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Diamond In The Forest… Episode 6

Episode 6.
“Two will want you, only one
will have you then disaster will
struck and you will be in
between… the gods will take
you away… Faraway with the
seed of crown…far away with
the seed of crown…
The echo was so deep, her
grandmother’s voice was
echoing repeatedly in her
dream, she toss and turn in her
bed that night untill she finally
woke up.
Remi sat up from her small bed
that was beside the princess
big bed, she looked around,
everywhere was still very dark
except for the lamptan oil light
that was burning at one corner
of the princess room.
The princess was sound asleep
on her big comfortable bed
Remi breathed deeply and try
to go back to sleep but sleep
wasn’t forth coming, she
wondered what her
grandmother meant by those
words, does it mean she will
die, her grandmother has said
“…then disaster will struck and
the gods will take her
away…faraway with the seed
of crown…
The gods taking somebody far
away only means that the
person will die, so will the gods
take her Life with the seed of
crown and what exactly is the
seed of crown…
“I don’t like it when iya speaks
in riddles… she scares me…seed
of crown… the gods will take
me faraway…aaah…I don’t
want to die… not now…
invisible God…I don’t know if
you are listening to the trouble
in my heart…if you are real and
you hear The silent cry of your
people then save me and don’t
allow my grandma’s riddles to
come to pass because it only
means death if the gods take
me away…faraway” it sound
like the grave…I don’t want to
go faraway…not now… maybe
when I’m as old as iya. invisible
God who watches over the
land and over the people of
this kingdom, please help me
to serve well with all sincerity
and love, don’t allow anger
and hate to control me but
rather help me to overcome it
all in love, I don’t want to run
into trouble again in this
palace…I know grandma said
we are born into a troubled
world and our days are filled
with trouble but God of our
land and of our ancestors save
me from any trouble that Will
consume my life an…
“Remi…Remi o sun..o in kun…
(What are you mumuring, you
are not sleeping)…what are you
whispering to yourself…or are
you sleep talking…
Remi was startled to hear the
princess speak to her, she has
thought the princess was
deeply asleep, she quickly
stood up and pretended she
was just waking up
Se o gbodo ma sun ki otu ma
Soro, princess mi, pada lo sun (I
must be sleep talking, I think I
was talking in my sleep…sorry
about that my princess please
go back to sleep).
The princess nodded and went
back to sleep, Remi covered her
up from the night cold and
later went back to her own
bed, after sometimes she fell
asleep she found herself back
home, she was crying as she
held her brother in her arms
who was vomiting blood, she
started calling her mother to
rush down
“Mami… Mami, ewa Dami ti n bi
(Mami come Dami is vomiting
blood) where are you…Dami is
vomiting blood…Mami…
She kept calling her mother but
her mother was nowhere to be
found, she later left her brother
lying helplessly on the ground
to go and look for her mother,
she search for her in the rooms
but she wasn’t there, she ran to
the backyard still crying and
calling her mother
Remi was hearing somebody
silently crying in the backyard,
she followed The voice and
was shock to see her mother in
the pull of her own blood, her
mother was also vomiting
blood and was covered up in
the mess.
She screamed and awaken
from her sleep, she was
breathing heavily as she sat up,
she looked around, everywhere
was still dark except for the
lamptan, the princess was
sound asleep, she sat on her
bed thinking of the terrible
dream, it has felt so real, she
felt something cold on her
cheek and touched it, it was
tears, she cried from the dream
to real life
Remi breathed deeply, she was
afraid to go back to sleep.
She stood up and quietly
walked to the window to check
if dawn was close at hand but
she couldn’t tell how far the
night has gone, she wish for a
day break.
Remi walked to the door and
quietly opened it, she sneak
out of the room without
making noise, she didn’t want
to wake the princess up,
She quietly closed the door and
walked through the quiet long
corridor, there were lamptan at
the both side of the passage
She wanted to sit outside to
avoid sleeping back, she was
afraid that if she go back to
sleep she will have another
bad dream
When she got to where she can
sit , in the open air sorrunded
by flowers, it was a long bench
sit, hanged like a swing
between two chains, she
crawled up there and sat, she
was swinging the chair as she
look straight ahead.
The night cold was much, her
night wear was a simple free
wear which can’t hold the cold
but she covered herself with
her thick Shaw.
