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Only mine… Episode 94

I was torn between who to follow as Leo was being pulled away and the ambulance was about to take off. I have to be with one of them one way or the other but who?
On the other hand is my pregnant Leona who was being arrested and her brother who was badly injured and need urgent medical attention. Where should I be?
As I was busy thinking about what to do, I saw Leona going down and the police were just watching.
I rushed to her before she could make it to the ground.
“Leo,” I called but she didn’t wake up.
“Get the damn cuff from her hand!” I screamed and quickly removed it.
The ambulance was already gone so I took her to the police van and they followed the ambulance.
She was wet from below and when I removed my hand, it was stained with blood.
I stared at her for any injury but I saw only bruises on her face, arms, neck and that was all.
She was wet in between her legs and I could see the stain on her trouser. My eyes flew to my hands and realization kicked in.
My baby.
This can’t be.
“Speed up, she’s dying!” I screamed.
“Leo.” I Pat her cheeks lightly but she didn’t wake up. Her lips remained pressed tight but I am glad she’s breathing.
“She can’t be dying. She’s busy pretending and that’s what all criminals do because they don’t want to be in jail..”
“Shut the fuck up! She’s not a criminal.” I snapped at the officer.
“Oh, do you want me to tell you about her criminal record? That she deals with narcotics and drugs?” The police officer said and I went speechless.
How did he know? This is bad. How do I get her out of this mess?
“Don’t be fooled by her pretty face Mr. Anosova. She’s dangerous but now that we have her, we will use her to get her boss.”
Foolish cops. How did they not know her boss? That he’s the one that reported Leona to them?
“Her boss is the one..” I stopped myself before I could complete my statement and make the biggest mistake of my life.
If I tell them that her boss is Lando and the one who reported her, it’s going to make Leona’s case worse and they’re going to use my words against her. Giving them that information is like confirming that truly, Leona deals with drugs and belongs to a gang. And who knows if this is a trap? I’m glad I didn’t say more than I did that may contradict Leona’s case.
“What did you say?”
“Nothing.” I shook my head. “I think you’re mistaken about her. She’s not who you think she is.” I defended her.
” Whatever you say but we will find out and if we are truly mistaking her, then we’d set her free.”
“I called you so who reported her to you?”
“First of all you are not the one who called us, a lady did and that’s all I can tell.”
A lady?
“Is she the one who called?” I pointed to Leo.
“I don’t think so. Your baby mama did.” He answered. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.
Why will Katherine call the police here? What is she trying to prove?
She better not be the one who reported Leona.
The van stopped behind the ambulance and a stretcher was brought but I ran pass it with Leona into the hospital.
She was taken from me to the emergency then I followed Raymond’s stretcher.
He has been shot repeatedly by that psychotic man and I just pray he heals quickly else Leona won’t be herself anymore.
Raymond was wheeled to the theater and the door shut.
I’m really sorry that this happened to him. Prior to these gunshots, Lando rammed his car with Raymond’s when we went for their family. He suffered severe injuries and it took everything in me to leave him at the hospital but I have to because I know Lando will be at my house and truly when I got there he was.
God. He almost raped her. thank God Raymond came in time. I don’t know what I would’ve done if it happened. I can’t even watch it. However, if I had shot Lando, then Raymond probably won’t have been in this condition.
I don’t know what happened and I don’t want to blame it on the pain I felt in my arms when I aimed at him.
I was feeling pains but I could’ve still shot him but my hand was shaking and I couldn’t pull the trigger. I behaved as a pussy and Leona did well to scold me for it.
She shot him but the bastard wore a bulletproof jacket so he didn’t get hurt apart from the wounds Raymond gave him.
He shamelessly turned the tables on Leona and got her arrested while he’s roaming freely probably hatching another devious plan.
My only prayer is that Raymond should be okay despite his previous accident and the gunshots.
I paced to and fro in front of the theater then to the emergency where Leona was.
How can two siblings be this unfortunate?
What has Leona done to deserve all these problems?
I saw a little boy also being wheeled to the emergency and I remembered my son.
Where the hell is my son?
I tried to think then I remembered that he’s at school. I called Mary to pick him up with a guard.
After an hour, Mary called me back and picked up immediately. It better be a piece of good news.
I got relieved when she said they are at home now together with the rest. I thanked her and turned when the emergency room door opened.
I tucked the phone into my pocket and practically ran to her door but Raymond’s own also opened and once again, I’m stuck in the middle. Which news should I receive first? And I pray they’re all good.
I’m at crossroads as to which doctor I should approach. I know Leona will be fine because she didn’t get shot or sustain accident wounds like Raymond so I suspect good news. I will hear the bad news first but I still pray it will be something far from worse.
I turned around towards the theater and met the doctor. I must admit, I’m a little nervous.
“How’s he…”
I didn’t land before the doctor started shaking his head then a stretcher was being pulled out with a white sheet covering whoever was under it.
It couldn’t be Raymond right? It better not be what I’m assuming.
” I’m sorry but before we could get all the bullets out, he gave up the ghost…I am sorry Mr. Anosova, we lost him.”
Cold air blew over me and I just stood there, immobile and emotionless. My ears went blank for a moment before everything came rushing in and settling but I didn’t accept.
“And…what are you saying Doctor? fine.. he’s going to be fine…I know.” I stuttered.
