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The kiss… Episode 95

{That changed everything ✓
“Hop in princess. Dad is taking you home.”
How did he know I was coming today and at this time?
I smiled. I miss my dad so much.
I looked behind to see Novan shifting his weight from one foot to the other. He couldn’t stand still and his lower lip was stuck in his mouth. He didn’t look happy and dad is not acknowledging him either. Maybe he doesn’t know Novan.
“Dad.” I Walked to the luxurious car, leaned, and kissed him.
“Dad, that’s my boyfriend.” I looked behind me but Novan was not looking at us.
“Okay. Let’s go now.” Dad said.
Didn’t he hear what I said? I just showed him my boyfriend and he seemed the least interested as if it’s not any big deal.
“Novan. Say hi to my dad.” He turned and smiled softly.
“Hi, sir.” He said and my dad nodded.
I know am mad at Novan but how can I go with my dad and leave him? I think he’s going to feel bad if I should do that.
“See dad..”
” No excuses. I’ve already got what you’d need packed and it’s already at home. You should get in and let’s go.”
“Look, Dad, I really wanna come home but I need to take care of something and I can’t leave him yet. Please understand.”
“Haven’t you spend enough time with him already? Don’t waste my time and get in.” He said harshly.
What is wrong with everyone? Even dad? I can’t believe this.
“I’m not coming with you. It’s as simple as that. Get going or you’d miss an important deal.” I straightened up and walked to Novan.
“Let’s go,” I whispered.
He took the lead and I glanced at my pissed dad and muttered goodbye before following Novan.
I noticed him smiling secretly when I got into the car.
“Don’t let it get into your head. I didn’t do that for you.”
“Did I say something?” He bit his lips to suppress his smile.
“Why are you smiling?”
“Can’t I smile anymore?” He asked back and drove out of the lot.
“Thanks.” He said.
“I really didn’t want you to go with your dad.”
“I only came with you so that you could take me to Nervisa.” I half lied. I really wanted to say a proper goodbye to him before leaving.
“All the same I’m happy that you’re here. With me.”
“I’m still pissed at you,” I said and dropped my gaze to my lap.
“Will you be going to your apartment or straight to my house?”
“Your house. I want to see Nervisa.”
We drove in silence except that I was making few calls here and there. Lenna called and we chatted for some minutes then Marion and finally Betsy. She told me that she’s already home and waiting for me.
Novan didn’t stop at his apartment either. After two hours, we arrived in front of his house. It’s been like forever since I’ve been here.
“I thought you said Nervisa is at your aunt’s?” I asked and got down.
“Yeah. Nervisa prefers to stay here so my aunt is also here.”
“Did you tell her that I’d be coming?”
“It wouldn’t have been a surprise.”
“Can I hold your hand?”
I looked up at him. This got to be the first time he’d be asking permission to touch me.
“No. I’m still upset remember?”
“Really? What did I do?”
I stayed quiet. He can’t possibly be telling me now he doesn’t realize that he did something wrong.
He pushed the glass door open and we walked inside.
“Is anybody home?!” He yelled with a heart-stopping smile.
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A tiny voice squeaked and I heard light footsteps coming from the dining area.
Nervisa ran into the living room and Novan scooped her into his arms and twirl her, making her giggle loudly.
“How has my darling sis been?” He asked and pecked her.
“Until you tell me what you brought for me. I saw you on the TV but you suddenly disappeared. What happened?”
“Save your question. Look who’s here.”
I stepped into the room fully, revealing myself.
“Dollface!” She yelled and got down. How did she know that ridiculous name?
I bend to her level and hugged her. God, I missed her so much.
She’s all grown and looking beautiful than the last time I saw her.
“How’s the little fairy?”
“No. I’m no longer a fairy. I was though but now I am a superwoman.”
“Woah. How’s my superwoman?”
“Stronger than Superman.” She gave me a toothy grin. She has lost her front teeth and she looks funny though pretty. “So are you guys like a thing now? I know how much my brother idolizes you that he always whisper your name when he’s sleeping.”
If only you know how annoying your brother can be.
We shared a quick glance before I looked down at Nervy.
“That is not important. Why not tell me what you’ve been up to?”
“Can I come and spend Christmas with you? It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow and we can go right now.”
“Novan you’re here.”
A male voice said and I looked up.
He was tall and had a stature just like Novan. They’ve got the same eyes also but the man’s own have a deeper shade than his. Novan is his younger version. Could he be his dad?
“Aunt? What is he doing here?” Novan shouted.
“Novan am sorry. He wanted to see Nervisa.”
“Why are you apologizing to him? Is he some God!” The man yelled.
Oh God. Rudeness runs in their family.
“How dare you come here and speak to me in that manner? I should be here before you arrive and you wouldn’t have even stepped a foot inside here.”
“When will you stop your fights with me? Am your father for goodness sake!”
