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Blue Maid. {Season 2}… Episode 5

Blue Maid
Season Two
Chapter Five
Written by Hossana Ojoniko Isaac
Blue Maid
My heart stopped beating immediately
I started feeling dizzy and nauseous
I dropped the book and stared at Audrey who was standing in front of me with hands akimbo.
Me: I don’t understand
Audrey : you don’t???
Me: look, I don’t really care okay. She can have him if she wants
I crossed my leg and took my book.
I was trying to convince myself that I don’t love Adrian anymore
Audrey : wow, then I rest my case.
She shrugged and sat down on the second sofa
I was restless
I wanted to talk and pour out the anger accumulating inside of me.
I dropped the book again
Me: you know this is crazy. So crazy. He’s such a playboy. He’s going to hurt Cindy
She turned and looked at me
Audrey : I don’t get you. Who are you really supporting?
Me: Cindy of course. Adrian is bullshit, first he tried to get me while he has a wife. Now he’s going for Cindy. Cindy is not as strong as I am
Audrey : you know. I’ve never seen an immature and irresponsible beauty as you
My eyes widened
Me : what
She sat well and faced me
Audrey : ever since that happened, have you spoken with him one on one. Did you care to know what really happened? You too are even too immature. Look Blue, do me a favor and get your self to talk with him. I hate the way you guys are behaving. You have an opportunity to be with a prince, a prince Blue. A prince, and you’re acting this way? You’re so ungrateful….
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She was really angry with me, she stood up to go when Adrian came inside with Cindy in his arms.
Audrey glared at me and then looked at them.
She then walked out.
Adrian : I’ll meet you upstairs
Cindy : okay sir
He dropped her and went upstairs
He didn’t even look at me
Cindy : I’ve forgotten how to give a massage, can you reteach me?
Me: why
Cindy : Prince Adrian needs one
My eyes widened
Me : don’t worry, I’ll take care of it
Cindy : are you sure?
Me :yeah, can you help me prepared some doughnuts?
Cindy : sure
She went to the kitchen and I went to my room.
I got the things needed and went to Adrian’s door.
I was so scared
I heaved a deep sigh and closed my eyes before knocking
Adrian : come in Cindy
I opened the door
He looked surprised to see me
Me: hi
Adrian : uhmm, hi
I entered and closed the door
He looked at my hands
Adrian : did Cindy ask you to bring them?
Me: no
I went closer to him and dropped them on his desk
Adrian : then what are you doing here?
Me : can’t I come and see u?
He sat up
Adrian : see me? Then why haven’t you come to see me for the past one week that I’ve been here? Have you even said a word to me? Have you even seen what this room looks like?
Me : are you blaming me? How about you? Have you forgotten I saved your life? Did you appreciate it? Do you have any idea how ungrateful you are? Instead you’re just deriving pleasure from Cindy?
Adrian : take Cindy out of this! Have you forgotten how I wanted to talk to you, how I always called you, how I said thank you but you ignored me? Didn’t you?
Me : you still don’t have the right to try to hurt Cindy because of my attitude? You are just playing with Cindy, that’s what you always do! You’re nothing but a playboy!
He stood up and began to slowly walk towards me
He looked so scary
I became terrified and began to walk back
Adrian : don’t you bring Cindy into this and don’t you dare call me a playboy. I’m in this mess because of you!!
I became enraged
He’s trying to put the blame on me
Me : what? How dare you blame me? I didn’t put you into any mess. It’s all your fault. You lied to me, you told me she was your sister. Then you lied to me again, telling me that you love me. Why did you say that when you were already engaged. You just tried to take advantage of me. And I was such a fool to believe you. I was so scared of losing you, I cried for hours telling myself that I love you and that I rejected you. I wasn’t myself anymore. I came to tell you that I was sorry only for me to see you having sex with your fiancee.
I hate you for everything you put me through, I hate you so much for all the pain and hurt I got from you.
So you never cared about me
For two months you deserted me
Why did I even save you?
I should have left you to die, but I can’t stand you suffering because I love you
I was crying throughout
All my emotions busted out
My eyes were already red and swollen and my tears made my whole face wet
Everything around me stopped working
Everything became quiet
The only sounds that kept echoing in my mind were everywhere that Blue said and her cries
I couldn’t believe myself
Blue loved me?
I’m running crazy
I can’t believe myself
I put Blue through tons of pain.
I can imagine everything she went through
So she came back for me
But she met me with Gladys
All this while I’ve been living in ignorance
I forsook the love I so wanted
Me: ahhhhhhh
I screamed and threw the flower vase to the ground
She shivered and shifted
She was choking
I ran my fingers into my hair then covered my face.
She stood up and opened the door
Me: Blue please, don’t go please
I held her hand and pulled her back.
I closed the door and looked at her, she looked away
I held her second hand
Me: Blue, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. If I knew I wouldn’t have forsaken you no matter what. And I didn’t lie to you about my love for you. Blue I love you so much
Blue : why didn’t you tell me about Gladys then?
Me: I was going to tell you that day. Remember when I said my parents were trying to make decisions for me? It was about Gladys. They wanted me to marry her but I hate her. I don’t want her
Blue : but why did you sleep with her?
Me: I was drunk that night. I drank myself to stupor. I was so broken hearted because you rejected me. I regret drinking that night, if I didn’t drink I wouldn’t have slept with her and you would have come to meet me in my right mind
Her eyes were so sad and dull
I was filled with guilt
I hated myself for hurting her
Her tears were still falling
I released her hands and used my thumbs to wipe them off
Me : it’s okay baby, your tears are drowning me
I cupped her face Into my palms
Blue : I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting. I misunderstood everything
Me : that’s why you didn’t pick my calls and didn’t call me
Blue : what? I called you every single day. I always texted you but you didn’t reply me. I cried and longed for you each day. There was a day I called you and Gladys picked it up. She told me to let you be, that you two were getting married soon
Me : what? How did she have access to my phone? But my phone was always with me, I didn’t see any call or text
I let go of her face and stood confused
Blue : did she divert our calls and texts to her own number?
Me : yes yes, that’s exactly what she did. Gosh, she’s such a snake
I looked away in anger and Blue hugged me
I was surprised
Her head was on my chest and her arms wrapped around my waist
Blue : Adrian, please don’t leave me again
I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight
Me : I won’t. That’s a promise.
I held her tighter. I love her so much
I won’t leave her
Gladys will never come between us again.
I looked down and took her face up
Me : guess what??
Blue : I can’t guess, tell me
I looked into those blue sparkling eyes.
Me: close your eyes
She closed them without hesitation
I bent down and kissed her
She opened her eyes and I smiled and closed mine.
She began to kiss me back
I held her tighter
Blue will make a good Queen
I’m assuring myself that she’s the next Queen of Edinburgh…..
To Be Continued
Written by Hossana Ojoniko Isaac

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