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The kiss… Episode 92

{That changed everything ✓
You know that feeling you get when you have something to do? That tension and anxiety that build in your stomach that you can’t even eat or sleep, that’s what I am feeling right now. I picked my phone and stared at the screen. It’s 5 am and I need to move to the venue soon. I turned to my side and saw Mariana sleeping peacefully. I chuckled when I remembered last night.
She tried to give me a handjob but she wouldn’t stop flushing and blushing and later burst into laughter out of nervousness. She was extremely shy and nervous and could not even touch me like how she was supposed to. When she first saw me, her eyes almost fell out of their sockets. I bet she hasn’t seen a dick before.
I swear, she’s the most innocent and purest girl I ever met. Sometimes her lack of experience and innocence throws me off a bit but I like it. I like that I am the only one who ever made her cum and touched her.
I ended up teaching her how to and being the quick learner, she mastered it and even made me cum.
With time she’d grow used to everything involving sex and I can’t wait for that day.
I got up quietly and went to the washroom. I leaned my arms on the cold wall and let the warm water run on my form.
I can’t believe am doing this. That I’m partaking. I pray am not chosen as a commis assistant. I will fuckin quit if that should happen.
I felt a soft body pressed to my back then hands hugged me from the back. I could feel her tight tits. God, looks she’s naked.
Her tongue moved skillfully on my back and I shudder slightly. Where did she get this bravery from?
I held her hands and turned to her. My eyes raked her form slowly. She was wearing my shirt and it clung on her like a second skin. Her dark hair was wet. Steam formed on her perfectly toned tan skin. Damn, she’s beautiful.
“You should go back to sleep..”
“No. Let’s take a shower together.”
“You’re aware we are not on our honeymoon right?” I joked.
“Yeah, but we can act like one.”
“That means you want me to fuck you?”
Her eyes widen and she flushed. She turned to leave and I dragged her back. My hands went to the shirt and I pulled it up her head.
The water was still raining on us endlessly and I took the soap and lathered her, making sure to touch every curve and memorize it. Her ass is firm and round, same as her full boobs which were also firm and perky with pink nipples. Her waist is tiny and her hips wide, making a model-like figure. She’s endowed perfectly. Charming facial, great body, and a big heart. She has it all.
I bend below her and took in the sight of her sex. I exhaled sharply. It won’t be bad to taste her right now. Will it? I looked up at her and her eyes were closed. I turned the faucet and watched the water rinse her perfect body. I part her legs and before I realized, I slide a finger into her and she gasped. God, she’s wet. I pumped in and out of her and she moaned crazily. I love that sound.
“Oh Novan..” her hands dig into my scalp and she tugged on my hair. I love that too.
I raised one of her legs to my shoulder and dipped my head beneath her. She held on tightly to my hair as I began to work my magic on her.
She moaned as I eat her thoroughly. I added a finger and her moans get louder. I feel my member sprang and begin to go rock hard.
I ended up making her cum twice before we left the washroom.
“So are you the only one who’s going to prepare today’s task?” She asked as she rummaged through her bag for something to wear.
I should’ve unpacked it last night but instead, I was busy teaching her handjobs.
“Yeah, for today. If I am able to pass this task, I will either be selected as the main chef or an assistant commis for the finals at national and the real Bocuse D’or.”
“You’d be a senior chef.” She encouraged and took her undies with her into the bathroom to change.
I watch her scurry into the washroom with the towel tied loosely around her.
She’s shy even after everything. What is there to hide anyway, I’ve seen it all.
I stared at my image in the mirror and brushed my hair back. My lips curled up at my image. I look horrible and ugly. What does she see in me? And what do I have that she doesn’t have as in wealth? She’s got it all and she can basically afford anything. I can only love her.
I wish to spoil her but I end up holding back, girl is wealthy. What do I do? I haven’t even gifted her anything yet. Should I get her a Ferrari? Damn, she can buy ten of that.
A house? No. Her father has a lot of mansions around.
Okay. I can get her beautiful bracelet, anklet, or a necklace with a quote or her name engraved in it.
Damm! Her mum is a fuckin jeweler and her grandfather owns a gold mine.
She already has a lot of diamonds and golds. Mine won’t make a difference.
Maybe I should buy her a luxury yacht or a jet. I laughed. That shit is going to drain my pocket.
She has almost all that I mentioned and she can get it now if she wants to. I want to get her something she doesn’t have and can never afford except me. That thing should be special and one of a kind.
“What are you thinking of?” She walked in fully dressed and I drooled shamelessly.
“No… nothing” I stuttered.
“Nothing? Come on, tell me.” She sat and began to curl her hair.
“I was thinking about you.”
