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The kiss… Episode 93

{That changed everything ✓
“Ladies and gentlemen after this exciting competition, hopefully, we’ve got someone to represent Australia in the nationals out of the eight great cities of Australia. Ladies and gentlemen, once again we’ve witnessed something spectacular, something unique, something rare and something far from the ordinary after decades and we are of high hopes that Australia will win this cooking Olympics this year. Without wasting time, on behalf of the rest of the judges, I will announce to you the best chef we’ve selected from the eight cities and it goes to…
The judge paused and looked among the contestants.
My heart was beating rapidly. I know if Novan doesn’t win, there’s no way he’d try again and there’ll be nothing I can do to change his mind.
My eyes searched the stage for him but I didn’t see him. Oh God, where has he gone?
“Let’s go.” I heard his voice whisper behind me and I freaked out.
“Novan..” I tried to talk but he covered my lips.
” Just get up and let’s leave.”
“Man, what are you doing here?” Ed asked.
“The fuck! Mind your damn business.” He snapped at Ed and tugged at my top.
I got up and we walked out. He has a face cap so it was impossible to recognize him and he has also changed into his previous clothes.
“What the hell are you doing, Novan? What is wrong with you?”
“Nothing is wrong with me. I just ran out of patience. How can he be doing that? He could’ve just gone ahead and mentioned the winner. What the fuck was the suspense for?!”
“Was that your reason why you bolted?” He can’t be serious.
He huffed and ran his hand through his hair. From the little time we spent together, i know that he always does that when he’s nervous or angry. It’s both but what could be the reason for his nervousness?
“Novan, is something wrong? Please talk to me ” I said calmly.
“Do I look like someone something can be wrong with?!” He yelled.
“You don’t get it. You can be disqualified and all your efforts will be in vain.”
“Who cares.” He opened the car and waited for me to get inside. I crossed my hands and glared at him with my nostrils flaring. It was already dark outside and the night wind made my hair fly about.
“That won’t help. Get in the car or you’d walk home.”
“You won’t dare leave me here.” I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear
“What makes you think so? Don’t try me okay?”
This boy is not normal. I wonder which part of the world he came from. I mean who does what he’s doing now?
“You’re a pathetic coward.” I snarled and began to run towards the building. How can he make a mountain out of a tiny molehill?
“And where are you going?”
I heard him run after me.
“To fix your mess.” I fired.
“Don’t try it!”
“I will!” I said sternly and stubbornly.
He forbade me not to interfere but right now I have no choice.
I can’t believe Novan. I mean..the hell!
Before I could get in he dragged me back, attracting the attention of those outside. Thank God it’s dark.
“Let go of me. You’re mad to be doing this? Do you smoke?”
“Are you just asking?”
I looked up at his angry face unbelievably.
“No wonder,” I muttered and yanked my wrist from his hold.
He tried to grab me again but someone stopped him.
“What is wrong with you man? Everybody is waiting for you in there and you’re here doing what?” Ed asked.
“Stay out of my issues!” He warned.
“I’m your manager.”
“So what?” He raised his hands rudely.
“Let us go, Mariana.” He breathed heavily.
Novan is a crackhead. What has gotten into him?
“I’m going nowhere with you.” I took Ed’s hand and we began to walk inside.
“Fine. Date him and let him marry you. Just make sure you steer clear of my issues. You’re dead if you go there and interfere.” He got into the car, slammed the door, and drove recklessly out of the lot.
I turned to watch him drive off and tears gathered in my eyes.
My eyes burned and my throat tightened. He left me and not only that. He gave everything up. What could be wrong with him? I don’t understand.
“Don’t let his attitude get to you. He’s used to getting whatever he wants and now that he’s being challenged, he’s scared that he’d lose and he doesn’t want to face it while it happens. And you know, he’s already battling with rejection because of his parents. He sees defeat as rejection…”
“How did you know all this? Do you know him?”
“He works at McDonald’s so I know these details as a manager there. He didn’t tell me, it’s written all over him so I just put the dots together.”
“So what now? Has the winner been announced already?”
“Yeah it has but they asked of his whereabouts.”
“Oh. So.. he didn’t win?” My tears flowed.
“Hey, what is this?” He raised his hand to wipe my tears but I turned away.
“Don’t cry.” He cooed, then gave me a hankie.
I took it and after wiping my face, I blew my nose into it. That was gross. I expected him to make a cringing face but he didn’t.
“His assistant commis is looking for him including the judges. They didn’t understand where he could’ve gone.” He revealed.
“What? Does that mean he won? He’s the head chef?”
“Yes and if he doesn’t show up or give any reasons for his disappearance he won’t be taken. I hope you are aware that this is not an ordinary competition. He’s going to represent Australia in a world tournament and he’d be supported by the country so he must be serious…”
I hugged him out of the blue. Oh my God. He won! My boyfriend won. Novan won!
His arms came around me hesitantly before I pulled back.
“So what’s the way forward?” A wide smile stole its way into my face.
“I’d just go and lie that he got some terrible flu and had to leave immediately. In the meantime, convince him to come.”
“Thank you so much, Ed. You don’t know what you are about to do for me. ”
“It’s okay.”
“So I will go now.” I took a step backward. I can’t wait to see Novan and give him the news.
“Can I have your phone number?”
“Sure,” I mentioned it to him before turning away. I hailed a taxi to where we lodged
It wasn’t far from where the competition was held so within some minutes I got there. I took the elevator to our floor and exhaled deeply when the elevator dinged and I stepped out.
I got to our door and realized that it was locked. Does that mean he hasn’t gotten home yet?
Where did he go?
I got my phone out and dialed his number. It went through but he didn’t pick. I kept calling him for what seemed like forever but he wouldn’t pick.
I squatted in front of our door and buried my face in my hands.
Where’s he and what could he be doing now? It’s almost 10 pm.
“Can we be of help, madam.”
I raised my head and saw a lady neatly dressed in a white shirt and black pencil skirts.
“Yeah. Please can I get a spare key for this room? My boyfriend and I checked in last night.”
“I’m sorry, the keys have been given out .”
What? Does that mean he has left?
“You mean the person has checked out?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Are you sure? My boyfriend is tall, relatively built, and got lots of tattoos. Is that the person who came to check out?”
“Yes ma’am. He’s the same one.”
“Tha..thank you.” My voice break. I feel like throwing myself on the floor and wail.
How can Novan leave me here alone? I searched through my purse for my card and that was when it dawned on me that I didn’t pick it.
Great! I’m stranded and it’s late. What I have in here won’t even get me a room.
I just have to call my dad or Edward even.
How can Novan do this to me? What did I do?
God! Novan can be annoying sometimes.
What was that for?

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Updated: June 30, 2020 — 6:16 am
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4 days ago

Novan needs a correcting slap or knock

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