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My Dream High School… Episode 7

My Dream High School
#Chapter 7
Written by, Rejoice
*Olivia’s POV*
When I sat down, Tristan touched my hair.
“Huh?” I blinked my eyes at him.
“You don’t look happy.” He said.
“I am.” I said.
“No you are not.” He persisted.
“Okay. im not. But you don’t have to know.” I said.
Apart from my family, no one else knows that I hide in the boot. Tristan doesn’t but he knows MacHills have been my dream school.
“Ain’t we friends Olivia?” He asked with a really sad tone.
“We are Tristan.” I tried my best to let out a wide smile and touched his own hair.
“Why that now.” He asked.
“You look so cute today.” I said and winked.
“Argh.. I know you wanna use that to escape my question on the reason why you ain’t happy.” He said.
I laughed.
“At least you just laughed now. That means you ain’t hundred percent sad.” He said.
Just then, Mr Grants walked in and Oh God!!! That was when I remembered the assignment.
“Tristan. The assignment.” I whispered to Tristan.
He got it out and sneak it to me, in a way that Mr Grants wouldn’t see.
“Assignments should be brought to my desk in the next five minutes!” Mr Grants announced and walked out.
I flipped through the Geometry assignments and smiled at what Tristan did. Though I got no clue on whatever he did there, but I trust Tristan.
“You deserve a hug.” I whispered to him with a smile.
“Yes. Will you?” He asked with a toothy smile.
“Hey. Your books!” Sally said standing at my table.
I frowned.
I’ve totally forgot that the silly thing is the class captain.
I rolled my eyes and dropped the book on top the ones she was carrying, followed by Tristan’s.
No! I took our books back and slide it in the middle.
My book can’t be on top. She might write nonsense on them.
She rolled her eyes and walked away.
Ugh! Why must she be the class captain.
I just hate this school.
“Nice idea.” Tristan said and I smiled.
*Ella’s POV*
“Ella, you are here.” Emily called as I walked into the class (Home room)
“What’s up?” I asked her as I sat down on my chair and dropped my phone on the desk.
Emily seat is after mine.
“Come on. Haven’t Sam told you?” Emily said.
“Told me what?” I asked.
“Didn’t he tell you a newbie is coming to the school next week?” Emily asked.
Ohh.. that must be Sam’s cousin.
“Well he told me last night.. Didn’t tell me much tho. How did you know?” I said.
She flapped her short lashes.
“Well I got to know his name.” She said.
“So?” I asked.
“Noel. Noel, but I didn’t get his surname.” She said.
“I’ll get that from Sam then. Talking about Sam, I’ve not seen him.” I said.
“Well I have.” She said.
I blinked.. Like why the hell would she see him before me?
“And where?” I asked.
“At the hallway. When he was heading out.” She said.
“Did you guys talk?” I asked.
“We just said ‘Hi’” She answered.
“Did he ask about me?” I asked.
“Yeah. Told him you might be in class but I came in and found out you ain’t in class.”
“That’s okay. I went to the restroom.” I said. Then looking up, I saw Sam walk in. A smile appeared lightly on his face as he saw him.
“Girlfriend.” He smiled and pecked me. Im sure that caused a few stare.
I like it.
“Where’ve you been?” I asked.
“Mr MacHills needed my presence. So babe, could you believe I just took an elevator to the fourth floor now.” He said with a sigh like taking an elevator is a big work.
“Proprietor’s son shouldn’t feel tired just cos he took an elevator to answer his dad’s call.” I said and he chuckled.
“Don’t act like im his only son. We are three and im the last born.” He said.
I rolled my eyes, “But being the only proprietor’s son here.. That’s a lot of respect.” I said.
“I ain’t the heir Bae.” He said.
“Oh that’s enough anyways.” I said. He chuckled and sat on my desk.
“So, it’s all about my cousin who’s gonna continue his final year here. He’s coming down from Texas. He’s actually the son of my dad’s sister.” He said.
“And his name is?” I asked like Emily haven’t told me.
“Noel.” He said.
“Noel what?” I asked. I wonder why Im just interested in the ‘Noel’s surname.
He smiled, “You’ll get to know that.” he said.
“Oh, that’s okay.” I said.
Why is he hiding his surname?
Is the ‘Noel’ a god or something?
“No cheerleader practice today. It’s wednesday.” He said.
“NoP.” I said… Stressing the ‘P’
“So I got two tickets. We are going to watch an interesting movie today. I really need to watch it with you please babeee..” He said.
“Great” I smiled.
“Thanks bae.” He said, stood up and pecked me.
Emily was now busy with her phone.
The bell rang for first class.
“We got Math!” I said angrily, referring to Emily and I.
I hate math..but it’s Emily’s favourite.
She does all my Math homeworks..
“Yes.” Emily said happily.
“Horrible.” I rolled my eyes.
“I have Arts. Painting tho.” Sam said.
“Paint my cute eyes.” I said and he smiled.
“Ofcourse girlfriend. See ya later.” He said and turned to walk out.
Just then, that newbie came in. What did she say her name is?
Emily said ‘Hi’ to her and she to Emily.
Emily is really daring me.
Sam stared briefly at her (the newbie) then walked out.
I rolled my eyes.
“Ain’t we going for the Math class?” I yanked at Emily and she nodded and we walked out.
Why did Sam stare at that bitch!
“You know Emily.. I really don’t know why you’re daring me.” I said.
“Daring you?” She asked.
“Can’t you see I don’t want that bitchy newbie of a girl around? Saying Hi and all that stupid shit you wanna start with her. Unless you wanna loose me as your friend and you know what that means!” I half yelled cos im so angry right now.
Why the hell did Sam had to stare at that girl.
“Im sorry okay.” Emily said coolly.
“Better be!” I yanked.
School got over.
Sam took my hand till we got to my car.
“I’ll come by five-thirty to pick you up bae. The Movie starts by six.” Sam said.
“Alright.” I said with a smile.
He pecked me and I got into the car..
*Sam’s POV*
Waving my girlfriend ‘bye’, I turned to head to the class when my phone rang.
I picked it up.
“Hey Noel.” I said.
“Dude. Im freaking out.. I can’t stand this anymore. Im flying down tomorrow. I can’t stay till sunday anymore.” He said.
“Why?” I asked.
“They are at it again and I can’t bear it.” He said.
His dad and mom are having issues again… cos of him.
Well…it’s quite a story to tell.
I didn’t believe it when I heard it.
“It’s okay dude. Just stay strong.” I said.
“Im gonna stay with you guys for the few days till the house is completely furnished.” He said.
He wanna live on his own…
“Im sure it’s gonna be done before sunday. Have you told my dad about you coming tomorrow?” I asked.
“Yeah.. You know your dad is the coolest dad I’ve ever known.” He said.
I understand.
“It’s okay bro. Having you around’s gonna be great.” I said with an exciting smile.
Seriously, I sure want him here.
I began hearing some noise. Probably his parents.
“Im gonna call you later dude.” He said and the call ended.
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