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Believe. {Season 2}… Episode 8

# BELIEVE ……….
[I know,you won’t stay ] adesola adeomowole.m.
i tapped my feet on the floor,
nkem regained himself like that.He has been staring at me for so long without saying anything;was he lost?
“sir,what’s happening… you have been staring at me without saying anything,did you call me here for staring” I said.
He took his lips in and slam his forehead.
I got confused like did he forget what he wanted to say.
“can I go?”,I asked.
“Adeife” he called my name.
“sirrrr??” I answered.
“I don’t really know how to say this but i…think-
he paused when he heard approaching footsteps.
I didn’t wait,I ran.
Finally i got to the maids quarter, I changed my wet cloth into something more comfortable. Ngozi did well in wetting me with water.
I sighed when i saw ngozi on my bed. how did she get in; so she will spend the night with me.I layed quietly beside her and look the sky through the window, she was also staring at the window.
“if you have a wish,what will you ask for?” she asked.
I smiled.”my mother of course.I would love to know if she is dead or alive,at least i should know if there is hope to believe” I said.
she smiled and hugged me next she kept her legs on mine.
“crazy” I said.
I smiled perfunctorily and bashed my lashes.
“I have always wanted to ask you this question” I said.
“ask away” she replied.
“how will you know if i guy loves you for who you are and not for your body type” I asked.
she laughed like stupidly.
“I’m serious,okay” I said.
“did Lotanna ask you out already?”
she asked.
I smiled. “in my dreams”.
“Ifedimma,that’s a nice name.
I think Lotanna loves you but he doesn’t want to say it yet…you slept on the same bed and he didn’t make attempts, I mean what’s holding him down,your body is so tempting”
she said.
I hit her forehead.”that’s because he has self control.You made me remembered when he said
“Ifedimma I don’t have any bad intentions,if I want to take your innocence i would have done it since without much stress”
I told ngozi.
“Yeah,he loves you” she said.
“that wasn’t what i asked you” I said.
“To your question,I don’t really know about love but I will advise you not to accept spoken love rather accept proven love” she said.
“Spoken love,proven love” I said.
she rolled into me and hugged me.
believe,by adesola adeomowole…..
Nkem’s p.o.v
what really happened just now? not like it’s my first time asking a girl out.
I strolled around,
am I really okay?
“sir!!! a maid bowed as she passed.
“hey,hi” I said and made my way out of the palace.
“it’s late outside,what if I follow you?” Ikechukwu,the head guard said.
I nodded and gestured him.
He joined me,although no words.
I approached the priest house where am headed to.Ike waited outside,I moved in and waited patiently for the priest who later appeared with stripes of red on.
The paintings on his body looks so unusual,even the shrine was scary.
“what brought you here today,my son? he asked.
“what happened to me,why can’t I ask Adeife out,I always feel like my throat is being held each time I try saying three sweet words “I love you” at times,her presence make me lost my brain sometimes my senses..
imagine” I said.
“well,it’s because you’re not her destiny.Although you both existed two thousand years ago,in that year she was the king, she had her king and you are just a mere warrior who is meant to protect her-
And in this life that you exist in, you still remain her warrior,it’s left for you if you want to switch destiny so that you can be her real love-
If you switch destiny, stunning fortuned that surpass all other fortunes will only be for you for her ancestors are creator of wealth”
he explained.
I puffed out air.
“Will you change destiny- it doesn’t cost much just ten cowries” he said.
I still puffed out air.
“so who is her destiny?” I asked.
“your mother’s son” he replied.
“my mother’s son- my mother died a long time ago” I said and he laughed.
“your mother died truly and the queen raise you up,she is still your mother or has she ever treated you as a maid?..
One of her sons is Ife destiny” he said.
“like I knew it” I seethed icily.
“Lotanna right” I called his name.
thunder struck the moment I mentioned his name then a deep cold sensation followed.
the only three lanterns in the shrine went off.i could perceive his scent even though he wasn’t there.
“is he the one….Lotanna?” I called his name again,a calabash that was hanhing fell and shattered.
“what type of sign is this? three lights going off at the same time,this had never happened” the priest said.
The cold sensation returned in full, excessively.
soon rain started falling.
I left the priest shrine and met Mike who was waiting outside.
“sir what happened?” he asked.
“you can go,I want to be alone” I said,he still followed me.
We arrived to the palace,I went straight to the wide grass field and lay on it,ike sighed and sat.
***Attached to it is a stunning fortune that surpass all fortunes the fortune can only be for you if you change destiny***
I remembered what the soothsayer had said.
“should I still switch destiny?” I asked,aloud.
