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The Golden Mistake… Episode 55

#Chapter 55
#Anabelle ‘s POV

“Where should we go first?” Lianne asked,
“How about we just start with the Aquarium?” I suggested.
“Okay. I think its located on the second floor. The stairs are right there.”Sean pointed out
I began making my way up the stairs with Lianne, Sean and Chase in front of me. I held onto the railing beside the stairs as a wave of dizziness suddenly came.
I took slow steps on the stairs as I held onto the railing tightly. Not only was I dizzy but I was having shortness of breath as well.
I hadn’t realized I had stopped walking up the stairs. I continued holding onto the railing tightly so I wouldn’t fall. I could hear quick footsteps coming down the stairs. “Anabelle? What’s wrong? Are you okay?” You could hear the concern in Sean’s voice.
I inhaled and exhaled slowly. I closed my eyes to help stop the dizziness but it didn’t help. “Ana, please tell us what’s wrong,” Lianne pleaded. She sounded truly concerned as well.
“, I just feel a little dizzy and out of breath,” I breathed out.
“Here sit down on the step,” Lianne said, carefully helping me sit on the stairs. “Anabelle, I’m going to call Dr. Reynolds on phone,” Sean told me. I slowly nodded, my eyes still closed.. “Chase can you get her some water please?lianne requested
“Sure.” Chase nodded rushing up
I slowly opened my eyes and saw Sean walking up the stairs with his phone on his ear. “Anabelle are you having any sort of pain?”Sean asked
I shook my head.
“She said no. She’s just dizzy and having shortness of breath,” He said to Dr. Reynolds, who was obviously on the other line.
“Yes sir. Okay. Yep. Thank you, Dr. Reynolds. Alright, take care. Bye.” Sean took the phone away from his ear and ended the call.
“Okay, he said it’s just symptoms of the pregnancy and that you should be fine,” Sean explained.
I nodded as Sean lifted me up (bridal style) and carefully carried me down the stairs. “You still dizzy?” Sean questioned, carefully putting me down the bench as I sat …
“I think am okay now,” I responded.
“Anabelle, are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure.”
“Ok,,let’s wait a bit and then we can walk over to the elevators and head to the second floor,” Lianne explained.
“I smiled”
Chase walked over to us, handing me a cold bottle of water. “Thanks.” I opened the bottle and took a few gulps of the water. I didn’t even realize how thirsty I was.
We sat here for several minutes, just talking. “Okay, are you sure you’re good?” I nodded, getting up from the bench. “Yeah, I promise I’m fine. Now, let’s go see the aquarium….”lianne mentioned excitingly
@At The Aquarium
[Still On Anabelle’s POV] ¶
“I can’t believe I got to see Sea Turtles!” I gushed. “They were so cute!” They looked so much cuter in person. I was so excited when I saw them.
“Belle look,, isn’t that Dory and Nemo??” Lianne commented
I let out a small laugh. “Lol,its not..” I chuckle
“Yeah, I know. But since they were in the movie ” FINDING NEMO”, I will call them Dory and Nemo.”
I smiled and shook my head. That girl was something else. Lianne and I seriously have an obsession with anything Disney.
“I think it’s almost time to leave,” Sean mentioned while looking down at his watch. “Mrs. Cole says we’re having dinner near the hotel. Plus, I’m hungry.”Sean said
“We’re all hungry,” Chase pointed out.
I shrugged my shoulders. “I guess so..
Mrs. Cole said we all had to be at the entrance by five and its four – thirty already.”Sean commented
As we waited, I took out my cell phone and dialed up Derek’s number. I haven’t talked to him in two days. After a few rings, he finally picked up.
“Hey baby sister.”
“Hey big brother.”
“How’s the trip so far? he asked
“Amazing. I’m loving every second that I’m here. How’s things over there? How’s Dad?”
“Everything is good. Dad is doing really good….Dr. Robins says he’ll probably be able to go home in a couple of weeks.”
Thank God.
“Really. That’s amazing. I’m super happy…Did you go to see him today?”I asked
“I’m actually with him right now.”Derek replied
“Everyone is here. Let’s get on the bus,” Sean whispered into my ear. I nodded, following him outside of the Aquarium.
“Do you want to talk to him?”
“Yeah, put him on.”
“Okay, hold on.”Derek said
I walked onto the bus and sat down in a seat next to the window. It was silent for a second before I heard my father’s voice.
“Hello? Princess?”dad called out sounding excited
“Hey Daddy.”
“Hi my little girl. How are you?
“I’m doing great dad.
“I’m glad to hear that.”
“Derek tells me that you’ll probably be able to come home in a couple of weeks.”
“Yes. Everything is going as planned and I’m doing way better.”
“That’s good. You have no idea how happy I am to hear that.”
“Yeah. I miss you princess.”
“I miss you too Daddy. Don’t worry I’ll be home in six more days. I can’t wait to see you and Derek.”
“Same here sweetheart. Listen, I have to go. I’ll put Derek back on the phone. I love you sweetie.”
“Okay. I love you too Daddy. Bye.”
“Bye bye.”
It was once again silent for a second until Derek answered.
“Hey Belle, I’ll call you back later okay?”
“I love you Belle and be safe.”
“Okay, I love you too Derek. Bye.”
I took my phone away from my ear and hung up. I felt Sean’s arm wrap around me. “How are they?”
“They’re good. I miss them though.”
“I know you do,” Sean whispered, gently kissing the side of my temple. Just that little kiss made my heart flutter. A smile formed onto my lips as I leaned my head onto his shoulder. He had no idea the kind of effect he had on me…….
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To Be Continued

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