“Really? Why? Did I do something?”
“No.” I chuckled. “I was thinking of what to get you. A gift but it seems you have everything.”
“Just don’t stop loving me and never betray me. That’s the best gift I can ever get. Don’t hurt me in any way too.”
“Is that all you want?”
“You already have it. I won’t stop loving you anytime soon Riana. Say something you don’t have and can’t afford.”
She went quiet for a moment before shaking her head. “I can’t think of anything Novan.”
That’s it. My girl seems to have everything but I’m sure there’s something.
I stared at her through the mirror and she was blushing profusely.
“What is going on in that mind of your girlfriend?”
“You… I mean..well.” she blushed harder and covered her face.
“What is it?” I asked.
“I was thinking haven’ disvirgin me yet.” She said in a rush and got up.
Oh, God!
“You want me to pop your cherry?” I bit the inside of my cheeks to stop myself from laughing at her. How ridiculous. Of course, I want to fuck her but that’s not something I should give her. It’s stupid. I even feel like I don’t deserve that yet.
“Don’t laugh at me Novan.”
“I’m not. I’m not.” I cleared my throat.
“I told you that once it’s done, it’s done. It can’t be undone so you have to think carefully before.”
“What is there to think about? Don’t you love me?” She asked.
“Of course I do.” Sex is a huge step and I don’t want her to ever regret it after we’ve done it.
“So then?”
“Have you thought of it?”
“Yeah, I think have.” She replied.
“Say it next time again and you’d get laid.”
She stared at me seductively with dilated pupils then took a step towards me.
“Let’s do it.” She whispered into my ear and ran his hand on my bare chest boldly.
“What are you? A temptress or seductress? You’re not planning to make me miss the competition are you?” I grabbed her waist and pulled her to my build.
I raised her chin and kissed her as if my entire existence depended on it.
“You will be the death of me Mariana,” I whispered and grabbed her ass under the dress she was wearing. My hand slipped into her panties and I rubbed my finger on her slit. I pushed my hand inside and damn, she was wet.
“Are you sure about this?” I whispered against her lips.
She nodded shyly with a pout.
Must she pout?
It took every self-control in me not to throw her onto the bed and undress her then fuck her good.
“I’m getting late.” I smoothed her dress and stepped back. ” It doesn’t mean I won’t forfeit everything next time if you go all seductive on me. It’s just for today.”
She smiled and got my black dress shirt for me then helped me put it on.
“Are you going to wear a suit?” She asked when she finished the last button.
“The fuck! Have you seen me in those heavy ridiculous clothes before? I wish I can wear my shirts but it would have been appropriate.”
I looked down at the shirt and she left two buttons unbuttoned.
I wanted to button it but stopped. Maybe that’s what she likes. I personally don’t like people staring at me for long and that’s why I detest being around people.
She touched up on her simple makeup and took her bag.
I got the car key and strolled out of the bedroom.
“Novan you haven’t put on a belt and what’s this? Won’t you tuck in?”
I looked down at my dressing and cringed. I wore tailored trousers and a dress shirt.
What is even wrong with me? I should wear my usuals.
I rolled my eyes. “Let’s go. You know how I hate to put those things on. Don’t I look presentable like this?” I whined and stormed back into the bedroom. She chuckled and followed behind.
“I think you should also wear something casual,” I said and got a fresh t-shirt out and my jeans.
I stripped and got into my usual wears. It’s only fools who enslave themselves in this suit and ties.
“You’re unbelievable Novan.” She said and undressed as well.
She wore an oversized red hoodie-like knitted sweater and a white trouser then red sneakers. Her hair flowed behind her in waves as we walk out of the hotel.
“We’d get some breakfast first before going to the venue. ” I told her when we got outside.
“You own this car?”
“No. I hired it.” I open the door and she got inside.
“Why don’t we buy it?”
“You like it?” I asked and pulled out of the lot.
“Yeah, it’s sleek and the interior is just perfect and classic.”
“Rich people.” I snorted and hit the road.
“You don’t seem to be lacking.” She counters.
I work my ass off.. but she doesn’t know.
“It’s because I am lucky.” I grinned
“So this competition. What do the judges look at?”
“They evaluate the overall harmony of flavors in the dish, the presentation of the platter, the techniques employed, and the efficiency in which the teams work.”
“Wow. So what are you going to prepare?”
“Now or the finals?”
“Right now I don’t know what am going to prepare. It’s going to be a pick and act sorta thing. The dishes will be written on paper and it will be folded. What you pick is what you’d prepare.”
“Interesting. I pray you pick the easiest. What of the finals,? Is it going to be the same?”
“No. We’d be given five hours to prepare a meat platter and a plated theme.”
