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My first true love… Episode 30

My first true love
Final chapter..
I looked at a very startled Alexander in front of me. The look on his face revealed so many emotions: confusion, anger and sadness. The moment I said Derek’s name it was as if cold water had splashed on Alexander’s face.
He went from his usual pale self to having a bright red face.
He was definitely angry. There was a moment of silence between us; Alexander looked down, probably processing everything that I just told him, which was pretty much everything that Elisabeta had told me back at the hotel.
“I know this is going to sound crazy, but back at the hotel I decided to go have breakfast at a small restaurant, then when I came out everyone was gone…it was as if I was the only one there” I explained. Alexander’s eyes soften then a smile spread across his face.
“I know. That’s what we use in order to catch intruders. The town itself is like a portal, once hunters or anyone that is curious to go in enters the town it disappears…I sensed that you were here, I didn’t know how, but I new that you were in danger so I got you out.” He said looking at me..
He was the…eagle. He had to be.
“You were the eagle…right?” he smiled and nodded.
“I had to change form in order to save you. I sensed your fear and it guide me to find you”
“That makes sense now. I was so caught up with others things that I forgot about what you can do”
He chuckled and brought my face closer to his.
“I will never let anyone harm you” he whispered. His sweet sent spread across my face. My gaze went to his lips…my mind was pulling me closer, those lips were definitely a magnets for me.
I reluctantly pulled away. I heard Alexander sigh and without letting another moment go, he crashed his lips to mine.
It was as he felt my desire and lust for him.
“I love you” he whispered against my lips.
“As I love you” I replied.
Then we heard it. I pulled away and saw Derek standing by the door clapping.
“Oh…what a sweet moment” he said sarcastically.
His face full of fury and anguish. I stood up against Alexander who was holding my hand.
I squeezed his hand reassuring him that I was here for him.
“What are you doing here Derek” Alexander snapped with anger. I could hear fury in his voice.
“Is that a way to talk to your best friend Alexander?” Derek asked coming closer.
“You are not my friend. You never were.”
Derek smirked and walked towards the window. “You’re wrong; I was always there for you. But you and your family had to be more powerful than mine so I had to finish them in order for me to get more power…You should have been there, your cousin was easy to kill…specially when he was begging for mercy” he said laughing.
Alexander let go of my hand launching towards Derek. He pushed him against the wall both of his hands were tightly around Derek’s neck. “You killed him?”
Derek chuckled. “I did”
I could sense tension in the air. I felt fury and sadness around me. Those were Alexander’s feelings.
I was feeling what he was feeling. I could see a very tense Alexander in front of me trying to choke Derek. He held Derek against the wall with such force that he almost made a whole in the wall.
I watched as everything happened in front of me. Both friends were fighting against each other, one for power and the other for revenge. I called Alexander begging him to let him go, but all I did was distract him. Derek pushed him against the other side of the room with so much force, that the windows exploded.
Derek flew towards Alexander, smacking Alexander’s head to the wall. I screamed again and again.
My heart shattered as I saw Alexander struggling to stand up. I ran up to Derek and started hitting him on the back of his chest. He kept hitting Alexander, blood splashed everywhere.
Derek turned to face me then as soon as Alexander lay on the floor probably unconscious.
I remain far away from him as I could, his face held so much anger in them. His evil grin made my heart beat fast. I wanted to run to Alexander and get away from Derek, but I was in his trap now.
There was no way out…alive.
Derek kept coming towards me; a new and threatening look appeared on his face.
“Now Jane, why are you running away from me?” he asked in a sadistic tone.
He ran up to me and in less of a minute he stood in front of me. I could feel his cold breath across my face sending shivers all over my body.
I looked up and saw a completely blank look in his eyes. Then I felt the same thing that had haunted me for so long.
It started to flow around me, covering us in the process. I looked to the side to see if Alexander was still unconscious.
To my luck he wasn’t moving; there was no sign of him moving.
