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My Dream High School… Episode 9

My Dream High School
#Chapter 9
Written by, Rejoice
*Ella’s POV*
The movie was great and now, Sam held my hand as we walked to the car.
“I can’t stop saying you look smoking hot.” He said.
“For the tenth time, thanks.” I laughed.
We got to his car and went in, closing the door.
“Hope you loved the movie?” He asked.
“Sure. Especially Mr Lasby. He’s such a funny man.” I laughed.
He smiled, then leaned close to kiss me.
I let him do that..
“Umm.. Soft lips.. Lucky me.” He said with a smile after he pulled back.
I hit him slightly.
He pushed back his hair, leaned closer again and kissed me again, a little more longer this time.
“Sam” I mumbled and he withdrew.
“Im just so excited to have you as my girlfriend. It means alot to me and I really love you Ella.” He said.
I smiled and placed my finger on his lips.
“I love you too.” I said.
He tried to playfully bite my finger and I pulled away fast with a laugh.
“You are so crazy Sam.”
“Crazy for you bae.” He winked.
His phone began ringing.
Bringing out, I saw a picture of the caller displayed on the phone screen with the name ‘Noel’.
Wow.. I flushed.
The Noel is gorgeously handsome!
Gosh gosh… Oh em gee!
Sam smiled…and picked the call.
Wow, that was a goddamn hot human!
“Hello Noel.” Sam said.
I wish I could hear the caller’s voice but I couldn’t.
“Yes.. Though I wish you’do stay with us.. you know.” Sam said seconds later.
“It’s okay. See you tomorrow dude. Bye.”
The call ended.
“Noel.” Sam said to me.
“Like he’s not gonna stay with you guys?” I asked.
“Yeah. Dad helped get him a nice house though Noel payed the bills.” Sam said.
“He did?” I asked.
“Yeah.. Dad wanted to but Noel doesn’t let anyone pay his bills.” Sam said.
Wow.. He must be goddamn rich.
“Wow.. And that picture. He look super handsome.” I said cos I couldn’t help it.
“Well yeah. you are right.” Sam said. Then he pecked me and drove off.
Wow.. Noel
We got to my house and Sam pulled to a stop.
“So goodnight babe.” He said as he leaned and kissed me.
“Goodnight.” I smiled and got down.
“I gotta walk you to the porch.” He said with a sweet smile.
“Oh.. don’t you worry.” I said.
“Why babe?” He asked.
“Nothing.” I smiled.
He shrugged.
I watched him drive away and I rolled my eyes after.
The time he came wasn’t so good.
He did talk about that clumsy girl after at school.
How beautiful she is… and I felt like strangling the dummy thing when I got home.
I wouldn’t want such happening again.
He could just come when the dummy isn’t home. Or maybe I should start letting mom know it’s time they get out of here.
I turned and walked to the porch.. Rang the doorbell and the door opened immediately.
“Welcome Ella.” She said and I walked in… She look so clumsy.
Just to hurt her a bit, I stepped on her with my boot.
She yelled out and left the door to nurse her toes.
“Oh.. I didn’t see that tho.” I said and walked away, grinning.
Im really fed up seeing her and her stupid family. Isn’t three years a whole lot of years for them to have saved up and get a house? Even if it’s a house in a damp. They can just fucking go!
I pushed my bedroom door open, got in and closed back the door.
I fell on my soft welcoming bed.
Well, it was great with Sam and now Wow! Noel.
If he’s really the guy in the caller’s picture, then he’s so goddamn hot!
*Olivia’s POV*
Ouch! That girl. Im sure she stepped on me just to hurt me.
She’ll never stop being a brat.
Phew. I closed the door.
And was that Samuel.. He didn’t even walk her to the porch or even come in.
Argh! what’s my business.. I just hope he didn’t tell her the morning stuff.
I turned towards the kitchen.
Mom and Gboy were eating something.
“Mine?” I asked and rushed to them.
Gboy shoved all of his into hid mouth instantly but mom stretched hers to me.
Chicken.. Great!
“But I don’t think Ella is hungry tonight. She went out right?” I said with a grin.