“Is it hosted every year?”
“Thought you researched?” I hate to be interrogated.
“Sorry.” She muttered.
I moved my eyes to her and she was looking out of the window. I bit my tongue for snapping at her.
“It’s every two years. I’m sorry” I placed a hand on her thighs.
She smiled and nodded.
I parked the car in front of the cafe and we got out. She took my hand and we began to walk inside.
“I’m sorry for not being a gentle boyfriend and wear suit and ties,” I whispered to her and she laughed.
“I like you the way you are. Don’t ever try to be another.”
“Aww,” I said monotonously.
Once we entered, every single eye turned in our direction, and soon there were murmurings.
This is what I hate. We should’ve eaten at the hotel.
I guess my girlfriend is more than a celebrity so it’s expected.
I remember when her guards followed us to the cabin and later took my number and that was how her dad called me.
I hope they didn’t follow us here too.
I ordered for our take before walking to a table near the window.
We barely sat before she got up and walked towards a table of one of American’s famous business tycoons.
He was in a lot of deep shit recently. I hope it’s settled. It has to because the cause of his defaming was sitting across him.
Mariana hugged him and they began to talk about god knows what. I was bored so I walked to her.
“Hi, am her boyfriend.” I introduced myself to the handsome man and held Mariana’s hand.
Amusement danced in his eyes and I looked over at his pretty girlfriend. “Hi”
“Hi” she smiled, revealing her dimpled cheeks. She’s so pretty and looked young. We could be the same age.
“And she’s my fiancee.” Mr. Anosova said and the two ladies giggled.
I guess he just caught me checking his girlfriend out.
Mariana excused herself and we went back to our table and watch the couples disappear out if the cafe.
“What was that? Did you have to hug him?”
“Is that your problem? I thought you’d say I was wasting time.” She blew air on her coffee when it came.
“Yeah. I want to tell you one more thing. If we get to the place, please do not interfere when someone is throwing shit at me because of my appearance. They do that a lot and the fuck I care about their opinions.”
“Oh.” She whispered.
“You didn’t answer me.”
“Okay, I won’t.”
“Good. They’re going to be lenient and favor me in case they know that I am involved with you in this way. I told you I want a fair game.”
“I’m not going to interfere.”
We ate breakfast in silence after his stern warning.
I’m really glad to have seen Mr. Anosova here today and I also saw his fianceé and oh, she’s beautiful with cute dimples.
After breakfast, we walked out and those same eyes were on us. I don’t like the looks people are giving us.
Our car stopped in front of a huge building and we got out.
He took my hand and we got inside. The place looked like a movie theatre and the stage is huge, very large.
“Sit at the back so that I wouldn’t have to look at you each time I have to pick pepper”
“No. I want to see you clearly.” I protested and went to the front.
“Okay. I will be leaving.”
I turned to him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “All the best.”
He nodded and turned around. I watched him disappear before walking to take my seat. A lot of people were sitting already and some who noticed me smiling at me. I sat in haste to avoid the big men who looked like the panel of judges walk in. I know all of them and in case they see me it will be news and will be announced that am in their midst. I would’ve to stand on my feet and wave. God. That should not happen.
I took my phone and saw the messages and missed calls from my parents, Marion, Betsy then Dylan, and Lenna.
“I knew you’d come here.”
I raced my head and met Ed’s face. What is he doing here? I saw him at the party on Friday too.
“Don’t be surprised. I’m your boyfriend’s secret fan. He doesn’t know but I adore how he handled everything like a pro.”
I smiled at him and he sat beside me.
“I bet your parents are not aware you’re here ”
“I told them.”
“Oh okay. So they like Novan as well?”
“Yeah…they do.” I lied
He nodded and looked at the front.
My eyes met a lot of people dressed in all white. They were only eight though. Each person representing the capital cities in Australia.
They came forward and picked a paper then went back to their position. My eyes searched through the multiple and landed on the one I was looking for.
He has a deep frown on his face and was trying to adjust his outfit. He was the only young person I see. The rest all looked to be in their mid-thirties and forties.
When he was called he glared at the man before walking forward to pick the paper.
He didn’t bother to look at it until his name was called and he was asked what he got.
He opened the folded paper and read it.
“Poulet de Bresse aux Écrevisses,”
Okay. Did my boyfriend just speak french? It sounded like he’s a French man.
“Don’t be surprised. Almost anyone who wants to partake in this must know how to speak some amount of French. The competition itself is held in Lyon, France.” Ed explained.
“So what does it mean?”
“chicken with crayfish.” He grinned.
“Whoa. It’s so simple.”
“It’s simple huh?” He chuckled.
“Yeah? Why are you laughing?”