“My father?” He chuckled and stepped intimidatingly towards him. He was almost as tall as the man.
“Do you even know what that even means? Stop ridiculing yourself and get out of here.”
“I’m not leaving. What can you do about that!”
.”Oh really? Don’t test me, Jude. Else I promise to beat you here black and blue. Trust me.” Novan threatened.
“This house is mine Novan. I bought it. Remember that next time you want to throw me out and you won’t dare lay a hand on me”
“Who said I needed it anyway? I barely sleep in it but so far as is in my name then it is mine.”
“Enough of your tantrums young man. Don’t you have any shame left? Your girlfriend is even here. Think of that and quit being a rebel”
“Since when did you get the decency? The last time I checked you fought mum in front of your fucking bitch after she caught you. You better quit this act of yours, get your shits together and leave from here if you don’t want my trouble.”
“I came to see my children Donovan. And for the past I am sorry. I’ve changed okay?”
“I don’t understand that language. Just leave. I’m sure your bitches are waiting. You don’t wanna keep them waiting…”
“Novan stop it okay. He’s your father so how can you talk to him like that?” I couldn’t keep quiet anymore. Novan is going too far.
“You stay out of this. What do you know?”
“He’s changed.” I defended the man I don’t even know.
“Shut up Mariana. Just shut up!”
“Stop yelling at the innocent lady. What kind of a man are you?”
He balled his hands and glared at his father.
How can one dream of hitting their father? Novan is fucked up.
He looked over at me and dragged me upstairs with him.
“Who do you think you are? How dare you interfere when I’m talking to my father? You don’t know who he is.” He said angrily when we got to his room.
“Who is he?” I asked.
He paced back and forth the room, digging his nails into his palms and gritting his teeth. He was beyond angry looks like someone who would turn this room upside down any minute.
He turned to me sharply, raised his hand to the door and I flinched.
“That man you saw downstairs is a heartless, cunning, and a despicable cheat ever. He kept cheating on my mum and brings different ladies home almost every day and bed them in front of my mum and on their sacred bed. He disrespected her in front of those disgusting bitches and made fun out of it all because he didn’t get to marry the woman he claimed he loved. He used my mum and refused to even allow her to have her life.” He sighed.
” And mum? She finally got a rich politician boyfriend and fled with him to Europe leaving only a two-year-old Nervisa behind. I begged her and cried for her to come back to us but she never replied to any of my emails or calls. She avoided us like a plaque. What kind of a mother does that? When I heard she got married, I cut all my ties with her and by then dad has also left the country and never showed up. And now he’s here doing what? Claiming father. Does he know what goes into that? I hate both of them with passion and I’d personally strangle them if I have the chance. I will gladly kill them for everything they made me and Nervisa go through. It was only the two of us against the world ” He breathed heavily and kicked at the closet then knocked the nightstand over.
I was speechless. I just stared at him. Not for once had I imagined Novan has gone through something as devastating as this.
“Why am I even telling you this? You won’t understand anything because you are that lucky girl who grew up in a loving home with lots of love. Your parents were there for you, supported you, protected you, catered for you then held your hand and showed you the way. You never lacked anything at all but me? I was only left with lots of money and nothing else. I ended up reducing all of it to ashes because it was never what I needed. I made it a point to work and get my own money. I did and after that, what was I left off of my parents? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And now he’s out there saying what? I will fucking kill him if I have to. The sight of him alone makes me sick!” He wiped under his eyes and stayed silent for a moment but I could hear his breathing and loud pants.
I walked to him and tried to touch him but it was that moment he stepped back and went to face the window.
“I’m sorry if I talked to the princess rudely and got her upset. I’m sorry for causing you pain Mariana. I’m sorry okay but I love you. God knows I do. I love you a lot but this is me. I was never taught or shown any love. I was brought up in a home with no love. All they do is argue all the time and this is the language they speak. I know it’s not an excuse but this is it. I know I love you but I fail to show it or prove it. I don’t know how to. I’m sorry. You think I don’t know that I’m rude and annoying? Well, I know.
But this is me. I’m sorry for trying not to be any better for you and for us. You can also leave if you want to. The fact that I love you doesn’t mean we have to stay together. Go get someone who will love you and treat you right. I’m not capable. I tried. I never wanted to even date you but this feeling was so overwhelming. I couldn’t help it so I decided to try. I tried to be nice but I’m just failing. I guess am just destined to be alone. Go, Mariana. You deserve better. Your mum is right. Just look at me? I’m not a fool Mariana. I see the way people look at us when we’re together in public. I have all this on my face and on my body but I don’t regret it. I won’t change anything.”
