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Only mine… Episode 95

“Where are you taking me?” She asked when I entered the hospital with her.
I’m clueless as to how to break this news to her and I don’t want to imagine her reaction.
I managed to retain the body from being transferred to the morgue so that she could see Raymond for the last time.
I held her hand tight, then squeezed it when we got to the door.
“Why are we here Dave? Is Raymond inside?” She pushed the door open and entered in with me.
When her eyes met the covered body on the bed, she tensed and stood transfixed to the same spot without blinking. The expression on her face was unreadable therefore I couldn’t make out what she might be thinking.
I remained silent behind her for some minutes before her legs started functioning and she walked towards the bed.
“Who’s this Dave? And why’s the person covered?” She looked at me and I saw her gulp from her neck.
“Raymond,” I whispered.
“Raymond? Then why did you cover him? He’s going to suffocate. Don’t you know he dislikes heat?” She got the sheets off and sat beside Raymond.
“He’s sleeping. I really shouldn’t have shouted now. ” Her hands moved to his face and she flinched.
“Why’s he so cold Dave? Can you get me some warm water? He’s feeling cold and please the AC should be off.” She said and started rubbing Raymond’s palm.
“Don’t stand there and do nothing, Dave. I told you to get me warm water and please tell the doctor to come and check on him. I need to know when he’d be discharged.”
“He won’t be discharged Leona and you certainly don’t need the warm water.”
“What do you mean? Raymond will be discharged. He’s fine and he’s only sleeping. He can sleep at home. Please get me the doctor for the last time.”
“Raymond, wake up and listen to what Dave is saying. Can you imagine,it seems he doesn’t want you to be discharged. Ray, wake up, we need to go home. You know I can’t pick you up. Wake up.” She shook him.
“Let’s wake him up Dave. We need to go. Raymond, wake up. I’m here now and we need to go.”
“Leona he’s…”
“Why’s he not waking up Dave? Please tell him to. He doesn’t sleep deep.”
“He won’t wake up Leo.”
“What do you mean by he won’t wake up? He’s not going to sleep forever will he?” She tried to take his hand but it just slipped from her hold.
Her eyes go wide for a moment.
“What is wrong Dave? Why does he look dea… sick?”
“Because Raymond is gone Leona, he’s gone!” I throw my arms in the air.
“Don’t be silly. I know he’s unwell because of the bullet wounds he sustained but he’s not gone.” She turned to Raymond’s stone-hard face. “Right Raymond?”
“Talk to me Ray. Dave please make him talk to me. He also has to open his eyes for me. Why’s he so stiff and pale? Do something Dave and please call the doctor..”
I walked closer and took her face in my hands. “I’m sorry Leona but Raymond is gone. He is DEAD!” I screamed.
She just blinked and got my hands off her face then took slow backward steps.
“My brother is not dead… he’s alive. What are you even saying? How can he die? He’s my only brother so how can he possibly die? He told me he’s not dying yet. He promised to be with me forever so why would he die? Raymond will never do something like this to me. He knows I won’t survive it so he won’t. You’re mad to tell me that. Very mad!”
She turned around to Raymond.
“Bro please wake up. You’re really scaring me now. I don’t want to believe what Dave is saying so please prove him wrong. You’re a fighter, you can’t die just like that. Please wake up. I’m begging you, Ray. If this is some game then I am done playing it. We used to play this type of game when we were kids but we aren’t kids anymore so let’s quit. Now talk to me. Hey talk to me. It’s me, your sister, Leona. I said wake up!. How can you sleep so much..”
Tears pricked my eyes and I looked away.
“We need to take the body now for postmortem Mr. Anosova. We can’t keep him here any longer.” The doctor said and the nurses came in.
I looked at Leona then back to the doctor.
“Is there not anything you can do at all to bring him back to life? Just look at his sister? She can’t live without him. Doc please do something. I promise to give you whatever you’d need in order to make it happen.” I pleaded.
“It’s only the intervention of God that can help. I did my best. He was already bleeding within because of the previous accident and the bullet was close to his heart. My crew and I tried our best but we lost him. I’m very sorry but there’s nothing that can be done now unless a miracle occurs. Allow us to take him before the body starts to stink.”