I started to close my eyes, praying to God that Derek would take compassion in me and let me go..
But then again, he brought me here in the first place for one reason…to kill Alexander after killing me.
I new right then that my hours alive were limited; I had to do something fast.
Please Jane, concentrate…
I closed my eyes and started to think about I had learned a long time ago when I had discovered that Alexander was a vampire.
In a book that I’d read before, vampires can either be burned to death or by a stake on the heart.
Memories of my family, friends and Alexander appeared in my head. All those happy yet sad memories that I held of them started to crash my heart. Not knowing if I was ever going to see them again hurt me the most.
Maybe I was meant to be home…or maybe I was meant to die right now.
I felt Derek’s hand tighten around my neck, I gasped for air but the pressure around my neck was making it impossible.
Mist clouded my vision. I heard Derek’s voice faintly, but all I could do was try to push him away. But unfortunately I had no strength left in me.
My vision got blurry. I felt myself floating in the air.
As I look to the side I faintly saw Alexander getting up before darkness took me and my vision went blank.
Alexander’s P.O.V
After Jane told me what had happened to her I knew in that moment that she was right. Derek was behind all of this all along. Anger went through me as she told me how Derek my best friend killed my family…my cousin.
He did all of this for power.
He did not only hurt my family, but he also hurt the love of my life. I thought that the hunters were the ones to blame all this time. Derek should have confronted me earlier, he should have kept Jane away from this, but then again he wanted to hurt me.
After sensing Jane here I was alert in case she got near the ghost town, every single vampire from the elite clan that we belong to were here.
The King himself and the Prince decided to come to Amsterdam in case the hunters were to be here. They were not here to get away from them…they were here to fight like everyone else.
Clans from around the world were soon coming to end this war once and for all.
The minute I sensed Jane in my house I freaked out, I sensed her coming to my secret room and that’s where she went.
The moment I saw here coming through the door, my heart stopped beating. I held the ring in my pocket, the promise ring that I had giving her back at the cabin.
I longed to see her face; it was as if a part of me was ripped apart. But due to what Derek put her through I’m not sure if my world is for her.
My mind and body were numb; I felt the cold punches pierce my skin. I may be a vampire, but fighting with another one of my kind makes me vulnerable.
I let go of him and my world went blank.
For a moment I found myself floating in the air, the sensation made me weak.
I heard Jane’s faint cries for help, but I wasn’t able to move.
I wanted to reach for her and protect her, but I couldn’t move my body. I sensed mist around me and that’s when I felt it.
Jane’s fear, she must be in danger.
The air around me got strong, a distinct smell surged through me and I found myself getting back to reality.
I open my eyes and saw the room filled with mist.
My senses came back and I got up to see a very horrified Jane in front of me dying.
My heart sensed her pain, she was suffocating. I immediately ran up to her pushing Derek to the side. He stumbled falling to the ground.
Jane’s eyes were closed by the time I got to her. I pressed my finger to her neck to see if there was any pulse..
Miraculously she was still alive, but barely. I turned to see if Derek was still there, but he wasn’t anymore.
The mist slowly disappeared leaving me along with an unconscious Jane in my arms. I felt a dull ache of guilt arise within me.
As I held Jane in my arms, I saw her unconscious figure…she looks so fragile.
I gently placed her on the bed.
Please Jane, wake up…don’t leave me.
A loud noise came from the door. I stood in front of the bed protecting Jane. A figure come into view, she stood in front of me just the way I remember.
She had come here with Derek before, they both looked happy together. But there was something about her that made me wonder if she was against me as well or not.
But now I know that she was trying to help all along. The messages that I received when I was in America were from her.
She was trying to warn me about Derek, but I didn’t listen. I was blinded by my trust in him. I never in a million years would have imagined how my best friend was after me.
She stood in front of me startled.
“So you came” I asked not moving from Jane’s side.
