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Believe. {Season 2}… Episode 6

# BELIEVE ……….
[I know,you won’t stay ] adesola adeomowole.m.
I shifted on the bed with full force after removing his head; a sigh followed as i heard sounds of thunder striking,I felt cold that moment,it’s really raining heavily outside….
so much cold. I didn’t even check myself,I checked Lotanna.
I signed again.
I would rather stay in the living room since Lotanna was busy with anger issues,he did not show me a room to stay.
I turned my back and wanted to leave,
he dragged my hand back..
my heart skipped.
so he wasn’t really sleeping, and Jeeeeeez he knew it was me!.
I struggled my hand without turning, he didn’t leave me.
I cleared my throat
then I turned.
Gosh, he was awake and even operating his gold laid phone.
our eyes locked,I shivered in lots of fears as I looked at where he was holding on my hand.
what is he holding……who am I?
sirrrrrrrrrrrrr?” I exclaimed.
he let go of my hand…I couldn’t even look into his eyes,am always scared but he derives pleasure in watching me like a movie.
“umm…sir…can you leave me” I said.
“if you leave,the pain will get much” he said.
I stayed quiet.
“would you still leave?” he asked.
I nodded persistently.
“I won’t… am born to take care of you as a maid,it’s really my destiny but I can sleep on the floor” I said, I even stood up.
“okay,I command you to sleep on the bed as the crown prince of your village” he said with full superiority, his brows was now looking so sharp and prominent,revealing the semi god in him.
but— I paused as our eyes locked again…
“Ifedimma,I don’t have any bad intentions.If I want to take your innocence, I would have done it since without much stress” he said.
I covered my mouth.
He stood up and left the room.
I sighed and went to the bed,laying carefully on one side.
He came inside again,he didn’t look at me..
he went to the other side of the bed, I got nervous to even turn back but the good thing was that the space between us was wide.
**Ifedimma, i don’t have any bad intentions.If I want to take your innocence,i would have done it since without much stress****.
I remembered what he said..
he even called me Ifedimma,so sweet of him.Ifedimma means a good thing.
So he sees me as something good!.
And he wasn’t actually sleeping when his head landed on my breast, when he lock my waist romantically, he must have done it on purpose,
and i stupidly left myself for him…
Lotanna what have you done to me, what exactly did you give me to eat?.
I always feel sweet each time you touch me or even speak with me…
even though it’s for a minute,
I always feel as thou those words are enough and I turned out crushing on you more than i originally planned.
I coughed holding my chest,a tear even dropped on my face as i remembered my mother.
“bless you” I heard him say.
“thank you sir” I replied but it still came out with tears.
“are you crying for real? Ifedimma what now?” he moved closer.
“nothing,my prince” I said and shut my eyes tightly.
“would you mind turning to face me….am tired of seeing your back view” I heard him say.
“no no…it’s nothing,I didn’t cry” I said
“you’re lying to me already,is that how you planned to treat your prince” he said.
finally I turned to look at him,
the space between us was still wide.
He carefully drop his phone and look into my face.
I pretended to have slept,I just wanted to test him…
All the guys and men I came across always make moves on me but Lotanna didn’t do anything.
I only felt him wiping my tears.
By the time I opened my eyes, he already slept.
I got off the bed and slept on the cold floor,staying on the same bed with him isn’t right!
what am I? how can he care for human like me?.
I slept on the floor like that and continue dreaming of my mother alone.
if you’re alive,why not show yourself to me….imagine all what I passed through, should I talk about the rape attempts,the violence,the abuse or the trafficking I had endured thinking and waiting all nights maybe you would come
they said you’re dead but they didn’t even show me your grave.. if you’re dead then tell me in my dreams that you’re dead,mother tell me you’re no more..stop appearing and leaving me alone in my dreams.
Just tell me so i could stop watching how the sun rise and set, just tell me so I would stop counting the stars alone
mother please!! even they can fool some of the people at some of the time,they can not always fool all of the people at all of the time,mother please this last time
I cried in my dream,
still I found her in my dream but she left me again in care of onome .
Lotanna’s p.o.v .
can’t believe I slept so soon,
I want to try watching Over Adeife like she used to do to me,I really wish I can tell her how i feel about her right now but I still got holes to fix cos I don’t want to lose again.
the more I get close to you,the more I wish i can expose you to the world of wealth where i can show you to the world,and spoil you with money till it will have no value.
shall I say,only you stays in my heart without paying any goddam rent?
I turned sideways on the bed,she wasn’t there, I stood up and she was on the floor.
gosh,in this cold weather.
did she roll off herself or slept there intentionally?.
I lifted her up from the floor,
then I kept her on my pillow.
She shivered with cold,the white top she wore wasn’t really thick.
I opened my closet and brought out a white sweater,I removed the seal and took it to her on the bed.
You always take care of me,
one day,I will spoil you with all what you desire…..
that same day,I will tell you how I feel about us,thanks for being someone my heart could breath with,I hope you won’t run away if I tell you I love you…
“I love you”she said in sleep..
I smiled…”I love you too” I said, she was still fast asleep. I wore her the sweater and tucked her in.
I didn’t even ask Tracy about her history.I turned on my phone and called Tracy,she picked on the first ring…
“Did I tell you have found the Ife girl?” I asked.
“no,you didn’t”she said.
“she’s that same girl you bought as maid” I said.
“then you are going to return the money I used in buying her” she said.
“that’s not really the problem, I know you like money…I will return it in ten folds so that you will leave her for me” I said.
