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The kiss… Episode 91

{That changed everything ✓
“When am I going to see Nervisa?” I asked as I tried to fasten my belt.
“I might drop you off at your house when we return so we’d pass by at my aunt’s.”
“Okay.” I fastened my belt and turned to him with a large grin.
“What?” He raised his brows and wrapped his arms around my shoulders.
“I’m just happy”
“We’re traveling and that I’m going to watch you do something you love.”
He kissed the side of my head and chuckled.
“You’re excited about my upcoming defeat huh?”
“Positive. And why would I do that?” I looked up at him and he licked his lips and shrugged
I gulped, unfasten my belt and nuzzled into him with my head on his chest and my arms wrapped around him.
I held him tighter as the plane took off and memories of our crash years ago replayed before my eyes.
I never thought I’d feel this way. I thought I was over it and now it seems I am now aerophobic..
“Are you okay?”
“Not really. Just hold me. Please.” I beg as tears pulled in my eyes.
He cursed, held me tighter, and muttered sorry.
It didn’t help, I was shaking.
He cursed again and carried me on his lap.
“This should do. A distraction.” He whispered and I wanted to look at him but I can’t. I’m scared to open my eyes.
He raised my chin and the next, I felt his lips take mine in a slow passionate seductive kiss but it was comforting.
I roped my hands around his neck and settled in for the kiss. I’m aware that we weren’t on the plane alone but I can’t help it. I need this, this distraction.
He rubbed my back in slow circles and it calmed my nerves, reducing my anxiety.
After what seems like forever we pulled back to catch some air before he returned to kissing me.
I feel my anxiety melt and replace with desire as a fire begin to lit among us. I resisted the urge to rock on him as his lips traveled down my neck, sucking and nibbling gently. His lip ring pressed tightly on me, sending waves inside me and I moaned absently.
My eyes flutter open and I snap back to reality.
“You two should have some decency and use the restroom.” A man hissed.
“Fuck off!” Novan snapped.
I buried my face in his arms to hide my face. I breathed in his sweet scent and closed my eyes.
“Don’t cuss at me you punk.” The man fired.
I knew he’d retort so I squeezed his sides to stop him but he didn’t listen.
“Only If you had mind your fucking business. How’s kissing my girlfriend turned your damn problem, dildo?.”
“How did you manage to get a girlfriend with this? I mean look at you. Who wants you?”
Okay, this is getting out of hand and we’re in a damn plane. They’re both causing a scene and somehow the man just involved me.
I looked up to meet the person and his eyes widened while mine twitched in anger.
“Mr. Daxton, he’s my boyfriend and of course I want him. Don’t you think you should mind your business or I should call someone to replace you?”
“No ma’am. I’m sorry” He looked away.
I smiled apologetically at those looking at us before burying my face back in his chest. He caressed my hair silently.
If he had protested then I wouldn’t have wasted time in firing him and I’m not going to ask permission from my dad. How dare him talk to my man like that? I’d fight anybody who dares that regardless of age and I’d put them in their place.
“I got a sassy girlfriend. Do you love me that much?”
“A lot.”
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah. I’m better.”
“I think we should make use of Daxton’s advice. The restroom.” I feel him smirk and I bite him through his shirt.
He winced and tickled my sides. I jolt and giggled.
“Thanks.” He whispered and embraced me. “Sleep, Dolly.”
He patted my back and I snuggled into his warmth.
“What are you thanking me for?”
“For everything.”
“Well, for accepting me together with my bullshit, being there for me and even fighting people for me. It’s too much and I really appreciate it. I know I am a lot.”
“What else can I do? If anyone talks bullshit to you, it hurts me also. I can’t stand anyone disrespecting you. Be it my parents but I won’t tolerate it. ”
“What did I do to deserve this? ” He traced his hand down my spine.
“You loved me and still do right?”
“Very much but that’s not enough.”
“I was happy before I met you Novan but now I am alive, it’s not the same. I love you and I’d do absolutely anything for you if it is in my power.”
“I’m lucky to have you, you make me happy also. I loved you for ages and now we’re together. It’s a dream come true and I will continue to love and cherish you forever. Don’t mind me if I get angry, possessive, and all jealous… it’s just that, I’ve dreamt of this day so much and it’s happening..I can’t let it slip away. I can’t see you with anyone else except me. I’m crazy about you Miss Dominguez.” He kissed my hair and pulled me closer to his build.
His words melt my heart and I feel as if I love him more now.
“I love you, Mr. Anderson.”
“Thank you miss Dominguez.”
I closed my eyes with a smile.
I feel her smile and shut her eyes. I leaned and kissed the top of her eyes and her smile widened. I adore her. She’s everything for me and she loves me just as much.
Right now, I think I’m the luckiest guy alive to have her. She’s all mine and I’d try hard not to fuck it up. I’m scared I’d ruin this thing between us…God let it not happen.
No matter what, I don’t want to ever part ways with her. She’s my everything, when I lose her I’d lose myself. She’s my only shot at happiness since my fucked up parents split and left Nervisa and me to our fate and only threw bucks at us. Fuck, who I said I need their money?
They’re rich but richness doesn’t move me and it doesn’t matter. I hate them and including rich people. They fucking think money is everything and keep throwing it.
My eyes darted to the one girl who had stolen my heart and refused to give it back. I don’t even want it, it’s all hers. She can do whatever she wants with it but she shouldn’t ever return it. I don’t want it.
She takes all this madness inside me and still loves me for it. Who would do that?
She looked like a goddess as she sleeps quietly in my arms. Her lashes were so long and full. Her full lips part slightly as she breathed quietly. She’s a beauty even in sleep and she’s all mine. I can’t even believe that she’s my girl..for real.
I watched her sleep quietly the entire flight until the plane landed. She was still sleeping so I carried her and got down.
It was so cold outside and I clenched my jaw.
I called the valet and he came for our luggage.
I walked to the Lexus I hired and got in gently with her so as not to wake her.
She’s crazy. I didn’t want to go through this competition. I’m happy with my work and I get good pay. I need the medal though but I guess I just don’t want to be defeated. I hate defeat and if that happens..hmm. I will put in my best. She has too much faith in me and I’d let her down if I don’t do my best.
We arrived at the hotel and I took the car keys including the room I told the valet to book and thanked him. Our room has already been booked so I just took the elevator and to our floor.
I inserted the key and turned it. I got in and the room was exactly what I wanted, her taste. Our luggage was brought in and the man left.
I closed the door with my foot and turned the keys again and locked it. I gasped when she almost slipped from my arms. God. She’s the apple of her parent’s eyes. They’d kill me if anything should happen to their darling daughter. Not like her mother likes me. She’s definitely gonna make a huge case for me.
I strolled into the bedroom and laid her on the bed.
I turned to pick our luggage and her hand dragged me back.
I looked at her and she was smiling with eyes still closed. Was she not sleeping?
“Are you awake?”
“Woke up some time ago but I was enjoying being in your arms. I felt like a baby.”
I shook my head and sat beside her.
“You’re my baby.”
“You didn’t show me how much you missed me Novie. Why not do it now.?”
I let out a sharp breath and stared at her gorgeous form.
“Look at me.” I rubbed her cheeks and slowly her beautiful brown eyes opened and stared into mine.
“What do you want us to do? What can I do?” I whispered.
“Touch me.”
My eyes closed and I sucked in a breath. She didn’t say that.
“At your service.” I leaned and claimed her lips, devouring it. I can’t deny her even if I wanted to.
I hovered above her like a predator and she fumbled to take my shirt off.

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