Elisabeta stood in from of me, her eyes scanning the room until they landed on Jane.
“Is she alright?” she asked coming closer.
I held my hand out to signal her to stop. “She will be”
“Look Alexander, I was trying to help okay. I knew that you were not going to listen to me so I sent her” she said pointing at Jane.
“Well you brought her to her own death…Derek was trying to kill her” she gasped and looked away.
There was worry and regret in her eyes. I know that I shouldn’t judge her or tell her that it was her fault.
She was trying to help after all. “She will be alright, but Derek is going to attack any time soon”
“I know. You need to stop him Alexander; she has killed a lot of people. If you don’t come to an agreement with the hunters, our world is going to fall apart. We will be in the shadows forever”
Live in the shadows forever…that will be bad not only for my world, but to the human world as well.
Not only will we be more aggressive, but the humans will still hunt us.
I had to stop them.
“I will stop them, but I need you to protect Jane for me…she needs to rest. Can you heal her?”
“Yes and I will protect her. Go now…a war is about to begin” she said rushing to Jane’s side.
I leaned down and kissed Jane. I didn’t know if this was going to be my last time with her, but I knew that she was going to be alright.
“I’ll be back for you Jane…I love you” I whispered. Her heart started beating normally again.
I looked back at Elisabeta and smiled. “Take care of her please”
Her eyes softened and she sent me a small smile. “I will”
I nodded and walked towards the door no looking back at her or Jane.
“You know, Derek is going to die for what he did” I said.
I heard Elisabeta taking a deep breath. “I know…just go and do whatever you need to do” she said.
I stood there for a second taking everything in. She was sacrificing her love for him in order to safe our kind.
I wonder if Derek ever loved her the same way she loves him.
Maybe we aren’t that different after all. Our love has blind us and left us with nothing.
I exit the room and lock it behind me; they were going to be safe here away from everything that is going to happen outside.
I immediately rushed to see if everyone was ready. The library room was filled with members of the royal family and other powerful leaders..
“Alexander, please join us. We need to plan our attack” the King said motioning me to come closer.
“Yes, your majesty. But first I need to tell everyone what I have discovered” they all nodded for me to continue.
I glanced around the room to see if Derek was around, but he wasn’t.
“I know who started the war” I heard a few gasped and others started whispering to each other.
“Who?” the Prince asked.
“Derek” he looked shocked and angry. Everyone stare at me in disbelief.
“He has reunited with the hunters, he wants power and he was planning on getting it by murdering my family”
The King stood up with an angry look on his face. “We have to get him before he get’s us”
“How your majesty?” one of the leaders asked.
“Alexander will bring him to us, and then we will finish him and the hunters”
“I heard that every single hunter is here. There will be war” another leader said stepping closer.
Everyone stood where they were, whispering to one another.
But they were right; we needed to fight in order to end this.
“Alexander, you are going to bring us to him…he wants you. We will attack after you finish him” the Prince said with concerned.
“You know I will always have your back” he promised.
I knew then that he was right. I needed to seek Derek, and then finish him.
“Ok” Everyone gathered their things and started to exit the room.
We all walked to a deserted area, away from the mansion and everything that might hear us.
I walked next to the King and Prince…they were after all my family..
The only family that I had left.
There was nothing else in the world that mattered now…Jane was going to be safe in the mansion while I fight for our love and life out here.
“Everything is going to be alright” Connor said. The Prince and I grew up together up until I had to move. Our lives were the same. He wanted peace for his people and I wanted peace to safe the love of my life.
“She is here Connor…Elisabeta is with her” I told him. A wave of confusion and sadness crossed his eyes.
“I sensed her coming…Elisabeta will keep Jane safe” he said not meeting my eyes.
I nodded. I have always known that he was in love with Elisabeta. But she was very stubborn to actually see that he was the one for her.
Derek kept her away from everyone; he did too felt that Connor wanted her.
