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The kiss… Episode 94

{That changed everything ✓
I leaned on the door and thought of what to do. My dad is going to freak out when I tell him that I am stranded here though he could easily help me. He’s also going to be crossed with Novan if I should tell him everything.
That won’t be a good idea. I love Novan and I want my parents to like him to. Telling them this will only ruin that and form a bad impression about him to my parents.
Mum doesn’t seem to like him and if she hears of this, it’s only going to add up to her one thousand reasons why I shouldn’t be with him. Dad hasn’t seen Novan before and is sure he hasn’t formed any bad opinions about him yet. It should remain that way.
And Edward? I gave him my number but he hasn’t called for me to save his number as well.
So I can’t call him.
I don’t have enough cash on me and the worst part is that my card is also not with me and my passport. Forget about those, can I even travel back without Novan? My anxiety might build up in the plane and I wouldn’t be able to survive it. God!
Maybe I should just take a car to the nearest bank and cash out some money that will be the best idea. It has been a long day and all I want is to bath and sleep.
Why did I even journey to this country with Novan? He has really disappointed me and I won’t forgive him in a hurry.
Who does he think he is to treat me this way? Because I love him? Fuck him. He’s such a jerk and an asshole.
But I love that jerk and asshole so much. I’m trying to hold my anger against him but I feel it slipping away slowly as the time passes. So much for being in love.
How can he leave because of something so trivial? Is there more to it than I am allowing myself to see?
If there isn’t more then there’s something definitely wrong with Novan.
Gosh! It’s not even all about winning. You don’t always have to win in life. Sometimes you have to get knocked down to make you strong next time. That is Life. You can’t change it. You just accept and go with it. You don’t expect things to happen according to your predictions.
I know this is not the only way to make his skills known to the world but this could also go a long way to mold him into whatever he wants to become.
I went out of my way to travel all the way from my comfort zone just so I would be here for him because I thought he needed someone, someone close to support and encourage him. To give him the moral and boost his confidence but see what he has gone and done. He fuckin left me to my fate. He left me. Why? I could be with my family because I miss them but I came with him. Novan shouldn’t have done this to me ever. What happened to I will never hurt you?
Is this the kind of trouble people in relationships go through? Are their partners always this stubborn and annoying? Are they hot-tempered and don’t think when they’re angry? How are they?
Here I am in a foreign land alone and with just a few cash and I can’t even call my parents for help. I can’t believe that I’m still protecting him from my parents after this.
I got away from the door slowly and walked into the elevator. The one minute journey took longer than before and when I was finally out, my feet were reluctant. I suddenly feel weak and sick.
I wrapped my arms around my self once I was out. It was so cold outside.
A dark figure leaned on a car. I released a breath I never thought I was holding when I recognized the person to be Novan. I’m relieved that he never left but am mad at him.
“Riana.” He called and began to walk to me.
I dropped my hands from my body and walked past him.
He held me back and I yanked my hand from him.
“Don’t you dare lay your hands on me again,” I said through my teeth and made sure to add more venom.
He gaped at me and stepped back.
I walked out of the hotel premises and stopped on the road for a car.
I will withdraw some money then call my dad tomorrow to come pick me with his jet since I don’t have my passport on me.
When I turned I saw him on my side.
“I’m not going to apologize.” He whispered.
“I didn’t expect you to.”
“Good.” He remarked
I looked up at him and my anger boils over. How can he be so infuriating?
“Stay away from me Novan. Wherever you went, go back there.”
“And how’d you leave the country without me?”
“I can do fine without you. What made you think that I can’t leave here? My father owns a damn jet. Not one and not two but multiples.” I never felt the need to brag until now.
“Yeah, I know. Called him yet?” He smirked and deep his hands into his pocket.
Jerk. He knew I haven’t called my dad.
“Out of my sight Novan! Now!” I screamed.
“Stop yelling. Okay, let’s go back.” He tried to take my wrist again.
“I told you. I’m going nowhere with you.”
“And why’s that? Who would you go with if not me? Who else do you have here?”
“Edward is here.”
“Oh great. How did I forget that asshole.”
“You’d know how to talk about him. He’s even older than you.”
“The fuck! What is this? Are you taking his side? What did he tell you?”
“He even tried to help you and all you did was act rudely. What are you?”