He turned to me and smiled. “, You know, I got my lip pierced the first time dad beat mum. With this ring, I locked that. When he started cheating, I pierced my brows. When he defiled their bed I got a tongue ring. When he finally left, I got my nose pierced and when mum left, showing how irresponsible all of them are, I pierced my ears and filled them with metals. I love those metals on my face because they remind me of things that my family did and also remind me not to do any of all they did. I’m horrible but I’d never do any of those things. At least they taught me something. I don’t know when I’d plug them out but for my tattoos, I really love them and I’m planning to get more. I don’t feel bad about them. So, Mariana, this is me. You won’t want someone like me but I am glad you gave me a chance. Thanks for the love you showed me by being here for me in a way nobody else was. I will remember that. Always”
“Novan.” I cried. My face was stained with tears and I covered my mouth so as not to cry aloud. I didn’t know.
“Don’t start waterworks, Mariana. Come, I’d tell you everything there is to know. You want to know why I left the stage? Come.” He took my wrist and made me sit on the bed and sat in front of me.
“You see that woman, I mean the one who calls herself my mum. Before she’d leave I begged her Mariana. I cried. I told her I can’t leave without her. I told her how much I love her and expected her to stay. Even if not for me, it should be for the sake of Nervisa who was barely walking. I was stubborn but I started being a good son. I was ten years then but I’ve been seeing what they portray since I was a baby. She wanted me to become a chef just like her and she wanted me to win world tournaments since she couldn’t but I was ten. I told her I can never be a chef and that I want to be a doctor. She said I took after her and that I could make it. When she decided to leave us, I changed. I made a decision that I won’t be a doctor anymore and that I’d be the chef she wanted. I took her recipe books and read them. I started cooking, I did chores just to please her and show her that I can be a good son so that she’d stay. I did all that Mariana but that wicked woman didn’t listen to me. She left. She left Nervisa and me and traveled with a billionaire politician in Europe. I didn’t give up. I still contacted her, wrote countless letters but never for once did she returned it or call me back. After a year, she got married and came for Nervisa but do you know what happened?”
He buried his head in his hands and his body shook. When he raised his head, his face was wet.
He wiped it away and continued.
“She returned Nervisa that same day and said her husband said he can’t bear to see another man’s baby in his house. My mum chose her husband over her three years and ten years old son. She preferred to be with him than with us. When I discovered Nervisa’s sickness at four, I didn’t know what to do. The cardiologist said she might not survive the operation. I was scared. I decided to take care of her the best way I can so that she wouldn’t have to go through the operation. I started cooking healthy meals for her I took care of her. I looked out for her and let me tell you something, that woman is really not my aunt. She’s just some woman who likes Nervisa a lot. She was her teacher and Nervisa liked her a lot. That was how she became my aunt. Thank you, Mariana. You came along and gave me the courage to go ahead with the operation and now my sister is fine. It’s all because of you. ” He grabbed my hands and kissed it.
“I left the stage because that woman dared came there. She thought it was right to come and watch me. I didn’t want to participate or become a chef because doing that didn’t help me in forgetting her. Everything reminded me of her. I didn’t want to go through the competition because it was her dream and now that I am taking part, I feel defeated. I feel as if I’m dancing to her tune even after everything. To top it all she fucking came. She came there and I couldn’t take it so I had to leave.” He sniffed and got up.
What! Novan’s mum was there? Oh, God. I misunderstood him. I thought he was mad for leaving the stage. My eyes zoomed on him. He’s always trying to be strong, harsh, rude but deep down he’s broken. All the hardness I see him portray are just walls he created around himself.
He looked venerable. Something I’ve never seen before..
Oh boy.
Guys, am speechless.

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Updated: June 30, 2020 — 6:22 am
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Ayishetu Abukari
9 days ago

Ooh my goodness 😮💔💔💔💔💔💔💔, I never knew this is what he has been going through.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤗😭😭😭😭

4 days ago

Eyahh so touching, Novan has been through alot. I feel like crying.

Ayishetu Abukari
17 hours ago

It has been 9 days now, please continue

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