“Maybe I should tell you what that entails. The American version of the meal involved the chicken with morel mushroom sausage, braised wings, a wine glaze, and sauce Américaine, a kind of lobster sauce. Alongside was a chicken liver quenelle with foie gras, corn custard, black-eyed peas, and toasted pistachios, as well as a lobster tail with Meyer lemon mousse. The garnishes included preparations using carrots, Vidalia onions, black truffles, carrots, peas, and potatoes….”
“Wait wait wait. You don’t mean it.”
“I mean it.” He laughed into his hands. “, And that’s the American version and he’s expected to cook the French version.”
I’m suddenly nervous. All those people he’s competing against looked older with a lot of experience. What if he doesn’t stand a chance?
I really shouldn’t have forced him into this. God, it’s serious than I imagined.
“How many hours would he take to do all that?”
“5 hours and he must do it to perfection. You don’t have to worry. He’d be just fine ”
I wonder why he’s being so nice. Well, it’s not like he ever acted bad apart from his crude comment at McDonald’s. Right now am glad he’s here.
The first badge came and everything was set on the stage for the individual chefs.
“I must say, his task is the most difficult among all ”
“It was the task given to finalists at the finals and none of the chefs got what the judges wanted. I wonder why they’d give him that when this is not even Nationals. This is regionals for fuck sake.”
“You’ve forgotten something here. He picked it. Nobody did for him.” I reminded him.
“Yeah. I forgot that.”
After sleeping through the first five hours, Ed woke me up when it was the turn of Novan’s section.
My heart skipped when I raised my eyes and met his that moment. It was obvious he was looking for me among the crowds.
His stare turned to glare when he saw Ed sitting beside me.
I shook my head and smiled.
He did the strangest thing I didn’t expect him to suppose that he was on stage.
He threw his arm in the air at me rudely before walking to his stage kitchen.
Novan is crazy. His action made everyone turn and look behind at me.
I duck my head while Ed cackled. He threw his head back in laughter, inviting people’s attention to us.
I swear I’d chop off his balls if any of those judges recognize me.
After what seemed like forever, the timer was set and Novan’s team began at 2 pm.
He looked serious than I’ve ever seen him be as he began to move about and picking ingredients on his counter.
Everyone was rushing and I expected him to do the same but he just relaxed and picked everything carefully with a thoughtful look.
After an hour, he still hasn’t put anything on fire yet and his competitors have already cooked at least meat. He looked unperturbed and too relaxed that I had a feeling if he doesn’t hurry up, time will catch up with him. He’s just calm and collected like there’s no competition at all.
A half an hour before he started doing something and he was really exciting to watch. I kept grinning and I feel like screaming when nothing hasn’t even begun yet. He was swift just like when he’s cooking at home but this was more.
I realized that those who began in a haste have slowed down in thought and were disposing of their dishes to start afresh.
Ed got up along the line and when he returned he brought snacks for me. I took it gratefully and bit into the hotdog hungrily. I’ve been so engrossed that I didn’t realize how hungry I am.
“An hour more to go. The nationals will take weeks. Will you come?”
“Yeah,” Novan said I’d only come if my first appearance doesn’t make him jittery.
“I’ll be expecting you then.”
I nodded.
After 4hrs and thirty minutes, almost everyone was done cooking and was arranging the dishes. Another twenty minutes and everyone was behind their dish but Novan was still moving about.
“Looks like he’s not done,” I muttered under my breath.
It’s good to go over your work no matter how perfect you think you are. It is what perfectionists do.” Ed winked.
“You seem to know so much. Why not compete too?”
“I don’t like to compete. I like to watch it. It’s my favorite game.”
“I see. So you’d be traveling to France as well?”
“Why not! That’s the real deal and I won’t miss it for anything in this world. ” He replied enthusiastically.
The timer went off and Novan placed his hand at his back, his lip ring was between his teeth and he was staring at what he prepared.
I can’t believe he has been standing for five hours. Wow.
One after the other, their dishes were served to the twelve jurists and that also took about a one and a half hours.
“Ladies and gentlemen after this exciting competition, hopefully, we’ve got someone to represent Australia in the nationals out of the eight great cities of Australia. Ladies and gentlemen, once again we’ve witnessed something spectacular, something unique, something rare and something far from the ordinary after decades and we are of high hopes that Australia will win this cooking Olympics this year. Without wasting time, on behalf of the rest of the judges, I will announce to you the best chef we’ve selected from the eight cities and it goes to…
Most people will say Novan. You haven’t been disappointed before abi?
Okay, so what do you think?
Remember, I love to read all your comments and I love them regardless so keep them coming.
Even if it’s something bad, you should point it out.

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