I just hope that by the end of this, he tells Elisabeta how he truly feels about her.
As we headed to the mountains, I saw them coming.
Mist surrounded them, it was impossible to see how many they were or if they had any special weapons with them.
“Derek is going to use his powers to protect them” the King said.
“We’re going to need to keep him far from them” Connor said.
Everyone stood behind the King, waiting.
Derek stood in the front as well with a grin on his face. As the mist disappeared, I could see that there were at least two hundredth hunters in front of us. We only had a little bit over one hundredth.
I gulped and force myself to face Derek.
“Now, what do we have here…vampires vs. hunters” he said.
I grip my hands into fists trying to hold my anger.
“Now Alexander, why are we angry? Is Jane dead?” he asked sarcastically..
I just hope that my parents actually escaped from him in time. I didn’t want them to be away from me, but I had to keep them safe.
“You need to give up Alexander…we can rule together, end everyone” he said while still punching me on the chest.
I grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him away from me.
“Never. I don’t want ultimate power; I just want peace for everyone”
“Easy for you to say, the hunters will never give up. They will hunt you…hunt everyone”
I saw a hunter coming from my left side armed with a stake and a gun. I punched him with such force that killed him instantly.
“See…we will win Derek” he stopped and looked at me.
Our eyes met. I suddenly remember how we used to play games here when we were just toddlers.
We laughed and fought, but we were always together. We would occasionally play with Connor, but what we had was real friendship.
We trusted each other with so many secrets. I told him everything, the things that I wanted to do and the things that I had done.
Our moms would used to seat and watch us played here.
We were family.
Family doesn’t hurt the ones they loved.
Although we had grown up in different countries, but kept calling each other. I trusted him with the love of my life and now he stabbed me on the back. As if what we had shared when we were kids meant nothing to him.
There was nothing else I could do…I couldn’t trust him anymore.
He walked up to me slowly stopping in front of me with his eyes watery and red.
“I had done so many bad things…I hope you can forgive me one day” he said before taking a steak out and stabbing himself on the chest.
He dropped on his knees and stabbed himself until his heart stopped beating. Blood came out of his mouth and his chest..
I dropped to my knees and held him while the others were fighting.
“I’m sorry…for everything” he whispered with his last breath before closing his eyes.
I then cried out for the lost of my friend. I held him while he turned into ashes in front of me.
There was nothing left of him now. I touched his ashes and felt myself being pulled into his soul.
He remembered all those things that we had shared when we were little, he knew that he was hurting his brother…he knew that everything he did was hurting me.
I closed my eyes and saw the exact same memory that I had remember earlier. He saw us playing here together…he saw how happy we were.
Tears stream down my eyes. I had not only lost a friend, but a brother.
Pain and Fear surged through me.
I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Connor by my side covered in blood.
“It’s over…it’s all over now” he whispered.
I nodded and stood up. I looked around the field and saw all the hunters and a few vampires dead.
Connor closed his eyes and made the wind appear. It made everyone disappeared, leaving no traces of a war behind. I looked down and saw Derek’s ashes slowly disappearing before me.
There was nothing left for me to do, but after this experience I knew that there were still thing out there in the world that was going to keep me away from Jane.
Things that if we weren’t careful they are going to hurt us.
I knew right then that I had made my decision.
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Jane’s P.O.V
I slowly open my eyes at the sound of his voice. I saw Alexander hovering over me. His eyes were bloody red and watery..
It looked like he was crying. I slowly touched the side of his face. I felt the warmth and love.
I looked around me and saw that we were in the same room. All the things that Derek had done came rushing to my mind.
I gasped. “Derek”
Alexander’s eyes closed. “He is gone…the war is over…for now” he said.
Please God…what did I missed?
“War…he’s gone…how?”
“He killed himself…the war is over Jane. There is nothing for you to worry about”
A hint of happiness exploded in me. I pushed myself into a sitting position and hugged Alexander.
