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Diamond In The Forest… Episode 11

Episode 11.
Molero pe owalalafia (hope you
are fine)
“I’m fine my prince…
“Kilo sele lale ana…(what
happened last night?)
“Kosi omooba (nothing prince)
“Don’t be afraid Remi…tell me
what happened…
“You were drunk last night…
and…you… you vomited…and..
nothing again happened…
“Oh by the gods…Remi, you are
stuttering stop it, what really
happened…I knew I was drunk
last night… I remember I asked
you to take me to my chamber
and you did, i got drunk
because i… really wanted to
express my feeling for you
which i have been wanting to
do for a very long time…I know
I must have said all that and
even what I don’t suppose to
say or do as a royalty…but
that’s not the point, my
worries now is that I saw a
blood stain on my trouser…I…
have not being able to Leave
this chamber since morning…
I’m worried sick… thinking I
might have done something
stupid…Remi, mabinu bimo
base o, molero pe kosi wahala,
I’m sorry if I hurt you but I just
hope there’s no problem…
“Kosi wahala omooba, mo wa
lafia (no problem my prince,
I’m fine)
“No, you are not, The
blood…how come..oh by the
gods, Remi, wahala wa topoju
fun…did I…I mean did
I..uhmmm… did I forcefully lay
with you…did I make love to
you… this is crazy…I don’t know
why I can’t remember anything
else after I came into the
chamber…I felt like I did
something wrong to you…my
conscience is not at peace and
when I saw the blood stain my
worries doubled up…I can’t
remember Remi, I can’t…is as if
the gods wipe off my memory
of last night but my conscience
is troubled…help me, tell me
Remi was quiet not knowing
what to say, how do she tell
the prince that he defiled her
last night when he can not
even remember doing that, he
took her virginity without even
knowing it and she did not
fight hard enough to stop him,
she lay there as if she was
glued or being remoted it was
after the deed was done she
knew that she was in serious
trouble, letting the prince
know about last night may put
him into trouble with the oba,
because Leja May testify that
the prince raped her when he
was drunk, Leja is ready to do
anything to hurt the prince if
he finds out that the prince
defiled her, it will be better to
keep quiet and not bring more
trouble to herself and maybe
the prince…
“Remi, ejoo damilohun (Remi,
please answer me)
“My prince, such did not
happen… you were drunk and
slept off immediately you came
into your chamber, the blood is
probably when I stumbled and
fell down, your vomit slipped
my feet off and I fell down and
sustained a little wound on my
thigh, so…so… while I was
trying to help you… the blood
stained your trouser…
The prince moved closer to
Remi but she stepped away
from him. He breathed deeply
as he kept on looking at her
“Am sorry Remi…so sorry, can…
can I see the wound…is it
much…I have Ori here…I can
use it on your thigh…so that it
will heal faster…
“I can’t show you my thighs…
that’s not right my prince…
“Hmm…I deeply cares about
you Remi, I do, I’m not trying
to take advantage of you being
a maiden, I deeply care so
much about you, and I feel
terrible, I’m ashamed of
myself…to have messed up the
way I did last night in front of
you, making you to sustain
injury, hmmm…I hate myself
for that…Remi look up at me…I
can speak to Oba, my father
about yo…
“We were getting ready for
today’s party when Leja came
to inform me that you sent for
me…if I stay in here for too
long it may raise an eye brows
among the maidens, it will
look suspicious, so please allow
me to run ahead… there are
things to be done out there but
I assure you there’s nothing to
worry about… last night was
just like every other night, the
only difference is that you
drank too much and slept so
early…please can I go now…
“Okay… okay… thank you for
helping me to clean up my
mess, I’m sorry about the
injury you sustained on your
thigh, I thank the gods that is
not more than that, I thought I
did something terrible…I
wouldn’t have been able to
forgive myself if I had taken
advantage of you and
forcefully defiled you…it would
have been really terrible… I’m
glad you are fine… despite I still
have this ill feeling inside of
me, but I’m fine knowing that
what I thought didn’t happen…
Remi greeted him again before
She still need to talk to
someone, Ope is not blood
related to her as Nike was, she
would have love to tell Ope
instead of Nike
But no matter how much Nike
disturb her to talk she kept on
prosponding it, until Nike gave
up, Remi wanted to tell her but
something kept stopping her
from doing that, at the end she
did not say anything again.
