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My Dream High School… Episode 8

My Dream High School
#Chapter 8
Written by, Rejoice
*Olivia’s POV*
I was home now helping mom fix her hair, braiding it in the style she calls ‘First lady style’ but though I see nothing like ‘First lady’ in the hair style.
We were also watching a movie called ‘His Angel’
“Oh my Olivia.. Did you see that?” Mom pointed at the tv.
We both erupted into a loud laughter, including Gboy who sat on another couch.
“Oh funny movie, I just wish Ella would never come home.” Gboy said amidst laughter.
“Oh she will but it have to be after this movie is over.” Mom said.
“Amen. But she’s on the way now. I can feel it.” I said with a smirk at Gboy.
He glared at me.
“I will only believe that if you are a prophetess which you aren’t.” Gboy said.
Then we heard the sound of a car drive in.
Mom snapped out of the seat and I grinned like a proud heroine at Gboy.
“Oh.. maybe you became that today.” He said, rolled his small eyes and rushed to turn off the tv.
Mom rushed to the kitchen while Gboy trailed behind me as I went to the door.
No trash to dispose.
I stood at the door and once the doorbell rang, I opened the door.
“Welcome Ella.” I said as she came in.
“Welcome Ella.” Gboy’s now cold voice followed. He’s no lousy kid anymore.
Ella came in and after taking a brief scan around the huge living room, She walked straight upstairs.
No smell today. Nice.
Dad came in and smiled at me.
“Dad?” I called, remembering the morning stuff.
“She didn’t ask about that. I guess her boyfriend didn’t tell her.” He whispered to me.
I grinned happily.
“Oh great. So that means we can still go on with it right?” I asked hopefully.
He paused for awhile.
“I don’t think Olivia.” He said and walked away.
“Dad is right Olivia.” Gboy said.
“Im sad.” I said with a sigh.
“That’s really nice.” He said.
“Nice? Really nice?” I glared at him.
“Yeah cos if Ella had gotten to know about that. You’do be answering questions now… Daddy’s salary will be deducted and you’ll face some punishment which will all make you feel sadder. More sad than you are now. So it’s nice you are just sad.” He said.
I sighed and walked away to my room.
I fell on the bed and took my cheap smart phone.
I need to call Tristan or im just gonna burst into tears.
I dialled Tristan’s number. He’s the only friend I’ve got.
“Hello Tristan.” I said immediately he picked the call.
“Whoa! I was so right!” He yelled.
“Argh! my ears. You were right on what?” I asked, interested.
“That Im gonna get a suprise!” He laughed.
“What suprise!” I asked, curious.
“Any suprise and here is the suprise. You called.” He said, laughing again.
“What! you saying I never call you Tristan?” I asked.
I would have yelled at him if Ella wasn’t back. How could he say that?
“You hardly touch your phone talkmore of calling someone. You aren’t in any social media. Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter..” He was saying but I cut in.
“I just don’t like them.” I said.
“I know. Just tell me Olivia. Is the contacts in your phone up to ten?” He asked.
Why will he ask me when he knows.
“Just mine, my mom, my dad, and yours.” I said.
“You see. Now that is why I always love to touch your hair so I could transfer some of my modern sense into yours.” He said and I laughed.
That was funny.
“That doesn’t work anyways.” I said.
“I wish it does.” He said.
I paused for awhile.
“Hello Olivia. You there?” He asked.
“Tristan. Im about to cry.” I said.
“Oh my. Why? you were laughing just now.” He said.
“I’ve been keeping it a secret from you.” I said.
“Oh… Do you wanna share it now?” He asked.
“No. I might tomorrow in school.” I said.
“Alright. I’ll be waiting, but please don’t cry okay.” He said.
“I won’t since you told me not to.” I said.
“Alright. I want to sleep now.” I said.
“Dream of me.” He giggled.
I giggled too and ended the call.
Ohh I feel so sleepy…
I dropped my phone and closed my eyes to sleep.
“Olivia!” I heard Ella’s annoying voice!
I groaned in anger and punched my pillow hard.
“Olivia!” She called loudly again.
I got out of the bed and walked out.
I felt so sleepy even though I slept for hours in school.
I walked to her mom and knocked.
“Get in.” She said.
I opened the door and went in.
“Clean my boot. The pink boot.” She said.
My eyes went to her shoes closet and I saw the pink boot. But it doesn’t look dirty.
I walked over and took it. I picked the bootbrush beneath the closet and began cleaning the boots.
The boots look so cute that I wished it was mine. Well all her shoes. Lots of them.
Seems she’s going out cos she was applying foundation and lipgloss.
ew! I hate that even though they always look so good on her.
“Be quick and get out. I wanna dress up.” She said.
I inhaled.
What’s there if she dresses while im here. I mean, im a girl! She’s just over proud and saucy.
I hurriedly finished up the shoes and layed it back on the shoes closet. Then walked out.
I sighed as I walked back to my room, to sleep.
I woke up by a hard hit on my arm.
“What? what?” I mumbled, rubbing my eyes.
“You should better get up or the popcorn is finished.” Gboy said.
Ugh! At the mention of popcorn, My stomache grumbled and I sat up in a swift.
A popcorn pack was in his hand.
“Popcorn!” I said and got out of the bed but before I could, he ran out, giggling.
“Hey come back here.” I yelled as I ran after him but bumped into mom who was grinning.
She held two popcorn packs.
Oh.. popcorn.. popcorn. Which pack do I take?
“Ella is out with her boyfriend. So let’s have fun abit.” She said and winked.
I gasped.
“Did you mean Samuel came here? I mean her boyfriend.” I asked.
“Yes, he looked so hot.. Oh rich. Ella is such a lucky girl.” Mom said.
“Oh bad. I was sleeping. I wanted to see him.” I said.. but I wasn’t so sad cos there’s a popcorn to make me happy.
I grabbed the one in her right hand.
“No. That is mine. Here’s yours.” Mom said.
I looked at the one I held, then at the one she held. The one she held was more full.
“Oh here. I wondered too cos it’s small.” I gave it back to her and she gave me mine.
“Let’s go join your dad and Gboy in the living room. They are watching Superman.” She grinned.
“Yeahhhh!” I laughed and we ran towards the living-room.
But it wasn’t ‘Superman’.. It was a bloody vampire movie. And they… they were sucking… eating.. some..
“AHHHHHHH!!” Mom and I screamed in fright as we shut our eyes and clung to each other tightly.
“Put that off!” Mom yelled.
“NOO!” Dad and Gboy said and bursted into laughter.
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Author Rejoice.

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Updated: March 25, 2019 — 3:15 am

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