I had even forgotten ike was with me.
“sir….what destiny” he said.
I brushed my fingers into my hair.
what have i even achieved?..
yes wealth is certain,I have my source of income but have I achieved something greater?.
“is it aunty Tracy’s maid” like akef while playing stone game like a kid.
“yes,I like her” I said.
“she’s not only beautiful,she have an heart of gold” ike said.
I looked at him.
“you know her” I said.
“well,everyone knows her” he replied.
I look into the sky.
“are you sure it is not lust? did you tell her you love her?” he asked.
“but the priest said she is not my destiny and he said I can switch destiny,switching destiny is the only way I can achieve stunning fortunes”
I said.
“so will you change destiny?” he asked…
“I will and I will not.Yes am a selfish person,am jealous and am a playboy.
I actually started falling for her the day I knew she wasn’t ugly, I started loving her unconditionally the day I knew she was under a spell by her step mother…
And the first day I called her to tell me story, she was so emotional but to be sincere what drew me closer was her shape….I noticed she likes Lotanna and that was why I wanted her to fall for me.
Don’t say am not good,the truth is that there is no hope of her being with Lotanna…. For now Jidenna traveled,if he returns there would be fight for kingship. Virtuely if Lotanna becomes the king which is very certain,where is the queen?.
who will be the future queen…is it Adeife that has no lineage,a girl her own father disowned her… I know the queen very well,she is after reputation so she won’t even agree to Lotanna and Ife affairs.
But truthfully,she deserves Lotanna and Lotanna deserves her.He is the only one that can give her the reason to believe in all that can be.
Lotanna will care enough and most importantly he is extremely smart..
we ain’t close but we are close in our ways,we rarely talk to each other but I always see the way he does his things- Even Tracy doesn’t have a saying where ever Lotanna stands.
Do you know what the king said before he died-…
“please tell me” ike said.
when the king was dying,he said “Lotanna you’re someone who doesn’t fight but always win …
Ike sighed.
Adeife Adeife,my love for you is punishment, I don’t deserve you, the only reason I picked interest in you was because I knew you ain’t actually ugly.
The last reason why I won’t want to switch destiny is because of the “queen”. Even when my mother died, she had done well in bringing me up as her own son, for good twenty years I always think she was my mother…I wouldn’t have known, it was my grandfather that told me..
now what will be my gain if I should switch what really belongs to her son to mine .
She never for once treated me bad, when did I even think of my mother?
the queen stood talk for me,she was always there…
Again for her sake,I won’t switch destiny .
“but the queen doesn’t like poor’s there are limitations…she won’t take it lightly if she hears that her son the crowned prince is in love with a maid” ike says.
“and now that you’ve known,do not tell anybody” I said.
“you can leave” I said.
he bowed and left.
I also stood up and approached the backyard.
I saw him(Lotanna) his back view,
I think he just returned.
He turned,our eyes met and I felt that cold sensation again,all what happened at the priest place replayed in my memory–
is this some sort of magic?.
Soon,he looked away and catwalked so amazingly to where he packed one of his car.
Lotanna this is how much i sacrificed for your happiness,on this fight of love I give up
but I won’t hesitate to take Ife back if you hurt her..
I still continued standing,he approached the more he drew nearer the more I recollect what happened when I had called his name at the priest place.
“Hey,hi” he finally stopped.
his looks were soft and charming.
“are you here at all?” he snapped, everything went back to normal.
“Hi” I said and stretch fort my hand, he took it and shake me.
He took his lips in and tuck both hands into pocket,his looks were now so authoritative.
“Nkem right” he said.
“you remembered my name” I said.
Amarachi approached,she is also someone the queen brought up.
“amarachi you can stay back in the car,am not taking long” he said and turned to face me back.
“you remembered the day I asked you for that waist bead stuff?”
he asked and looked me like he was reading my mind.
“oh yes,I remembered” I said.
“I was in a doubt to see your tactics but nevertheless-
he paused and looked around.
“I know you know her,every smart person would knew and am not fighting you because you lied to me-
Just do me this favour by giving this to her” he said and brought out the rarest gold waist bead,
exactly the type Akuna will die to have..
It costs a lot and it’s every girls dream.
“will you help me give her this?” he said.I smiled and wanted to collect it.
“who is the her? do you love another girl?who is she?” we heard voices.
jeeez,no one should know now.
Lotanna and I turned,there stood the queen staring at the gold entity,
just the gold entity.
“ohhh fuck” Lotanna muttered.
“well ..i…i…no…we…it belongs to my friend friend friend sister….” I started saying.
gosh what am I even saying?.

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