I sighed helplessly and utterly defeated. Only a miracle? How can that happen? Should I pray? I never did before but I can try right?
I took my eyes back to Leona and saw her looking at us with tears streaming down her face and mouth wide open.
“What.. what…is he.. saying, Dave? Is my brother dead?”
I moved to her. It hurts a lot to see tears in her eyes. I feel very awful and helpless for not being able to bring her brother back to life and her tears are killing me within. I can feel her pains and I know how much she’s hurting right now and I want to make that pain go away.
She stepped back from me before my hands could reach her.
“Leo am sorry.”
She shook her head and went back to Raymond.
“Wake up, Raymond. Please wake up. How can you leave me? Is it that simple? You didn’t even tell me anything. How could you leave without my permission? I thought you said you love me so why are you leaving me now? People don’t leave who they love, they stay so please wake up. Don’t you know my life will never be the same without you? How do you expect me to breathe without you around? I am nothing without you so please…who do I call a brother again? You promised me remember? What do I do without you? Raymond…Raymond Raymond… please. I won’t be stubborn again. I promise not to keep anything for you again and ..and…oh Ray!” She hugged his body close as her entire system shook.
My throat went dry and tightened as hot tears pulled in my eyes and blinded my vision for a moment before rolling down my face.
How will Leona survive this? What do I do? I want to make her feel better.
I tried to pick her from Raymond’s body but she pushed me away from her with all her might. I was surprised when I staggered back and had to take a grip on something in order not to fall.
“Don’t you dare try to separate me from my brother.” She warned.
“Madam we need to take him now.”
“No one is taking my brother. I won’t allow you to. Who are you people to give the final say on my brother’s life anyway? He’s not yet dead. He told me that earlier and I’m sticking to it. He’s probably in a coma or something but he’s not dead. ” She placed her head on his chest and held him with both hands, protecting him from being taken away.
“You have to let go Leona… please.”
“Shut up Dave. You shouldn’t interfere.” She snapped.
“Handle her or we’re calling the securities.” The doctor said and at once am back to Leona’s side.
I can’t bear to see anyone manhandling her.
More stories at the same
I grabbed her forcefully from Raymond and hugged her to me.
The men that came with the doctor and started pushing Raymond away while Leona kept battling with me, throwing her hands and legs as she shouts.
“Let me go! Leave me the hell alone Dave! They’re taking him away and I won’t allow it. Who gave them that permission? Leave me Dave!” She bit me hard on the chest and I released her without knowing.
She ran after the men who were taking Raymond away and I ran after her as well. Everyone’s eyes were on us but hell do I care?
She got to the stretcher and pushed the men away before slapping the one in the front.
“No one is taking him anywhere!” She sneered, pointing a warning finger at them with a hard glare.
At least her anger is not directed to me but I know it will soon.
“Stop this Leona.” I groaned, literally.
“Really? I should stop?” Are you not the cause of this? If you had shot Lando as I told you then my dear brother won’t be in this condition! You’re a coward Dave, that’s what you are! Can you give me a valid reason why you didn’t shoot him? Are you related to him in a way that you couldn’t pull a common trigger? Oh how did I forget, he used your name for his safe back in Michigan so I’m sure you guys have some connection. Maybe you planned this together with him to ruin me. It was your plan all along, Dave. My family was being maltreated by Lando and yet you didn’t tell me. He even slept with them and still you didn’t tell me instead you also played your part. Did I not tell you not to involve my brother in all this? I did but you still took him out to fight Lando. How could you Dave? My brother got in an accident because you took him along with you and now he got shot and they’re saying he’s dead. Who’s fault is it? It’s you Dave! You know how much my brother means to me so why didn’t you protect him? Why did you endanger his life instead? Did you hate me that much? Did you not think of me for one bit..”
