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The Golden Mistake… Episode 56

#Chapter 56
#Later That Day….
[Anabelle’s POV] ¶
“God I am so full and tired,” Lianne yawned.
“Same here,” I mumbled.
Sean and Chase were walking us to our hotel room. It had been a long day and we were all extremely exhausted. Especially me. My feet were hurting and they were swollen. All I wanted at this point was to get to my bed.
“Well this is you guys,” Chase said, as we stopped in front of the door to Lianne and I’s room. “I’ll see you two ladies tomorrow. Goodnight.” Chase pulled both Lianne and I in for a hug.
“Okay. I’m super tired. So goodnight and sleep tight,” Lianne said, as she opened the door to our room. She walked in as I held the door open. “Yeah, I’ll see you two tomorrow. It’s been a long day and we each need rest.”
“I agree. I’ll see you in the room Sean.” Chase patted his shoulder before he started making his way to the other side of the hallway. I turned my attention to Sean.
I watched as Sean slowly walked over to where I was. “Uh, I guess this is goodnight.”he said
I smiled up at him. “Yeah, I guess so.” His body was pretty near mine and I was trying my hardest not to grab him and kiss him goodnight.
He leaned down and gently kissed my cheek. A wave of disappointment overtook me. I kind of thought he was going to kiss me on my lips. I mean, I baldly wanted him too. I really hoped that my disappointment didn’t show.
“Goodnight Anabelle.”he said softly
I forced a small smile onto my lips. “Goodnight Sean.”……
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#Sean ‘s POV

“I chickened out.” I confessed.
Chase and Lianne stared at me, trying to hold in their laughs. “Are you serious?” Lianne giggled.
“Why are you guys laughing? This is not funny.”
Chase covered his face with his hand as he laughed. “It kind of is,” Lianne said, still laughing. I couldn’t believe they were actually laughing at me right now when I told them how shy I was to kiss Lianne on the lips
“Why is it so funny?”I said annoyingly
“I don’t know, we assume you’re joking. Right?” Chase answered.
“I’m not joking,” I told them with a straight face.
They both quickly stopped laughing. “Wait really?” Chase glared at me. “But.. But. You’re not one who chickens out when it comes to girls. You’re a ladies man. You know how to smooth talk so you can.. you know, get them into bed.” Chase commented
Lianne shot a glare my way as she crossed her arms over her chest. “Oh really? Nice to know. I knew you were a player but still. I swear, you better be serious about Anabelle. I’m not kidding, if you hurt her I will kill you and Derek will bury you.”
I laughed slightly
“Lianne, please. I don’t have bad intentions, you know that. I’m being serious. I really do like her. I just-I-I I don’t know. I don’t know if she feels the same way. Sometimes she gives me some type of sign that she does and then other times she doesn’t. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to say.”I said
It was silent for a second before I decided to speak again. “Has she said anything to you?” I asked Lianne.
“Me? Noo!” I could hear the sarcasm dripping from her words. “Lianne…”I pressured
She rolled her eyes and sighed. “Okay, she might have said something. But I refuse to tell you anything. Besides, she just got out of relationship, like I don’t know, a week ago? It’s best if you take things slow and see how she responds.”liann
e said
“What? What do you mean she just got out of a relationship? She had a boyfriend?”
Lianne scratched the back of her head. “Uh yeah.. kind of.. But it didn’t last long. It lasted like a month I believe. She doesn’t like him that way anymore, I promise. She’s actually got her eye on someone else.”lianne said
I could feel the jealously I was feeling coursing through my veins. “Who?” I demanded. “Lianne, please tell me I’m not wasting my time on someone who might not be interested in me. I-I actually think I might really really like her and I don’t want to be in too deep if it turns out she doesn’t feel the same way. I don’t think I can put myself through that.”I said
“Sean I-“lianne stammared
“Please Lianne. Please tell me I’m not wasting my time.”
She sighed, before giving me a small smile. “No. You’re not wasting your time” .lianne spoke
I really hoped that she was being honest when she said that I’m not wasting my time. Because I could really feel myself falling deeply in love with her,,and I still wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.
#Anabelle ‘s POV

“So do you really think that Sean might actually like me?” I asked both Nicole and Dani, as we waited in line for our cake.
“Honestly? Yes. Girl, do you see the way he looks at you? It’s so obvious that he does!” Nicole answered.
“I agree with Nicole. Let me tell you something about Sean Walker. He’s not one to be interested in a serious relationship. He’s more of a no strings attached kind of guy,” Dani explained.
I frowned slightly…
“Yes, that’s true, do you really think that what Kayla and Sean had was anything serious? If anything they acted more like fuck buddies than real boyfriend and girlfriend,” Nicole chimed in.
“But with you, it’s different. He’s different. Everyone at school can clearly see it. I don’t know if it’s you or the baby but he seems to be really changing his ways,” Dani added.
“Changing his ways? Are you serious?”I asked
They both nodded.
“Can I tell you guys something?”I requested
“Yeah,” They both said simultaneously.
“Yes. I like Sean. But to be completely honest, I’m really scared that I like him more than a friend..”..
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To Be Continued

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