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Believe. {Season 2}… Episode 9

# Believe ………….
[I know,you won’t stay ] .
settings;nigerian-drama .
i ran my fingers into my hair; I really made a fool of myself.
the queen stared at the gold waist chain.
“you bought thid for a female” she said as she faced lotanna.
Lotanna kept mute,it is really clear he doesn’t know how to lie.
the queen faced me.
she cleared her throat,
then took the gold chain from lotanna.
“who owns this?” she asked.
none of us answered.
“nkem can’t you speak” she said.
it’s for…I paused no lie was coming that moment so i resulted to keeping quiet since I already said gibberish in the first instance.
There was silence which piss the queen off.
“Lotanna are you here at all” she said
“well am sure am not in my room”
Lotanna replied..
The queen bashed her lashes at his reply..
“mom what’s all this monitoring spirits all about..can’t I just get that for someone-
this is getting annoying already”
he replied icily with a deaminor of superiority.
I can’t even explain how he collected the chain back.
hmmmm is this what father meant by “he is someone who doesn’t always fight but wins ..
“But- is it for Akuna” the queen said.
Lotanna turned to me smartly.
“kindly deliver it to Amarachi” he said
I smiled and took it.
“which Amarachi?” the queen asked.
“isn’t that the name of my coaster sister” he replied.
“you know the Amarachi am talking about right-
he faced me,then left.
“ohh yes” I nodded,I just understand the code.
“smart guy” I muttered under my breath.
“did you just say something” the queen turned to me.
“ohh no” I said and left.
I turned,the queen was also leaving.
Next day
Adeife’s p.o.v
that morning was cool as I was the first person to wake up. I sighed as I remember my dream of mom,I always see her image in my sleep but at the end she always leave me alone.Each time I want to take her hand,onome and olamma always push me into a pit.
Aaah Adeife you life is pathetic.
Ngozi rolled into me,
I tapped her she still rolled.
“is it morning already?” she asked.
“no, afternoon” I said.
“Jesus!! she shouted and sprang up.
Her hands went to her chest when she saw that it was just morning.
“I don’t think she would have arrived” she said
“but I thought you said she will come in the morning” I said.
“yeah,not like now” she replied.
I fell into the space beside her and tried not to remember my crazy nightmare.
“did yih forget your savings with old Nana?” she asked.
“no,I haven’t” I replied.
“don’t you think its high time you should collect your savings, I don’t trust onome she might withdraw your two years hard work” she said.
“Onome doesn’t know I save there” I replied while getting off the bed. i really want to do my work so fast so I can use my resting time to follow ngozi out.
I walked yo dumebi and tap her since she is the one in charge of sharing duties ever since Mrs okafor traveled.
“who is that disturbing my pleasant sleep?” she asked,harshly.
I rolled my eyeballs and taped her again,she still rolled.
“who is that classless person interrupting my sleep?” she said.
Ngozi seethed and sat well to watch drama.She knew dumebi is saying those words intentionally.
“dumebi” I called as I tap her again.
“who is that tramp disturbing-
“And who is that unwanted product without a birth certificate sleeping by this time of the day” ngozi shouted.
dumebi did not only wake up,
she stood up.
The other girls turned back to look at ngozi.
“Did you just say that to me?” dumebi asked furiously.
“Are you the only one sleeping by this time of the day” ngozi shut her.
dumebi reframed herself.
“gosh different people with different character…Adeife I wonder how you’re coping with the trash here” ngozi said.
“Did you just call me trash?and besides what are you doing here,do you work here” dumebi shouted.
“either I work here or not is none of your business,you can ask you grandmother that…
And when i said the trash,I didn’t mention anybody name,
now that you think you’re the one,
it’s a good thing you know the truth about yourself” ngozi said.
“that’s too much” ebere covered her mouth.
I cleared my throat and scratch the back of my neck.
“umm dumebi do I have any work this morning?” I asked,perfunctorily.
“how can Mrs okafor put an idiot in charge of sharing works..”
ngozi laughed,the other girls also laughed.
I covered my mouth to prevent myself from laughing.
Dumebi’s expression was just so pained.
“Ngozi please okay” I said.
“let me insult her biko,she was the one who started first she called you two different names this early morning “classless and tramp”…
she derives pleasure in taking other people’s happiness…
who knows if that’s the reason she is not tall…” ngozi mocked.
The other girls laughed like crazily.
dumebi went out angrily.
“shall we go now,I don’t think you have any work this morning”she said
“I’m coming” I said and went outside.
Dumebi wasn’t there,
I met with the other girls;Ebere, Vicky Rhoda and chioma.
“Ife you’re sweeping the garden”
Ebere said.
I left and picked a broom,packer and a watery can.
I got to the garden,it was so quiet.
I started sweeping and I remembered what transpired between nkem and I yesterday night,he sounded as if he wanted to ask me out.
I swept,the smokes made look dirty.
“my prince you can’t go there, a maid is there” I heard chidi saying.
my heart first heated up.
Should be Lotanna, I heard Jedinna isn’t around,he traveled and will soon return but he is not yet back.
hmmm what does Lotanna wants here?? this place is still not clean enough.
I heard his approaching footstep, I look at myself.
I first dust my cloth,it wasn’t working.
I dropped my broom and hurried away with the can.
He must not see me like this.
I stayed long in the place I went to fill the can. I breathed out,He must have left.
I concluded as I didn’t check well,
ohh my goodness
he was still there,
and he turned the moment I entered the garden.
Looks like he is waiting for someone.
I checked around,
no one was near then who can he be waiting for?
Our eyes locked, I admire his dress sense; was I high?.
did I forgot I got dirty too?.
I hastily covered my face; and where are my manners.
“good morning my prince” I bowef and still covered my face as I passed.
I wish I could turn back to look at him again.
“Should I leave if you will keep covering your face?” he said.
I already got to where my broom was
is he talking to me-
I hurriedly and uncovered my face.
Aaah,he must be joking!.
“I might leave if you keep turning your back against me” I heard him say….
I turned to him..but is it me?.
“is it me? as in me? are you talking
to me? do you mean me? remember a maid, we must not be seen together” I rushed words.
I couldn’t even look through his face is this guy really human?
gosh,he is too ethereal to be one.
“sir is it me?” I asked.
“is there anyone here except you and I?” he asked.
I stayed quiet and looked around, no one was around-
so it’s definitely me!
but what if–
“sir,am here” I walk to him and bowed
he stared at me codedly,I got carried away by lots of sweetness.
he wanted to talk,we both heard approaching footstep.
someone is really coming
we mustn’t be seen together,I almost fell out of fear, he caught my waist with just one hand..
I got carried away so easily.
finally I stood well.
the footsteps still approached.
I couldn’t say what he wanted to say, instead he slip something into my hand and left.
I hastily return to my position and pick a broom.
I checked my hand, it was a paper..
he wrote something inside…
is this what you want to tell me?
or do you want to throw it away?
I wish I could read and write. I stared at the writings but didn’t understand a single thing.
I continue sweeping,finally chioma showed up.
she cleared her throat in an annoying manner and joined me in sweeping.
We swept the dirt together, I took the packer.The paper fell on the packer, I didn’t notice it until chioma picked it up.
“what paper is this,Ife?

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