“We’re taking him to the morgue. Who’s he to you? There are some papers a relative have to sign.” The doctor said and they wheeled the stretcher passed me.
I ran after it, stopped it, and got the sheets off.
“No!” My hands flew to my face then I got closer to him.
Memories of us together having a good time and picking plans on how to discover where Lando was keeping their family flashed in my mind and I tried to relive all the good times.
“Wake up Raymond!” I shook him vigorously.
The dude just lay there with his handsome face.
“Ray you can’t do this to me and not to your sister or your nephew and your entire family. You have to wake up!” I brushed his hair from his face and pinched him.
“I.. I..can’t… oh…Ray if you do this, I won’t know what to say to your sister. What do you want me to tell her? How will I explain this to her? Tell me what to tell her if she asks of you. Okay okay…I know this is some sick joke but we’re done playing now. I’m tired, I don’t wanna play. Now start talking to to me, Ray…You used to talk a lot and you warn me not to hurt Leona. Do that again Ray. Warn me because I plan to hurt Leona. Get up. You have to talk to me. Hey Ray, look at me. I say look at me, I’m talking to you. Stop acting this way, it’s strange. Get up and talk to me Ray! I say talk to me!” I yelled. I didn’t know when I started crying until my tears fell on his solid paled face.
“NOooooo!” I screamed and pulled my hair.
I know I have to be strong but this is just too much for me. How do I break this news to Leona?
What kind of situation is this? I’ve never lost anyone before to death so how do I deal with this? Deal with the fact that Raymond is gone forever and we will never see him.
How on I going to tell Leona without breaking down myself?
“So is he…dead? Like gone?” I asked the doctor.
“Check his pulses again doctor, I’m sure there’s a way you can save him. How much do you want? Give me a check book I will give you any money you want. You can take all my properties, anything that could bring him back. Please make him talk to me.” I held the doctor’s hand to the stretcher.
“Start doing your work Doctor. I know you can. Or you’re tired? Here, I will help you.” I took his stethoscope and walked to Raymond.
“You know, Raymond wanted to be a surgeon just like you. Let him wake up and see just how good he is.” I put the end into my ears and placed the other part on his chest.
I don’t know what the hell I am doing but I pray for a miracle. Heck, I’ve never been the religious type. But now I want to believe that there’s some invisible being called God.
I will do anything to bring him back. I couldn’t hear anything so I removed the stethoscope.
“Doc, I think your device has a low battery. You should charge it.” I gave it back to him.
“You can’t take Raymond to the morgue please.”
“You’re not in your right senses Anosova. It will be good if you sit for a while. But he’s dead, the earlier you accept it the better.” He covered him back and they wheeled him away.
I dropped down to the floor and allowed my tears to bathed me for the first time. For the first time in my entire 25 years I cried.
“Mr. Anosova.” I felt a hand on my shoulder and when I looked up, it took a minute to recognize that it was Leona’s doctor.
“I have good news and bad news for you Mr. Anosova. Which do you want to hear first?”
What bad news can be worse than what I just heard? There isn’t any.
“Tell me what you have to say.”
“Your fiancee is alright but we couldn’t save her baby. I’m sorry.”
Another loss. Another death. What the hell is all this?
This is my flesh and blood. I lost it before I could even have the chance to feel it kick for the first time.
How do I handle all this? I’m so clueless.
How do I tell her that she lost her unborn child and her only blood brother all in one day? She lost two people just in a day. Why?
Would she ever be normal after this?
When my eyes opened I was in the hospital with a lot of stupid tubes on me.
Everything that happened flashed before my eyes and at once I started removing everything on me.
I want to see my brother now.
I was still feeling pains but it was mild compared to earlier.
I got up slowly and made sure I was able to stand on my feet before I started walking.
I groaned when I opened the door and saw policemen guarding my door.
I looked down and realized that I was in fresh clothes and not my jeans.
I wonder what happened to me. I just felt a sharp pain and that was all. My hands flew to my stomach.
I hope my baby is fine.
A lot has happened already, I can’t lose my baby. I know I didn’t want it at first but Dave wanted the baby.
My heart skipped a beat all of a sudden and I don’t know why.
I walked out and then the police turned to me. “Take me to Dave,” I said and one of them nod and took the lead. We walked down on the long hall and to the waiting area.
My eyes met a forlorn figure sitting on a lone bench with his head buried in his lap and hands packed on the head, looking distraught.
“Dave.” I ran to his side and when I touched him, he flinched.
When he looked up his eyes were bloodshot and his lashes were wet, his face so red including his nose. A prove that he’s been crying.
“Leo.” He whispered and bit down on his lips tightly then kneeling down, he hugged my legs close and his shoulders began to shake.
I got alarmed as I lifted my hand to his hair. “Dave I’m fine and our baby too is fine. You just have to take me to see Raymond. I know you’re worried about me but hey, I am here now.” I brushed my hand through his hair and try to lift his head up.
“I’m sorry Leo. So so sorry!” He muttered.
“What are you sorry for?”
He got up and turned away from me. When he turned back, his face was clean from tears but his red eyes, cheeks, and nose gave him away that he was crying.
“Come with me.” He took my hand with a soft sad smile.
He’s scaring the little life out of me by being this way. This is a part of him I’ve never seen before and I don’t know why.
Why’s he being this way and where’s he taking me to?

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Updated: June 27, 2020 — 11:05 pm
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