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My love And Talent… Episode 2

My love and talents
Author : Chorusman
Contact: 09038676998
Episode 2
I stood up and couldn’t see Richard in the house.
****I thought in me where could this guy be?****
{I put on my arsenal jearsey and went out to take some fresh air and met Richard and his friends reading outside}
Me: I greeted them, good morning guys.
***They reply me in response and we had little jokes we used the opportunity to know each other names***
{After we take some readings together, we shifted to politics talk and we shifted to football which I love so much}
Owolabi: Chorus this one u are putting on arsenal jearsey don’t tell me u be arsenal fan oo?
Me: Before nko? (Of course) Am a die hard fans of arsenal.
(All of them laugh out loud in mocking way)
Me: What’s funny there?.. Or u want tell me ur team is better than mine?
Owolabi: If Chelsea is meeting arsenal 100 times in a season, I swear you won’t see draw.
Me: See this one, go and check our record you’ll see am better than you in many way.
Owolabi: If you people are good why haven’t you win uefa champions league?

(All of them laugh out loud in mocking way again)
Me: Abeg stop the ridiculous, na which team u guys dey support.
Owolabi: Am supporting pride of London.
(All of us burst out in laugh)
Me: Shut up joor, Your team no get name?
Owolabi: You should have know it’s Chelsea am supporting or which team do u think it’s pride of London?
Me: No wonder u dey make mouth. How about u Henry?
Henry: Am supporting the same team as Owoo
Me: Owoo? Who is Owoo?
Henry: Owolabi now
Me: No wonder, bird of the same feather.
Henry: You no well
Me: Fm how about u?
Femi: I’m Barcelona
Me: That’s 👍best team
Owolabi: Richard it’s your turn oo
Richard: Abeg leave me alone,.. Make I go inside to cook, I dey hungry.
{Owoo laugh out loud}
Owolabi: You better find one team to join no dey dull yourself.
Richard: Who football epp? You know when we dey talk of fucking ladies I be ur papa.
Femi: You wey no sabi go four rounds. 😂😂😂
(All of us burst out in laugh)
Richard: Go and bring your sister make I do practical for her.
(All of us burst out in laugh again)
*****That’s how how we spent the day with so much fun and readings*****
That’s how four of roll together till Wednesday we are written Biology paper.
More stories @
Wednesday morning
Location : Royer crown exam hall
All of us are busy preparing for exam and arranging the class before the supervisor will arrive.
Suddenly I just heard this cooling voice calling my name in sexy tone from behind.
Chorus! Chorus!! Chorus!!!
***I looked at the back to check who’s calling me and see this beautiful lady calling me, and the lady keep moving toward me***
Me: (Stammerin)Goo…Gooo…Good morning
Lady: Hi, how are you doing?
Me: Am fine, Please have we meet before?
Lady: Absolutely no, but am one of your story fan at
Me: Wow! Thanks for patronising my blog.
Lady: You’re welcome, I love all your stories most especially the one you titled “Love triangle” I so much love the story, but you have not complete it.
Me: Sorry about that… I will finished it all after I launch this my upcoming story.
Lady: Upcoming??
Me: Yeah
Lady: What’s the title of this one you want to launch?
Me: My love and talents.
Lady: Wow!… Can’t wait to read it
Me: thanks
***We discussed about so many stories and social media,till she later told me her name***
Lady: My name is Bella.
Me: My name is… ***She interrupted me***
Bella: Opeyemi…
Me: How did you know my name?
Bella: Don’t be surprised dear, I followed you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, that’s how I get to know your name.
Me: Wow! I don’t know I can have this kind of loving fan, anyway thank you

Bella: Nice meeting you.
Me: Pleasure is mine.
*****I wanted to take handshake with her but she turned it to hurg for me unexpected and am shaking inside my body for unexpected hurg ,and I cannot resist her*****
{Focus passed by at that moment and gave me a 👍tumbs up}
********We disengaged*********
Bella: Can I have your digit?
Me: **Stammering** Ehm.. Ehmm. ***The supervisor walked in***
Bella: I will see you later
Me: Alright
Bella: Bye***she waved at me and catwalk out of me at the same time***
As a commercial student,Biology is a subject I hate most in my life, I finished my exam 15minutes before the times up. I just submit the paper I don’t care may be I get it right or wrong I just want to run out of this girl before she will come and embarrass me again.

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