I just want to eat more. Is that too bad?
“Shut up Olivia. Ella’s dinner should be served now.” Mom said and placed the chicken peppersoup in a plate.
I sighed.
“Go call up Ella.” Mom said to me.
“Mom why not let me go drop the food while you go call her.” I said with another wider grin.
Gboy giggled.
“Who do you wanna decieve huh?” Mom said with a smirk and carried the tray.
“Go now Olivia.” Mom said before walking out with… with the tray.
Gboy kept giggling and I glared at him.
He poked out his tongue at me and ran out.
‘Silly thing. I’ll deal with you later.’
I walked out to Ella’s room and knocked gently.
“Who’s that?” Her voice sounded calm.
“Your dinner is served.” I said and did the cross-sigh immediately. I really need her to say ‘No’ to her dinner.
“What’s that?” She asked.
“Chicken and soup.” I said.
“Okay.”She replied and I almost hit my fist on the door but I got myselt just in time and stamp my feet on the floor instead.
Why must she eat tonight!
“Olivia, you still there?” She asked.
“Yes I am.” I answered.
“Why?” She asked.
I gasped.
“No. I was leaving.” I said and turned to rush away.
“Olivia.” She called again.
“Yes Ella.” I answered.
“Dispose the meal. I aren’t hungry.” She said.
“God forbid, I can’t. I mean.. I will.” I said and ran off…. straight to the dinning table
Mom was there but Gboy wasn’t.
I rushed to the food and grabbed one big chicken.
Mom’s eyes went wide open.
“Olivia!” She shouted.
“Ella said to me, ‘Dispose the meal, I aren’t hungry’ That is exactly what I am doing.” I said amidst mouth full of chicken.
I sat down and grabbed the spoon to take soup.
Mom grabbed the plate of chicken and ran off, leaving me with the soup.
I stood up and chased after her.
*Noel’s POV*
I took out my travelling box and dropped it on the bed.
My phone which lay beside the box vibrated and I saw the time, ‘seven-thirty pm’
I went to my wardrobe and picked my clothes.
Just few which are my favourite… And then few shoes too.
I parked all of em in the box and locked it back.
I took my guitar and placed it into it’s bag and zipped it up
A knock came.
“If it’s Serena. Leave.” I said.
Serena is my personal maid..
“It’s your mom Noel.” My mom’s voice came coolly.
“I don’t wanna talk to you.” I said and walked over to the couch and sat down, then picked the remote on the table.
“Noel.” She said.
“Didn’t you hear me?” I snapped.
“Noel, I need to talk to you please.” She said.
I switch on the TV and Justin Bieber’s song came in.
The door opened and Mom walked in… Came over and sat at the single sofa opposite.
“Noel bring down the volume of the music playing. I need to talk to you.” She said.
“But I just told you im not in the mood to listen to what ever you wanna say.” I snapped.
“Noel.. Im sorry for lying to you and your.. dad. ” She said.
“He isn’t my dad. You let a man get you pregnant and you let ‘dad’ believe he’s the one responsible… Now it’s been confirmed im not his biological son. How could you do that?” I fumed.
“Noel. You don’t know how scared I was.. I was scared to loose my husband to be. Your dad.. I mean, my husband was rich… I couldn’t loose him. I was afraid. I was so inlove with him.” She said.
“If you were so inlove with him why did you let another man.. have sex with you. Gosh! I can’t bear this!” I barked and stood up angrily.
“Noel.” She called sadly but I turned off the music, walked over to my shoes closet, took a brown boots, sat on the bed and pulled into them.
“Noel. Im sorry for causing this.” She said but I stood up, walked over to my guitar which leaned on the wall beside the beside table. I Grabbed it with my phone and headset.
“Noel.. Are you really leaving tomorrow?” She asked.
I crossed the headset on my neck.
“Yeah. I got to. You guys need to settle this. I can’t bear staying here and knowing im really the cause of your misunderstanding.” He said.
“He’s issuing a divorce papers.” She said tearfully and sniffled.
“Well you can’t blame him.” I said before walking out.
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