I seduced her, she wasn’t pregnant then. And you never went back to her again, so the baby is definitely mine
I wasn’t surprised
Me: but I really wanted marrying her
Derek: you’re just depressed buddy
He tapped my shoulder and I smiled
Derek: so what are we going to do about your abductors. I mean who are they?
I opened my mouth to talk but someone yelled from behind us
Cindy: found it!!!
Derek: ahh Cindy, my ear drums
She laughed and we smiled
Cindy: sorry
Me: what took you so long?
Cindy: I did something else
Me: what did you do?
Cindy: you’ll find out
Me: let’s go.. We’ll talk later pal
Derek: sure
We walked down the stairs and met Blue turning on the television.
She looked back then scoffed
Blue : I thought it was Derek
I ignored her and continued walking
Cindy: no it’s Prince Adrian and I….
She folded her arms and watched us going to the yard
I smirked
I’m not going to give her a space in my heart anymore
Or else I’m going to die of heartbreak
Blue Maid
Is Cindy crushing on Adrian?
Why is she all over him?
I slumped down on the sofa and faced the screen
Derek: I wanna go get something from town
Me: okay
Derek: are you alright?
I nodded
He smiled and left
I was feeling bored
I stood up and walked to the kitchen window, I could see them picking flowers.
I sighed and went back
Why isn’t Adrian asking about my powers?
Does he know who I am?
Or maybe he’s a merman?
Mother would have told me
I went to the fridge and brought out a cupcake.
I began to eat without appetite
They came back in with flowers in their hands.
Adrian was holding two bunches
One blue flowers
The other yellow
But Cindy was holding purple flowers
Is he going to give me the blue ones?
I waited anxiously
He and Cindy climbed up
None of them spoke to me
I laid on the sofa and looked up
Maybe it wasn’t for me
He also likes blue flowers right
Or maybe he wants to give me later
Or probably he’ll keep it in my room
I closed my eyes and I slept off
Cindy is such a lovely and lively girl.
She’s also a good dancer.
She kept dancing and laughing in the garden.
I decided to pick blue flowers for my room, and she suggested that I pick yellow too.
She refused to give me her lilies and I laughed
We went upstairs and we arranged them close to the window.
Cindy : they’re beautiful
Me: yeah
Cindy : it’s still two hours before lunch time, I’m sure mother will be back before then and we’ll prepare lunch. What’s your favorite food?
I smiled
Me: anything you like
She smiled and went to the door
Cindy : you should rest. Anything you’re in need of, don’t hesitate to ask me
I nodded and she left
I laid down on the bed and looked at the flowers.
I remembered Cindy said she was doing something in here
I stood up and looked around
I stepped down and walked to the closet, a paper was hanging there
if you need anything, ring the bell on your desk and I’ll be here for you
I looked over to the desk and saw the bell
I laughed and rang it
I waited for few minutes and there was a knock on the door
Me: open…
She opened
Cindy : you need anything Prince?
I laughed and sat on the bed
Me: yeah, uhmm fruit juice.
Cindy : coming right up
She left and closed the door
Then she opened it again
Cindy : uhm sir, which flavor?
I chuckled
Me: black currant
She nodded and left
I laid back and waited for her
She came back moments later with a juice box.
I smiled and collected it
Cindy : anything else
I shook my head
She bowed and left
I drank the juice and threw the box into the trashcan.
I laid on my tummy and closed my eyes.
This juice is making me sleepy
I soon slept off
I woke up and checked the time.
Few minutes to 2pm
I slept for two hours
I yawned and got off the bed, went into the neat bathroom and washed my face.
I need new clothes
I forgot to tell Derek
I got out and rang my bell
A minute later, she came
Cindy : good afternoon sir
Me: how do you know that I rang the bell?
She chuckled
Cindy : it’s a secret
Me: do you have magic too
She laughed
Cindy : no, just Blue and her mother
I raised my eyebrows and brought them down
Cindy : so what do you need sir?
Me: when lunch is ready, bring it up here for me. Don’t send anyone else, just you
Cindy :okay. Anything else
Me: get me something to read. In bored
Cindy : okay sir
I nodded and she left.
I sat on the bed and looked out of the window.
Derek was back and Blue went out to meet him
She hugged him and pecked him again
I removed my face and laid down on the bed.
Blue’s attitude towards Derek is hurting me
I can’t help but remember when we used to be very close
Just like a couple
But still, I blame myself for everything
I went shopping for Adrian
I know what he likes and dislikes
So buying things for him was easy
Blue came out and welcomed me.
She wanted to help me bring out the things but when I told her who it was for, she kept it down.
I chuckled
I think she’s trying to pretend
Cindy came out and helped me
I told her it was for Adrian and she became glad.
We took them upstairs to Adrian
He was really happy that I read his mind
He punched me and I staggered back
Me: look at my lips, they’re still swollen please
He laughed
Adrian : sorry man. It was anger
I chuckled
Cindy helped in arranging the clothes inside the closet
Audrey came upstairs to announce lunch time.
Cindy looked at Adrian and nodded.
Audrey looked at her in confusion
I wonder if she and Adrian were planning something.
I asked him if he was going to go down but he said Cindy will bring it up.
I smiled and went for lunch.
It’s been a week since the prince came here.
And seriously I don’t understand what’s going on
Blue seems to hate him now and keeps flirting with Derek especially when he’s present
And he just keeps ignoring her and hanging out with Cindy
Cindy and Adrian are very close now
There’s no place you see him that Cindy isn’t there with him
She does everything for him
And Cindy that I know is a talkative but when she’s with Adrian, she doesn’t talk anyhow
And the two of them are getting along really well
Is Blue noticing any of this?
I’m sure she’ll notice now since Derek has gone
I moved to the living room where Blue was reading a book.
I decided to get something to eat
I went to the kitchen and brought out pizza from the microwave.
I wanted to go when I saw Cindy covering Adrian’s eyes and making him walk around
This is getting out of hand
Blue should better stop being stubborn and take her responsibility over Adrian or else someone’s gonna take it from her
I hurriedly went to her
Me: don’t you think you’ve pretended enough?
She looked up
Blue : what?
Me: stop being stubborn and go and talk to Adrian before you get hurt again
Blue : I don’t get you
Me: don’t you see it?
Blue : see what?
Me: Cindy has fallen for your Adrian…..
To be continued
Written by Hossana Ojoniko Isaac

So guys who truly deserves Adrian’s love
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# Blue
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