The prince wasn’t so active like
before, he spend most part of
the day in his chamber or with
the Oba, his father as they talk
and the Oba was teaching him
how to rule a kingdom, not to
be biased in judging a case,
how to be a good ruler to the
people, a good husband to his
future wife and father to the
children that the gods will
bless him with.
Nike tried everything for the
prince to notice her but he was
mostly too busy to notice
anyone and sometimes ask
Nike how Remi is doing, Nike
always feel jealous anytime the
prince specifically ask about
Remi’s well being and that’s
only when he comes visiting
his mother in her chamber
The party was over and Remi
did not feel the need to go and
visit her grandmother or the
need to talk to anybody again
She was fine and was trying to
put what happened behind her
as she continued her services,
nobody knows what happened
except her and it was better
that way
It was after a month when her
monthly flow cease to come
she started panicking but
decided to wait for another
month, maybe by then it will
come, she felt sick and throws
up anytime she eats anything,
Remi thought it was a normal
sickness and drank agbo for
malaria, (herbal medicine for
malaria) hoping to get relief
but on the second month the
flow still did not come.
Remi knew that she was
doomed, she started praying
and begging the gods not to
allow her to be pregnant, she
silently pleaded to the gods to
send her monthly flow
When she couldn’t store all
that she was going through
within her any more, she
decided to talk to someone.
Nike was the first person that
came to her mind as she ran to
look for her
“Egba mi oo… Nike…ki oluwa
ran mi lowo…(I’m in trouble..i
need the help of the gods)
“Kilo sele gan (what happened)
“Aaaah, wahala wa topoju fum
(am in serious trouble) Nike, I
think I’m pregnant…
“Kini…ewoooo (what) for
who…is it for Leja…
“Rara… omooba (no, the prince)
Nike opened her eyes in shock
as she looked at Remi as if she
just released a bomb, it sound
unbelievable to her, she kept
staring at Remi like a ghost
“You know that first day,
during that seven days party,
ehee, when I told you I have
something I wanted to
discuss… it was during
then that it happened… the
prince was drunk and doesn’t
even know, he can’t remember
laying with me that night, that
is my main problem Nike, I’m
doomed…kini Kim se bayi?
(What should I do) I just
needed to talk to someone
that is close to me…
“You said the prince is not
aware of it… that is a good
thing, you will have to remove
it, I will get agbo (herbal
medicine) you will drink it and
flush it out, this agbo is very
strong and works like magic
and there’s no complication, I
ones laid with Leja, nobody
knows about it too, I enticed
him into doing it and he did, I
wanted to have him to myself
after then but he was very
foolish, he didn’t stay for long,
when I noticed that my
monthly visitor did not come
as usual…I quickly ran to iyami
and she prepared agbo and I
drank it, everything came
down…so you have to take that
agbo, is the prince that we are
talking about here… the future
king of this kingdom…he
mustn’t hear of this…
“I can’t, I don’t know Nike, but
I’m already two months gone,
and I feel terrible already,
commiting another sin upon
this will be deadly…I feel that
way…I can’t, the prince do not
have to know, I will resign
from this palace and go-to stay
with my grandma…but I just
don’t feel like flushing an
innocent tiny seed growing…
I’m the one that deserve to die
for laying with the prince not
this baby…I don’t know what
to do but I don’t have the guts
to hurt or flush the child…
“Is not yet a child Remi, is a
bad blood that will endanger
the prince and it needs to be
flushed out…
“Are you more concerned
about the prince or my life,
Nike, I never planned for this to
happen, believe me, I did not
even understand how it all
happened and I couldn’t stop
him, I thought I was free and
nobody will know because
even the prince doesn’t know,
but after a month and then
another came I knew I was
carrying the prince seed, I’m
afraid, what I greatly fear is
this but the gods will see me
through… I can’t drink any
agbo or anything just to flush
this out…I can’t..
“Even the gods can’t help you
because you seduced the
prince and slept with a drunk
man that doesn’t even know
what he was doing, the gods
won’t forgive you, is an
abomination Remi, and you
have to take it off just as I took
Leja’s own off, it was just so
Simple, you have to do it…
nobody will know… trust me…
Remi stood up and walked
away from Nike as the whole
thing was almost tuning into a
Nike was more concerned
about the prince and insisted
that she flush the pregnancy
out but Remi couldn’t, she was
confuse on what to do, she
thought telling Nike will help
but it worsen her situation, she
need to see her grandmother.
Nike took permission from the
Queen after the talk with Remi,
Nike lied that her mother was
very sick and her permission
was granted, she quickly Left
to see her mother.

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