“Help me my foot. Do I look poor and weak that I’d need him as a walking stick? Oh come on, stop being hilarious.”
“You’re sick in the head. Really.”
“Would you stop harassing me with your sharp tongue?”
“Just leave me alone.” I hailed a taxi.
“You won’t go anywhere, Mariana. I’m here.”
“You won’t have it your way anymore Novan. You must learn to behave sometimes. You don’t just do anything anytime you feel like.”
“Won’t you ask me why I flared? You think it is normal?”
“Why should I ask? You weren’t ready to tell me.”
“Sorry, sir. She’s not going.” He told the driver and pulled me along with him.
I can’t believe I’ve agreed to listen to him and I’m following him.
“What do you want to tell me? Don’t tell me you’re about to use your parent’s rejection as care off to justify your cowardice.”
He let go of my hands instantly.
“What did you say?”
“Nothing.” I bit my tongue for spilling something like that.
“Tell me who told you about that now Mariana.”
“Nobody said anything to me”
“So who did? How did you find out?”
“I don’t know.”
“Stop this nonsense and answer me. How dare you snitch on me!”
“I didn’t. Edward told me that you might be suffering from rejection because your parents left.”
“Great! The dick thought it was nice to rattle me out to you and all for what? Because he’s in love with you and just won’t skip any opportunity to paint me black, make me look miserable so you could ditch me for him…”
“That is not it.”
“Then what is it? I can’t believe you.” He rushed into the hotel and I followed him.
We were happy this morning and I had high hopes but he just ruined it and now we’re back to fighting. Why can’t we be happy always without having to fight about petty things?
He got into the elevator and closed it before I could get there. I took the second one and prayed that he doesn’t get inside the room and lock me out.
The elevator dinged and I got out in a rush and began to run when I caught his back disappearing into the room.
I realized that it wasn’t the same room I came to knock. It means he never really checked out.
I got inside and closed the door behind me. “You won Novan.”
He didn’t say anything.
“Did you hear me?”
“What?” He took his shirt off.
“Won’t you say anything? It’s such great news.”
“I won so I should go and get a bottle of champagne and pop or buy coke, sit back and celebrate then clap for myself huh?”
“There’s something wrong with you definitely.”
“Don’t irritate me okay? I didn’t stop you just so you can attack my nerves.”
“I don’t know what has gotten into you and I’m seriously tired and I’ve had enough. I feel like I made a mistake.” I sat down and massage my forehead. I feel drained and I’m even hungry.
“For? What kind of mistake.?”
“Everything. ” I whispered.
Maybe a relationship is not good for me or my mum is right. Novan may not be it for me.
He’s just stressing and draining the little life out of me with his unending stupid tantrums.
“What is everything?” His voice calmed.
“Congratulations.” I smiled faintly and got up. We’re fighting but I am proud of him and will always want the best for him.
“I was calling you to also tell you that you need to go back to the venue. The judges wanted to see you.” I added.
“It’s not necessary.” He answered.
“Okay.” I’m tired of trying to convince him not to give up on this competition but it hurt that I am giving up and he’s not making any efforts either. I really want him to go through this life-changing experience.
“So what mistake did you think you’ve made?”
“Nothing.” I got up and walked into the washroom. I took my clothes off and stood under the shower.
Memories of what happened here this morning filled my mind and did I well to tuck it back and locked my mind.
I closed my eyes when I heard him come in and then I got that familiar feeling I get when he’s looking at me.
I don’t want to think that he’s here to romance me after everything.
“Where are your manners Novan?” I asked without turning.
“They’ve gone on holidays.” He replied.
“Then get out. Can’t you see I am trying to take a bath?”
“Whoa. I’m your boyfriend.”
“You didn’t think of that before abandoning me.”
“I didn’t abandon you. I was just mad.”
“Then go out and continue your madness. Don’t be here.”
I felt him retreat and when I turned he was gone. I hurried up with my bath and got out with a towel around me.
His eyes raked my form once I got out but he didn’t say anything. I picked me out my pajamas and pant before disappearing back into the bathroom.
” We’re leaving tomorrow,” I told him when I got out fully dressed.
“What? Don’t you wanna tour the country? We can go to places.”
The idea of touring Washington with Novan is exciting but I fear we’d fight and he’d leave me behind again.
“So that you’d abandon me in the middle of nowhere when your madness finally crept into you? No thanks.”