He sighed and hugged me tightly.
I rested my head on his shoulder. Everything was over…we were now together.
“Jane…I need to tell you something” he said.
I nodded still confused as to what he could possibly tell me now.
He grabbed my hands gently and met my eyes.
“Jane…after what we been through. I notice that even though we love each other, there is always something that will come between us and try to separate us”
I stood still, my mind going through every single memory that I had of us.
“You know that I will love you forever, but I have to let you go. I know that this is going to be hard for the both of us, but its necessary. I can’t risk your life anymore…maybe we are not meant to be together after all”
His words pierced my heart leaving a hole in it. I felt myself bleeding from the inside.
“No, I can’t do that. I can’t…you can’t leave me” I whispered trying to control my tears.
“I have to Jane…we can’t be together” he replied walking to the window.
“Why can’t you let me decide for myself?” I snapped. He flinched and shook his head.
“I won’t let you stay here. It’s better if you forget about me and start living a new one” he said coldly.
I gulped getting of the bed. I walked up to him standing behind him. He sighed but never turned to see me.
“Is this what you really want?” I asked my voice shaky as I asked him.
He didn’t respond, my mind kept hoping for him to say that he wanted me and that he didn’t want me leave.
“Is this what you want?” I asked louder and firmer.
Alexander’s head slowly drifted to see me. “Yes” He answered. His voice shaky yet cold told me that he meant everything he said.
A part of me wanted to stay, but I wasn’t going to force him. I already left so much behind for him.
“Ok” I said. I hand him the book, key and cell phone that Elisabeta had giving me before turning around.
“I’ll take you to the airport” he said.
I nodded as he guided me to his garage. As soon as I saw his car I gasped. It looked fast and shinny.
It was definitely Alexander’s car.
We got in the car and slowly drove away from the mansion. As I look back I saw his house and for the first time I saw the crest that was placed on the gate.
It was an eagle, just like him.
I control myself from crying anymore, because I knew deep down that he was right. Maybe we were meant to be apart.
We were both silent, there was nothing else to say.
My destiny had been decided thanks to everything that I had been through.
As the airport came into view I suddenly got nervous and sad.
We got out of the car and Alexander hand me my ticket.
“Take care Jane, promise me that you’ll move on” his eyes scanned mine. I stare at him hoping to find something that would make him change his mind, but there was nothing.
“I will” I said and slowly walked away.
In my heart I was hoping to find a reason to stay or perhaps something more, but he didn’t stop me.
I got in the plane and soon we were flying back home. I found myself crying after a while. I felt a something in my jacket pocket.
I slowly took it out and saw the ring that he had giving me and a note.
Please don’t forget me
I hold both things to my heart and closed my eyes not once looking out to say good bye to my love or his home.
When I arrived home I called my mom and asked her to pick me up.
She almost had a heart attack as soon as she saw me. I saw my step-dad coming to; his face looked tired and happy.
I smiled and hugged them both.
There was no time for questions, I was happy to be with them.When I got to my house, I immediately went to my room.
I had missed it so much.
“Jane, someone is here to see you” my mom said. I frowned.
“Is that how you greet your best friend?” Marisa asked entering the room.
She laughed and entered the room.
“Any luck with your lover?” she asked.
I looked down and started crying. “Hey…what is it?”
“He didn’t want me…he wants us to be apart and for me to forget about him”
She hugged and patted my back gently. “It’s going to be alright Jane, he doesn’t deserve you”
“I love him so much”I sobbed and pulled back.
“You have to move on Jane. Maybe there is going to be a guy out there that will love you more” she said.
“I don’t know about that, but I have to move on” I said.
“You will. Hey…I need to tell you something” she said sounding unsure.
“What is it?”
“Jack…he and I are a couple now. I’m sorry…but it just happened. We clicked and now we’re together”
I completely forgot about him.
“Are you both happy?” I asked.
