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The Golden Mistake… Episode 54

#Chapter 54
[Still On Sean’s POV] ¶
The name of the hotel was Sandpearl Resort. It looked really nice from the outside. The bus parked in front of the entrance. “Alright everyone, let’s get settled in,” Mrs. Cole ordered.
We all got off of the bus and grabbed our luggages from Ms. Diaz. We entered the hotel, and I was amazed on how nice the interior looked. It wasn’t as big as the hotel we stayed at in Orlando, but it was still really nice.
“Okay kids, you know the rules. Boys partner up with boys and Girls partner up with girls. We will be leaving around noon to the Aquarium in Downtown so we’ll all meet up in the lobby, understand?”
We all nodded and few of the students answered with a ‘Yes Ma’am’.
“Very well, you may do whatever in the mean time.”Mrs Cole said before walking out..
Chase, Lianne, Anabelle and I began making our way to the elevators to head to our rooms. “I think the pool is out back. You guys wanna go?” The elevator doors opened and we entered.
“I’ll go. Do you wanna go Ana?” Lianne asked her.
She shook her head. “I’m fine. I’m actually not feeling to well, so I’m just gonna hang out in the room.”
“Oh okay, what about you Sean?”
“Uhm, I think I’m gonna stay in for now. Get some rest,” I answered.
“Okay then.” The elevators doors opened and we walk out heading to our room which was room 312, so it’s this way,” Lianne said to Anabelle, pointing her finger to the left.
“Okay,” She mumbled as she turned to Chase and I. “I guess I’ll see you guys later then.”lianne said
We both nodded, watching them as they made their way to their hotel room. I felt Chase shrug my shoulder. “Dis way bro. Our room is this way.”
I followed Chase down the passage to our hotel room. He opened the door, revealing an average sized hotel room with two queen sized beds, a flat screen hanging from the wall, a coffee machine that was on a table with cups, creams and sugars…
I set down my stuff near the bed next to the sliding door. “I’m gonna go change,” Chase had said. I nodded as I heard a door close. I looked down at my bed and quickly plopped myself onto it.
God, this bed is so damn comfortable.
Chase came out of the bathroom soon after, in a plain white t-shirt and a pair of dark blue bathing shorts. “Alright, I’m out. I’ll see you later,” Chase said, as he grabbed his phone from his bed.
“Okay, have fun.”
“Thanks man,” He said, before opening the door and walking out of the room. Once I heard the door close, I waited two minutes before I got off of the bed and walked over to the table.
I grabbed the room key and walked over to the door. I placed the room key in my pocket as I opened the door and walked out. I walked down the hallway to Anabelle’s hotel room. I decided that I was finally going to tell her how I felt about her.
My heart was racing as I got closer and closer to her door. I got to her door and just stood there, staring at it. I just realized I had no idea how I was going to tell her or what I was going to say, for the matter. I sighed and slowly begin walking away.
Maybe if I saw her again, I would know what to say.
I stopped walking and walked back to her door. I raised my hand in a fist and slowly brought it near the door. I stopped just before I could touch the door.
Was this a good idea? What if she didn’t feel the same way? I don’t want to ruin our friendship. It took us quite awhile to get to the friendship stage.
I took a deep breath before finally knocking on her door. It was silent for a few seconds before I heard small footsteps near the door. My heart stopped as the door opened and I saw her standing there in a light blue tank top and white jean shorts.
She gave me that beautiful smile of hers. “Hey Sean.”
I gulped. “Hi.”
“What’s up?”
[Chillax Sean, this is your chance. Tell her.] I said to myself
“Uh-I um Anabelle- uhmmm look Anabelle…,” I stammered on my words. I laughed nervously. “Uh, are you hungry?” I wanted to slap myself for chickening out.
She smiled as she crossed her arms over her chest. “Maybe.. Why do you ask?”she spoke
“Well,. I was heading downstairs to grab something to eat and I figured I would come and ask you if you were hungry so you can accompany me. Only if you wanted to though. I don’t mind going alone. Plus I know you aren’t feeling too well,” I rambled.
She let out a small laugh. “Sean, I would love to accompany you. Let me take my room key real quick. I’ll Be right back.” She gave me a small smile before closing the door.
What the hell is wrong with you Sean?
She opened the door again and walked out of her room, closing the door behind her. “Okay let’s go.”she smiled
“Okay,” I said, as we began walking down to the elevator. I can’t believe I chickened out. I was never the shy type around a girl.
God, what was happening to me?

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