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Category: Teens Heart

Teens Heart… Episode 30

TEENS HEART #Chapter 30 Story by, Rejoice . . . . . #Alexandra ‘s POV [Continues] “She is doing her duty as the class mistress!” I said. “You are fired! Ms Ashley MacGeorge.” He said. “She isn’t!” I retorted, standing in his front. “Jeremy please calm down. She’s gonna sign now. Right Alex?” Ms Ashley […]

Teens Heart… Episode 27

TEENS HEART #Chapter 27 Story by, Rejoice . . . . . #Alexandra ‘s POV What’s making him smile? Idiot. “You changed your seat position cos you’re tired of seating behind the cutest guy in class and in the whole of Ellas who makes you quite uncomfortable with his charming cuteness right?” He ranted, smiling. […]

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