“What are you saying? You know why I did that. I’m so..” He sighed and got into the bathroom.
A simple sorry will be fine but he’s not willing to. He thinks it’s okay to do what he did and therefore does not own me any apologies.
I made the bed then bought the online tickets for us. We’d be leaving here as early as 11 am tomorrow and we’d arrive at 6 or 7 am.
I got into bed and pulled the comforter around me. I’d remember to eat something very early tomorrow.
“What would you take? Should I order something?”
“No. Tomorrow.”
“Why? You’re hungry.”
I didn’t tell him that, did I?
“Who said I am hungry?”
“Stop it. I know you are.”
“I’m okay. I can’t take anything at this time of the night. Thank you. ” If he hadn’t gone and ruined everything, by now we would’ve been in a fancy restaurant taking dinner and also celebrating his victory. It would’ve been fun.
“I don’t like this.” He muttered and I felt the bed dip beside me.
Why didn’t Ed call so I can save his number? I should check. I straightened my hands to pick my phone from the nightstand and saw it in Novan’s hands.
“What is this?” He questioned.
“I booked a flight for us online.”
“Not that. Your phone has been ringing silently. Who’s calling?”
I remember putting my phone on silent mode when we got to the place.
Could it be Ed calling?
“Give it.” I opened my palms and he placed it in it.
I picked the call and raised it to my ears. “Hello?”
“Hey. It’s Edward.”
“Hey. I’m sorry for not picking it on time.”
“Were you sleeping?”
“Yeah. I was.”
“I’m sorry then. Goodnight. We’d talk tomorrow.”
“Yeah. Goodnight.” I dropped the call and saved his number.
“Who was it?”
“What? Why would he call you? Did you give him your number yourself?”
“I did,” I said and he laid on his back and stared at the ceiling.
I turned away and closed my eyes.
He sighed and got up. After some time he returned again and shifted closer to me then placed his hand on my waist. His warm breath fanned my back and he began to spread wet kisses.
What is he doing?
“Please don’t ever leave me.” He begged quietly.
“Stop giving me a reason to all the time,” I whispered back and he stopped kissing me.
“I won’t.”
“Mmm,” I murmured.
He spooned me and pressed his face to my back tightly.
It took everything in me not to turn and kiss him.
We ended up waking up late the next day and Novan ordered breakfast.
I jumped at it and ate to my full. I brushed my teeth and bathed afterward. I dressed and pack my bag. He also did the same and soon we were ready to leave. We haven’t exchanged enough words since we woke up so the atmosphere is quite thick around us.
If I had known this journey won’t yield any results, I wouldn’t have bothered myself to come. I hate to waste my time this way.
We got to the airport early and after going through the checkpoints, we were ready to get on board.
I climbed the airstair ahead of him and made to sit beside someone but he pulled me along with him and made me sit beside me.
“What was that? Are we fighting?”
I ignored him and looked through the window solemnly. I put on my belt as the plane was about to take off. The anxiety began in the pit of my stomach as my mind started visiting all that happened a decade ago.
“Come here”
I shook my head. I don’t want him to think that I can’t get on a plane without him.
I began to shiver unusually as my head spinned. My vision blurred and my heart thumped.
“Quit it, Riana.” He put his hand on my shoulders but I pushed it away. I have to do this.
I started sweating profusely. I’m losing it. I can’t even breathe properly.
“Novan.” I cried.
His comforting arms came around me securely then he unlocked the belt and carried me on his lap just like we did when we were coming.
I sighed when his lips found mine and he began to kiss me. I opened up to return the kiss but I mistakenly bit him and he winced silently but didn’t stop kissing me.
Jerk. Take that for frustrating me.
I ended up sleeping in his arms most of the entire twenty hours until the plane landed. I slept through it and only got up when I had to visit the restroom. The meal served on the plane was nice and we ate it together. I did all that still on him. He didn’t seem to mind.
I haven’t forgiven him though. We are still fighting.
We got down in the morning and I breathed in my usual Australian air. I feel at home here than I do in America although I was born there.
His car was still waiting at the lot and as we were walking towards it, a Maserati stopped in front of us and the glass rolled down, revealing my handsome dad.
“Hop in princess. Dad is taking you home.”
How did he know I was coming today and at this time?
Daddy is here.
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Updated: June 30, 2020 — 6:19 am
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