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Believe. {Season 2}… Episode 10

# Believe ………….
[I know,you won’t stay ] .
settings;nigerian-drama .
“what paper is this,Ife?”
chioma asked as she bend to pick it from where it drop.
“can you read?” I asked.
“sure a little bit” she replied.
I hastily drop the broom in my have and hijack the paper before she would open it.
chimooo ,why didn’t i notice it fell.
“is anything wrong, you overreacted on an ordinary paper” chioma said.
“sorry…’s part of the dirt I swept” I said and squeeze it so she would believe.
“you see it’s not useful” I said and squeeze the paper the more.
she started packing the remaining dirt I used that opportunity to hide it in my wrapper.
next I started watering the flowers.
“i thought am the only one assigned to clean here,why did you join me”
I asked.
“dumebi said I should join you”
she said.
I nodded as we did the rest of the work together.
nkem approached.
“good morning” we both greeted.
“hey,hi” he replied chioma perfunctorily.
is he ignoring me?
about what happened last night,am not the cause the only reason I walked out on him was because he wasn’t saying anything.
“chioma kindly excuse me” he said.
chioma left till there was no sign of her around.
We were now left alone.
I got nervous as usual.
what does he wants to say now again?
“sir about last night… am sorry that i walked out on you” I said.
“its alright” he finally spoke,
there was silence as he look around to check if someone was coming, he faced me when no one was coming.
“would you accept this?”
he passed me a percel.
I better not break his heart,he might feel bad if i don’t accept this one…
its really difficult to collect things from guys,they might want something sweet in return.
“would you accept this?” he asked again.
I nodded and collected the percel from him.
I paused and checked what was there..
Jeeex a golf waist chain;it’s one of the things I always desire to have but i want this to come from someone that i love dearly…
I said it that whosoever buys me a waist accessory is meant for me for he knows my heart-
I beamed as the gold glitter from the percel it was kept.
Am happy I have this but why is it coming from nkem?
does he knows my heart?
is he the one meant for me?.
“do you like it?” he asked.
“ohh yes,thank you” I replied.
he turned to leave.
“nkem did you really get this for me?” I asked..
“well it came from someone that have you in heart,it is whosoever you believe it is” he said and left.
**someone that have me in heart**
I wrapped the percel well and kept it in my wrapper also.I picked the broom and left to the maids q
quarter, ngozi was still there.
“are you done with your work?”.
she asked.
“oh yes” I replied and select what I wanted to wear for the day,
I followed ngozi out.
We walked…
I remembered the past as we passed my father’s house.I couldn’t help but turn back,olamma was outside with a mirror a girl was plaiting her hair.
good thing,Onome wasn’t there.
My father watched me as I passed,
I don’t even think he knows it is Adeife again.He doesn’t even care if am alive or not…but he told me about my mothers death.
“good morning nna” I didn’t even know what prompted me to greet.
that was when he looked at me well.
ohhh what a pretty maiden you’re”
The queen of the moonlight,
painted,designed,moulded with the fair magic from fairness,a fairness that got it’s taste from the sun.
Enameled with grace,
bronzed in elegance,
eyes slainted pretty fully,
ohh my maiden,no one competes with you!!
he praises me as I passed. Olamma
hissed and went inside angrily.
“thank you sir” I replied.
I actually felt like crying.
“don’t tell me there is a father who doesn’t feel his own daughter presence”I faced ngozi with a pained expression.
“Are you going to tell him one day that you’re Adeife,his daughter?”
she asked.
“not when onome is still alive” I replied.
believe by adesola adeomowole
we got to ngozi’s house,
her mother wasn’t even around.
I brought out the percel as we entered fully.
she shouted in excitement and hugged me.
“you’re wealthy already” she said.
I shake my head.
“it was nkem who gave it to me” I said,she covered her mouth.
“are you sure this is not a trap”
she said my mind.
“I think so but he actually said it is from someone that loves me dearly-
can it be nkem?
can nkem even afford this” I asked.
“hmmm Nkem too has a source of income-but this is too expensive, even Princess Akuna can’t afford this. If this should come from someone then it should be prince Lotanna…he is damn wealthy” she said.
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I shake my head in disagreement.
“can’t be Lotanna,I saw him this morning,if this is from him,he would have given me by himself instead of a paper-
gosh is it …can it be true that Nkem is my destiny?.
Omalicha the bead seller told me that whosoever buys a waist accessory for you is really your heart beat”
I said..
“how can you believe omalicha,that crazy drunk… he might have said that might just because he wants to sell his beads” she said.
“myths and superstition are kind of real” I said.
Ngozi picked the paper I had squeezed and open it.
“I also don’t know how to read but I have an idea” she said.
“we might as well take this to “Old Nana” she is a nice woman who knows how to read and write 30 different languages” she said.
“ohh thank you” I said.
“anytime,ifedimma” she said.
“Adeife” I corrected.
she locked the gold chain on my waist,i was like Lotanna was with me when the pure gold touch my glittering skin…I would forever be grateful to Aunty Tracy for helping me with my cane marks. I made sure my wrapper covered it in other to avoid thieves.
she laughed.
I helped her in her house chores and changed into the clothes i had bought.
we headed to the market,since ngozj said she wants to buy some things and i also brought the money Tracy gave me last.We would branch old Nana’s place whenever we are returning..
firstly,we stopped at the cloth store.
I kept on buying for myself and ngozi.
Akuna’s p.o.v
I got mad for so many things,
and i still have to tell the queen her son has been ignoring me….
he took someone else for the unveiling and made me a laughing stock in front of my maids. .
Anyways am over that.
“Am done” I said and cat walked to where they are.
Princess Xara,princess shadia, princess adaobi and princess Amanda.
They were with their servants, I also came with mine.
“hope am not late?” I asked as I reached the place we meet at since we always go to the market together.
“you’re not only late” shadia said.
“gross…I just hope people won’t buy all the beautiful thing before we get there” Xara said.
“am sorry” I rolled my eyeballs.
there were many shortcuts,soon we got to the linked up market were traders from different kingdom usually come to trade their goods.
“I would like to see if my dream gold chain is on sale” I said.
“yeah me too,I also want that” shadia said…
“me three” Xara said.
we checked like twenty different stores,nothing like that was on sale.
“I guess this traders are poor” Xara said..
“Waoow,look at that dress” shadia pointed..
“it’s cool” I said..
“I think someone bought it” she said.
Xara cleared her throat.
“guess there is another pretty maiden,Akuna-
look at her,is she a mermaid…
why is her skin like that” Shadia said.
we all turned.
The face was was covered by some clothes hanging down since she is in a cloth store.
“she bought that dress,she must be expensive” Adaobi said.
I gwaked at her shape…..
“isn’t that the brand of gold chain we are looking for” Xara whispered.
“Gosh, it’s the original” shadia.
“Someone find out about her”
I said with a tingling of jealousy as i stared at those killer hips of hers.
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Updated: June 30, 2020 — 6:41 am
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Tida musa
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Abi sobai
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