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Melody Of Love… Episode 12

Episode 12
Writer: NICKY
Nicky’s POV
We walked together on the field holding hands, I could notice people eyes on us”let go of my hand people are watching”I said looking around the field. He looked at me and smiled “let them see we Are couples now”He said holding me more tighter, As we went on.
Mia’s POV
I sat on a bench crossing my legs together beside the school cafeteria. I was still in anger as I remembered how Mick took Nicky’s hand in class. “What the hell was that?”I thought to myself. “I have to plan something quickly I can’t bare to see them both together,Mick has to be mine” I thought to myself. Linda and Susan came running to me. “Mia! Mia!”Linda called as they got close to me. I quickly changed my expression and smiled. “Why did you walked out like that?”Susan asked seating beside me. Linda gave me this suspicious look”don’t tell me you had a crush on Mick”linda asked sitting down beside me and looking at me for what going to say. I cleared my throat and pretend I didn’t hear what she just said. “It’s normal, since most of the girls in school had a crush on him”linda said. I looked at her “yes I want him seriously, I admit I had a crush on him. but how can he confessed to someone like nicky of all people?”I said feeling disgusted. “Yeah mia is right, she has to have bewitched him. because I know senior Mick can’t like someone like her”Susan said looking angry. We were still discussing on nicky and Mick when mary came to us. “Why are you guys talking behind her?”mary asked looking at me badly. I stared into her eye feeling irritated. “Here, we have nicky’s dog”I said as I stood up facing her. linda and Susan laughed out loud, making her more angry She glared at me angrily and came closer to me”you evil witch. I guess that’s why you were driven out of your formal school, because you planned to kill the whole school with you witchcraft”she said looking straight into my eyes fearlessly. She moved to Susan and Linda folding her arms together. “You And you”she said pointing to Linda and Susan. “If guys should try anything stupid on her, I will slit your throats”she said waving her fingers to her neck demonstrating it. The two girls moved back holding there necks,while shaking in fear. She looked back at me”this is a warning and not a threat”she said and walked out on us. I looked at her as she went on. I was boiling in anger wishing I could kill her right now. Susan stood up and came to my side holding my arm”That wrench”I said breathing heavily from anger. “Oh my God, she looks really scary”linda said still shaking in fear. “I will deal with her later”I said still feeling annoyed. “Leave her alone, She is out of our league”susan said looking at me. “Her father is taekwondo master, she beats up three boys at once when she first came came to our school, because they we’re bullying a weak student. That’s why students are afraid to be friends with her, until Nicky came” susan said in fear.
We left the cafeteria for our class.
Nicky’s POV
Mick and I sat on a bench, beside the field. After chatting with Mick for a while, he asked me to go on a date with him on Saturday which is tomorrow, and I told him I will without hesitating. We exchanged contacts and I set to leave for mary”bye see you tomorrow then”I said as I set to leave. “Ok bye”he said as he pecked my forehead. I smiled and left him for my class.
I was about entering when I saw mia at the entrance. She was giving me this dirty look”what do you want again?”I asked looking at her. “Since you don’t know, let me made it clear to you”she said moving closer to me. “I want you to Leave Mick alone if you don’t want to swim in your own blood”she said looking straight Into my eyes. “And Why would she?” Someone said coming towards us. I stood there in shock to see that person. Sammy came to us looking cool as always. He stopped and looked at mia”who are you to say that to her?”Sammy said looking at mia. Mia looked up at Sammy “who are you to butt in”she Asked giving him a dirty look. Sammy smiled and move closer to her”am her royal knight, since she is a princess”sammy said looking straight into her eyes. mia moved closer to my ear ignoring sammy”it looks like you have many knight in shining armor here. But let’s see how far you can go with them”Mia looked at me then looked back at sammy and stormed off in anger.

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