She was there when the c–k
Crow, she looked up hoping for
a sign of day break, she hard a
foot sound coming towards her
direction, she sat still and tried
not to make a sound
” ta lo wa nibe (Who is
there)…who is sitting at the
swinging chair…
Remi knows that she has being
caught, no hidding place, The
person was coming towards
her with a torch light, she can
tell from the voice that it was
Leja, he stood tall and bare
chest as he approach the bench
where Remi was
“Emi ni (“Is me)…is me
” Iwo tani, se oni oruko ni (You
who…who are you, don’t you
have a name…)
“Emi ni Remi, Leja, emi ni oo (is
me Remi, Leja is me) is Remi
the princess personal
maid…Leja is me…
“Kilo n se nita, hi iwo yii (what
are you doing outside here by
this time) you are suppose to
be sleeping inside…
Remi was silent as Leja came,
he flashed the torch all over
her as he wondered why Remi
was out in the open air by the
early hours of the morning,
Remi who was already on her
feet didn’t know what to tell
Leja who was standing very
close to her and pointing touch
at her
Leja still has his torchlight on
her he didn’t bother putting it
off, he was happy to see Remi
alone which was a good
opportunity to express his
feeling for her
Remi’s Shaw fell off from her
shoulder and she quickly bent
over to pick it and immediately
she bend down to pick up her
shaw, her cleavage was
exposed through the night
wear she was putting on
When Leja saw it, he stiffened
and swallowed hard, he wish
he can have her to himself, he
wish she will agree to come
and warm him up in his room,
he wish he came cuddle her
and hold her so close to
Remi quickly covered up but
Leja’s mind was still on how he
will get Remi close to himself
considering that the night was
“Remi, my beautiful maiden,
The woman that caught my
heart… so beautiful like the
morning sun, her eyes Shone
so bright like the stars, her hips
moved in every direction
calling mighty men to follow,
her smile is so captivating, her
voice sound like The godess of
the riverline, her b—-t is so
socullent, a fresh apple from
the garden that can make a
man hardened, her lips is as
the flo…
“Leja…Leja..stop, enough of all
this praise, to what do I owe
this early morning praise…
Leja walk past her and sat on
the bench, Remi who was still
standing did not feel
comfortable with Leja’s
presence but later sat down,
giving space between them
“Why are you outside here
beautiful one…is there a
“No problem, I had a night
mare and I was afraid to go
back to sleep so I decided to
come out here,. I was here
when the first c–k Crow, not
long ago…
“That was not the first c–k
Crow that was the third one,
this was my second night
watch before the day finally
breaks, I wake up three times
every night to go check the
compound, it was the noise
coming from this swing that
got my attention, I knew
somebody must be on the
bench, I’m happy to know that
you are the one… now we got
to be together before dawn…
Leja move closer to Remi
“Stop moving close to me
“Don’t you like me, don’t you
want me as I want you, Remi
please forgive me if I have
offended you in anyway, I need
you in my life…
Leja suddenly grabbed Remi’s
hand and place in his
manhood, Remi was shock as
she pulled back her hand
“What kind of nonsense is that
Leja… why will you do that…
“I just want to show you how
much my body yawn for you,
my bladder is calling your
name… can’t you hear it
Remi…my body is harden and
only you can soften it up… is on
fire for you my beautiful
one…please let me in just ones
so that I can quench my tasty
soul…Remi ejoo… consider me
“Mtcheeew…I’m going back
inside… it was a mistake to
have come outside here , if I
know I would have remained
Remi made attent to stand up
but Leja held her back as he
deliberately brushed his hand
towards her b—-t, Remi
slapped Leja and stood up but
Leja wasn’t letting go of her
“Yes, slap me more
Remi…please slap me again, I
need your touch…be it hard or
soft touch just do it…
“kilo de to ofi sebe Leja(why
will you do that
Leja)Something is wrong with
you Leja…you are not okay, if
you touch me one more time
you will see what I Will do to
“Remi. arewa omo odo mi
(Remi my beautiful maiden)
mofe Rio gege bi olotu femi (I
want you, my body yawn for
“O serious rara, otu Kuna to o
ba mo (you are not serious at
all, you are so unfortunate)
As Remi made attent to leave
again Leja tried to grab her,
but with her one hard push,
Leja found himself on the
ground, he hit his head on the
bench and silently cry out in
Remi left him there and went
inside and stayed awake till
the following morning
Nike came up with a plan to try
and get Remi’s trust again, she
plan to beg Remi and to start
acting as a sister to her so that
she will be able to know what
was going on with her and to
gain her full trust
As Remi wash the princess
cloth in the wash room, Nike
came to meet her.
Nike apologies to her and ask if
she can help her in washing
the cloths,
Remi was surprise at Nike, she
told her not to worry about
helping out that the princess
cloth wasn’t much
Remi kept watching Nike’s as
her attitude changed, she was
acting all nice all of a sudden
Leja who felt embarrassed
after the incident with Remi,
anytime he see’s Remi coming
he will hide or follow another
No maiden has ever rejected
him or embarrassed him like
Remi did that night, he felt
ashamed of himself anytime he
remembers it
The prince was looking for an
avenue where he Will get to sit
down and talk with Remi
again, ever since she returned
back to the palace he has not
been able to speak with her
Remi totally forgot about the
dream but the only word that
echos in her mind which she
wish she can understand is her
grandmother’s words
“Emi meji yoo ma wa nkan
nkan, yoo si pada bosi owo
enikan nigba na ni yanpon yan
ri n yoo wa sele, Iwo ni oma
wa ni arin, orumila a si mu o lo
si ona jin jin pelu eso ade.
“(Two Will want you, only one
will have you then disaster will
struck and you will be in
between, the gods will take
you away… Faraway with the
seed of crown…)
She thought within her, the
two that may want her is
either the Prince or Leja, but
every other thing in the riddle
was confusing to her, she does
not understand but wish she
does so that she will know
what the Future holds for her.
Does the “two” that will want
her really means the prince and
Leja or is her mind playing
tricks on her
What exactly is the full
meaning of the riddle
Remi wondered within herself.

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