“ohh yeah,isn’t my brother a multi billionaire.You still have my account number right? abeg do it this night”
she said.
“okay,am doing it” I said and took my other phone.
“does she have problems,why will someone like her be sold.It’s uncultured” I said.
she signed.
“her step mother is dangerous… if you see what she turned her into, holy crap..I don’t even want to remember her pasts,it makes me cry. It’s so deep,she had gone through hell and fire” she said.
I did the transactions.
“Yeah,thanks I saw the alert…but please mother can’t find out you love a maid for now…you know she cares a lot about our reputations” she said.
“I will handle it” I replied.
she ended the call.
Adeife suddenly moved into me and hugged me,she was still crying while sleeping.
I wiped her tears and shifted her body. I covered her well and covered myself also.
I checked her palms,
the crown identification was still there..
believe,do not give up
I love you all
Adeife’s p.o.v
I woke up and met myself on prince Lotanna’s bed,I still wiped my face.
was I dreaming?
it was certain i slept on the floor,
how did I get here?.
Did he carry me???
next my hands went to my breast, it was pointy like it was before..
then I touched my panties,
no stain of blood.
nothing really happened then!.
but when did I even start getting immoral in my thoughts that the prince will make moves on me…
Aaaah,am such a dirty girl.
He must prefer classic city girls like the likes of Belinda and Benedicta.
I stood up from the bed,the person that will take me back to the village will arrive soon.
A knock came in the door.
that is not Lotanna right???
I moved closer to answer it,there stood a young lady of my age but she was in a maid uniform.
“good morning ma’am” I almost bowed…
“your order are in the living room, come let me help you get ready” she said and I followed her quietly.
she took me to another room where I bathe,I came out of the washroom tying the towel she gave me.
she came in again and dropped clothes for me.
did Lotanna did all these for me???
*ifedimma,a good thing*
I remember the name he had called me…
“excuse me,did you use any artificial body developer” the maid asked.
“no” I said since I don’t know what it means.
“then you’re lucky then” she said.
“thanks you ma’am” I said courteously like I understood her points.
“You’re pretty…Lotanna is he your boyfriend?” she asked.
“no,am his escort” I said.
“ohhh i see the reason why you’re crazily set” she said.
“I would leave,the car is waiting outside” I said.
*okay,I already packed your food and your stuffs are in the car” she said.
I went out and got into the car.
the driver drove out…
what is these?? I opened one of the plates,I covered it back.
I opened another…just fried plantains and egg,I started eating.
soon we arrived at a juncture where Aunty Tracy joined in.
I greeted her with respect,she replied with a smile.
ohhh my dear helper,
you’re too kind for that beast you called an husband.
I wish I can tell you but, it won’t be from my mouth.
we entered the village late in the evening. I felt stressed out as the driver drove into the palace..
where will i even keep what Lotanna bought for me.
the guards packed aunty Tracy things,I packed mine into the maids quarter.
Ebere was the first person to jump on me,she hugged me so tightly shouting she missed me.
chioma hissed while dumebi rolled her eyeballs..
ebere joined me in packing my stuffs, I didn’t know when she opened one of the nylons.
“Ife isn’t this a phone…?” she questioned.
I turned back.
“where did you see it?” I asked.
I saw the desires in chioma and dumebi’s eyes.
“who owns it???” Vicky said and rushed to touch it..
“who bought it for you” ebere asked.
I swallowed into nothing and collected it from her politely I kept it in the nylon she removed it and tied it back, then I kept it carefully in my belongings.
I really miss ngozi and am promising to share all what Lotanna bought for me with her.
“gist me,how does the city look like? did aunty Tracy bought all of this for you?” Chiamanda who doesn’t always speak to me asked.
I shook my head negatively.
“then who?” dumebi asked.
“why do you want to know” I shut her out..
“gosh,you’re now proud just because you’ve turned beautiful.I know you would have gotten a husband in the city,tell me is he a good catch” dumebi asked further.
“that’s none of your business, if you want the phone tell me I will give it out to you…not like I know how to operate it” I shut them all out.
“Gosh, you’ve suddenly gone proud!
dumebi said.
“why not? why won’t I go pride?
why are you trying to be my friend now? why are you talking to me like you care….it’s obvious you’re jealous of me,you’ve not even see anything at all…you know what;
first to do no dey pain,
na second to do dey pain wella wet eye go red..” I replied making sure I shut chioma and dumebi out.
“am sorry,okay” chioma said.
“I forgive you” I replied..
dumebi hissed.
“see as your neck stiff like ostrich, ntooor” I peppered her,the other girls laughed,most especially ngozi.
I so much missed her.
I better see her now that am back..
there’s no work to do,
I quickly left to her house and met her mother instead.
“my dear,she just left for the stream” she said.
“okay ma’am” I replied and rush off to the stream.
I met her washing clothes.
“ngozi” I called as i clapped.
no one was at the stream so I showed myself and went to her.
We hugged..
soon,I joined her in washing when i remembered the start where she usually help me, only her knows my birthday.
“I missed you so much, I just realized the usefulness of her friendship in this two days that I traveled” I said.
she smiled and poured me water.
“so how was it” she asked.
“good and bad”
“which one should I say first?”
I asked…
“okay,the bad one first” she said.
“you see aunty Tracy husband; uncle desmond–
I paused my statement when someone clapped.
that wicked clap;
I raise my head,it was onome in her devilish grin
omg,what’s she doing here
Ngozi and I turned.

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