“We love each other” she said tears running down her eyes.
“Then I’m happy for you both. Don’t let anyone pull you guys apart” her eyes light up and she smiled pulling me to a hug.
“I thought you were going to get mad”
“I’m happy for you guys”
We both talked about the things that I missed. We were going to be seniors now so everyone was getting ready.
Although I missed a few weeks of school, everything looked so strange to me.
Everything went by so fast.
I went back to school and met with my friends. I didn’t have time to think of him because I knew that it will only bring memories that I didn’t want to touch.
Senior year was almost over. We even got everything ready for prom..
I picked a purple dress and black heals, while Marisa picked a long coral dress. Prom ended up being fun. I had my friends and as I look at Jack and Marisa. I longed to have what they had.
As for the ring that Alexander had giving me; I decided to place it in a small box under my pillow. I was afraid if I wore it maybe I was going to start remembering him again.
A year went by, and then graduation came. I was going off to New York after and start a career as a screenwriter.
After graduation I enrolled in one of New York’s top writing schools.
Marisa went of to Chicago to become a doctor, while Jack enrolled in the same university, but decided to pursue engineering.
Some of my friends decided to go to California right after.
My life changed completely, it had been three years since I last seen Alexander.
There was nothing else in the world that was going to keep me from forgetting him.
As I made my way through life I saw him everywhere I went. Not physically, but in all sorts of things.
The house in which I decided to stay had lots of blue flowers, like the ones that Alexander had giving me and a few other things that remind me of eagles.
For some reason I always felt like he was watching me from afar.
In a few days I’m going to be meeting up with Marisa and Jack in Chicago, apparently they had something important to tell me.
I can already guess what it is after hearing Marisa screaming like crazy when she told me that I needed to be there.
As for my love life…there really wasn’t any. I didn’t date nor had any boyfriends. I just wasn’t ready…at least not yet.
Once I arrived to Chicago, Marisa and Jack took me to their house. They had gotten married a year ago, the beautiful bride wore a big and elegant gown and as she walked down the aisle, I saw how happy they were and how they were truly were meant to be together.
Now a year has gone by and I was back in Chicago..
“Jane, we have news for you” Marisa said looking a bit overexcited.
Jack shook her head and laughed. Marisa glared at him and he went quiet.
I giggled, but as soon as Marisa saw me she give me a weird look. It was clearly that she had some serious news to tell me.
“Ok, now if you both can stop laughing I will tell you what’s happening” she said crossing her arms in front of her chest.
I nodded and let her proceed. “Jane…Jack and I are expecting a baby” she said squealing with laughter.
We all end up laughing at the end. “That’s so nice. I’m really happy for you guys”
I hugged them both. Marisa started getting emotional and Jack decided to exit the room to give us some privacy.
“It’s going to be okay. I’m happy really and you should be too. I’m going to be and aunty” she laughed and hugged me tightly.
“Jane…I really want you to be here when the baby comes. I need my best friend with me”
I saw her and I knew what she wanted me to do. I was fine with a career of my own, and I think relocating would be good.
Chicago was still a few hours away from New York so I can easily go back if I wanted to.
“I guess I can start calling this place home” she smiled and threw her arms around me again.
I chuckled. “Thank you Jane”
I left her house right after. We had agreed on a few things before I left. I was going back to NY and sell my house and in a few days I was coming back.
A new and fresh live awaits now.
As I walked down Central Park, I saw the same blue flowers…it was as if they were following me.
I felt the cold wind touch my face gently as it pass by, enveloping me with such gentleness and care.
Things had changed now. My mind kept remembering the boy that I once loved.
But he kept his promise at the end, I was safe now. Free of any sort of danger. My life changed and although I had a feeling that I might see him one day.
There was something in me that will always love him forever no matter where we are or where the future might take us. We might go off to do great things in this world that’s for sure.
But there was one thing that he will always be and that is my first true love…
Epilogue coming soon

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