“Listen Leo..”
“No you listen to me. You didn’t do anything to help me, Dave. All your efforts yield no results instead you just messed everything up for me. You worsened everything and I .. I…regre..” She started crying without finishing her sentence but I know just what she wanted to say and it hurts. How can she regret us, regret being with me?.
A crowd was surrounding us now and I could see the police coming and on top of that, the journalist was also behind them.
I went to stand in front of Leona, shielding her from the police.
“Step aside Mr. Anosova. We need to take her.” An inspector said.
“She’s not going anywhere!” I growled and felt Leona take a tight hold on me.
“Let us do our job Mr. Anosova.”
“No. She didn’t do anything. The man who died is her brother. How can someone kill their own sibling?”
“Follow us if you have facts you can defend her with but for now we’re taking her into custody and don’t try to stop us. Boys, get her!”
“No. Don’t touch me! Dave, do something. I don’t want to go with them. I don’t want to be jailed please stop them..” She cried, hugging me tightly from the back while the police tried to rip her from me.
“I’m pregnant, you can’t arrest me!” She blurted and the cops let go of her.
“Don’t lie to us madam, you lost your baby a while ago so you have no excuse. You’re coming with us.”
Oh no!
Her hands loosed their grip on me then slowly she turned me to herself.
“Is what.. he’s saying..the truth? Did my baby die too? Did we lose it? Did I get a miscarriage? Tell me Dave” She asked ruefully, looking so broke and vulnerable inside out.
“Tell me something Dave. Did I lose my baby too? Her tears were never ceasing.
“Talk to me please, I’m already losing it. Dave I’m tired. I can not do this anymore. My heart can’t contain more pain please tell me that my baby is okay. The baby is fine right? I know she is and the inspector is lying. My baby is just fine. Now tell the police to go away. I can be under House arrest but I don’t want to be kept in a cell with handcuffs please save me, Dave. I don’t want to go I beg you…” She threw herself on me and cried bitterly.
My arms came around her shaking form.
“I don’t want to be jailed Dave. Please do something. I didn’t do anything, I didn’t shoot my brother please make them understand.” She disengaged from the hug and looked up at me with her red swollen eyes. Her hair was sticking all over her face and she looked broken.
My heart is bleeding from watching her agonize in pain and not being able to do anything about it. It hurts more to see her this way and she thinks she’s the only one suffering but No. I feel lost and numb all over. Everything is so overpowering that I don’t know how to go about it right now. I need to think, to think of something. It will be traumatizing to see Leona behind bars. I can’t take it.
“I know, Leona..”
“But you don’t know what to do? Tell them that I’m pregnant..”
“We lost the baby Leo. The baby died.”
She took a step back from me and covered her face with her palms. Then removed it after a minute.
She looked around as if looking for somewhere to coil herself and hide from the entire world.
Her hands moved into her hair then back down. Her shoulders slackened and she looked lost and shocked.
I followed her gaze to Raymond’s body who was being taken out and the police began handcuffing her.
“Listen inspector, you can not jail her. Can’t you see her condition? And she’s innocent.”
“You shouldn’t defend her else, we would forget about who you are and get you arrested because you were equally present at the crime scene and we can hold you as a prime suspect. If you think she’s innocent then do the needful. Now don’t stop us. I’m sorry.”
They’re not going to listen but I’m not going to allow them to jail her, never. I’m going to do everything in my power to see that she’s released and even if that means I have to take the blame, I will.
Her eyes didn’t leave Raymond as she was being taken away. They finally met mine and they pulled me along with her.
Before they could get to the door, she ran back to meet those who were taking the body away.
She brought her cuffed hand together and stopped the stretcher from moving again then removed the sheets from Raymond’s face. The next thing I heard was a loud cry of her brother’s name and it echoed in the entire hall, shaking the very foundation of the hospital and causing goosebumps to form on my skin. Chills run down my spine and I felt a sharp raw acute pain piercing my heart and it felt like my chest is filled with needles and they’re all trying to work their way out. My eyes ran out of tears and I just stood there, transfixed as if a spell has been casted on me. I felt empty.
Raymond’s body disappeared and so did hers.
My unborn child, my woman, and a buddy I lost all in a day. I haven’t lost Leona to death but in a way I lost her. I don’t know when she’d return to her bubbly self. I never knew life could be this cruel and the one responsible will have to pay dearly and even if not by me, karma won’t spare him.
Voices around me brought me back to life and I looked around to see her family, mine, and the media. The journalist started bombarding me with meaningless questions and their annoying blinding camera lights. Now everything is going to be in the news and published in every newspaper. My life will only get normal after a year. This year is already ruined and this case is going to be the topic of every channel in the whole of America and even in other countries. I hope it doesn’t affect my business in any way. As for my reputation, I know it’s already soiled.
“We just saw your fianceé being taken away Mr. Anosova. What do you have to say and how do you feel about it?
What was her crime? From our sources, she has been traced to have something to do with a syndicate gang. Did you know that she was a criminal?
If you knew then why did you not report her or you’re partners with her?
Do you guys work together?
Since when have you been working with her? Did you get all your riches from dealing with drugs? Is that what you do secretly? Tell us Mr. Anosova.
“What was the reason why she killed her brother and why didn’t you stop her?”
And why will you plan on marrying a criminal?
“That is only because he’s also a criminal…”
The stupid questions kept flowing and I began to make my way out of the crowd.
A hand held me back and when I turned I saw Leona’s dad.
“What is happening? Where’re my two children?” He asked immediately with a worrisome look.
So what do I say now? I have suddenly turned into a bearer of bad news.
The journalist moved to us and he doesn’t seem to notice.
“I saw someone being taken away. Is that my son? Raymond? And Leona what did she do? I appreciate you coming to rescue us but please you have to tell me everything because I don’t understand what is happening. Raymond was fine when you came with him so where is he? I don’t want to believe the rumors that he’s dead.” Mr Grande said.
“We can’t talk now. Please go home with your family” Behind him were his wife and three children.
“What happened Dave? Everything was going on perfectly fine. Please don’t tell me Raymond died.” Mum asked and Leona’s family gasped.
This woman just doesn’t know when to talk and when not to.
“You should all go home. Dad please do that for me, take them. I’ll join you soon to explain everything.”
I called my driver to come pick them. This time, I didn’t add any guard because they’re all scared to work for me after seeing how Lando’s men murdered the others without mercy. If I ever need one again, then it will be the army.
I motioned for them to follow me, ignoring all the journalists.
“I’m sorry Mr. Grande,” I said before he got into the car.
I watched them leave the hospital premises before I went to the other driver, took my keys from him, and jumped into my car.
I have to do something. Leona can’t be jailed.
I’m sorry.
I’m also sad but there’s always a tiny light at the end of every dark tunnel. Let’s hope for the best…the story hasn’t ended so there’s more to come and definitely, happiness will be part.
Drop your thoughts.
Have a great evening…

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Updated: June 27, 2020 — 11:10 pm
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Tida musa
Tida musa
11 days ago

Ohhh Leona has suffered a lot she shouldn’t lost her brother unborn child at the same time this is very sad…

10 days ago

I really feel bad for her

She lost almost everything within a twinkling of an eye… I pray she recovers all soonest

8 days ago

Why nw leo has gone through a lot we don’t expect Ray to die y can’t the table turn around nw …..

15 hours ago

So sad, Leo has really suffered. I Almost cried while reading this episode. Hope she will be happy to see her dad.

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