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The Golden Mistake… Episode 57

#Chapter 57
#Anabelle ‘s POV

“Can I tell you guys something?”I requested
“Yeah,” They both said simultaneously.
“Yes. I like Sean. But to be completely honest, I’m really scared that I like him more than a friend..”..

“And why is that?” Nicole questioned, confusion written all over her face. I sighed. “I’m scared …….
I stopped talking for a second, quickly gathering my thoughts before continuing. “I’m scared that later on in the future we won’t work out and that Sean and I will have this rough, awkward relationship and I don’t want that to effect my daughter. I want my daughter to grow up having both of her parents on good terms, even if that means that Sean and I are just friends.”I said
“Okay, I see where you’re coming from but still. If you guys do end up calling things off, knowing Sean, he will probably want to work something out. You know? For the sake of his daughter. But it couldn’t hurt to try and see if things do actually work out.” Dani said.
“Yeah, I guess so. There’s also another reason, but I don’t really want to tell you guys that reason just yet. I honestly just don’t know what to do.” I murmured.
We ordered our cakes and waited to the side until they were ready. “Uhmm Anabelle, let me give you some advice. It might sound a little cheesy but it does help. Follow your heart. The mind might get lost, but the heart always knows the right direction.”
I gave Nicole a small smile. “It’s a little cheesy, but I like it. Thank you.”
She returned the smile. “No problem. Oh! I think those are our cakes.I’ll Be right back!” She rushed to the pick up window infront of the small bakery
“Yeah, but Anabelle. You should honestly consider giving it a shot, if the opportunity comes up.”
I gave her a small nod. “, I’ll consider it.”
Nicole returned with our cakes. My God, they looked delicious. Mine was topped with powdered sugar, four scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. It tasted even better than it looked. It tasted like heaven in my mouth.
This was totally not healthy since I’m pregnant but I could care less. It was amazing.
After we had finished up our cakes, Sean had texted me telling me to meet up with them at Busche garden to play at Arcade games. I was actually pretty excited about that.
If I’m being honest, I was actually excited to see Sean again.
And Lianne of course…
We finally arrived to the area in Busch Gardens called Pantopia. I scanned the crowd for any sign of Sean or Lianne. “Do you see them?” I asked Nicole and Dani.
“Nope,” They responded.
“Wait, I think that’s them!” I looked in the direction Dani was pointing at. Sure enough, I saw Sean, Lianne and Chase walking our way. I smiled and waved at them. Lianne smiled, quickly rushing over to where I was.
“Hey Bestie!!!” She pulled me in for a tight hug. I don’t care if it was the tight hug but my stomach began churning, and not in a good way. “Uh-Lianne. Too tight.” I groaned.
She finally let go of me. “Sorry.” She quickly apologized. “I hope I didn’t hurt my precious goddaughter,” She cooed as she looked down at my abdomen.
“No you didn’t. I’m just not feeling well.”
“Really? What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. Let’s just play some games.” I gently began rubbing my stomach as I walked inside. I had no idea why this sudden feeling of nausea came[Nausea is an ailment that comes up in d digestive system that often makes you feel like vomiting] ,, I hated it. It was putting me in a bad mood, which I didn’t want to have.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Sean asked, as he grabbed my arm, stopping me from walking any further. “You look a little pale.” He pointed out, concern lacing through each and every word.
“I’m fine. Let’s just play games, I’ll be fine.”
He let out a small sigh before giving me a small nod. “Okay.”
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I was no where near fine.
In fact, the nausea had gotten even worse.
We were on our way back to the hotel and I was just dying to get into my bed and rest. I really wasn’t feeling well and I haven’t eaten anything since that cake. Because of the nausea, of course.
“Are you sure you are okay Ana? You haven’t eaten anything and you look like you’re about to puke.”
I didn’t say anything. I was doing everything in my power not to talk or do anything. I felt like with any slight movement I would just throw up(vomit) all over the bus floor and I definitely don’t want that to happen.
That would be disgusting and not to mention, embarrassing.
“We’re a couple of minutes away from the hotel, hang on tight okay?”
I didn’t respond to her.
I didn’t mean to be rude or anything. I just didn’t want to throw up on her. That would be horrible if I did!
“Okay Ana, we’re here.”
The bus slowly came to a stop at the hotel entrance. Everyone began getting up from their seats and walking off of the bus. Lianne held onto my arm and slowly helped me up.
She held onto my arm as we walked off of the bus and began walking inside the hotel. “Here, let me help.” I heard Sean say.
I felt his arm link with my other arm as we walked inside the elevator. “I got her Lianne. You can let her go if you want.”sean said
“No it’s fine. I don’t mind.”lianne insisted
The elevator doors open and we walked out. Oh God, I could literally feel the bile slowly rising up in my throat. “Lianne give me the key quickly!”I quickly said
She reached into her bag and quickly handed me the key. “Ana-” I began speed walking to the room. I opened the door and barged into the room, rushing into the bathroom. I quickly lifted up the toilet seat and threw up into it.
Well there goes my cake.
Eww! So disgusting.
Thank God I wore my hair in a bun.
I threw up into the toilet once again. I felt a hand rubbing my back gently. “Go away!” I said softly, before flushing up the toilet.
“No.” Sean answered.
Oh my God, this is so embarrassing.. The boy i have a huge crush on is literally watching me throw up into a toilet!
That’s so so embarrassing!
“Sean please go. You don’t need to see this!” I breathed out. flushing the toilet once more aa Sean carefully helped me up. I walked over to the sink and rinsed my mouth thoroughly before brushing my teeth.
Once I was finished brushing my teeth, I walked out of the bathroom and saw Sean laying out a pair of pajamas on my bed. He looked at me and grinned. “I hope you don’t mind but I took out your pajamas for you.”he said
I walked over to where he was, giving him a small smile. “Thank you Sean. That was sweet of you.”
He took my bag off of my bed and set it under the bed. I looked down at my pajamas and then at Sean. “Um. Do you mind not looking while I change?” I asked him, my voice soft.
He chuckles. “It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”he said laughing
I could feel my cheeks beginning to heat up. That night at Sean’s party started replaying in my mind. That was a pretty crazy night.
“But, yes. I won’t look. I’ll face that wall, okay?”
“Okay,” I smiled.
He turned around, his back facing towards me. I quickly undressed out of my clothes and changed into my pajamas. “All done.”
He turned back around so that he was facing me. “Where do you want me to put your clothes?” He inquired, as he picked up my clothes from my bed. “Oh, uh. You can just put it on top of the table.
He nodded, walking over to the table and placing my clothes neatly on the table. I began dressing the bed. “Do you feel better now?”
“Yeah. I guess so.”
I climbed into bed, as Sean pulled the bed covers over me. He bent down and gently kissed my forehead. “I’ll be back tomorrow morning to check on you okay?”
“Okay,” I whispered.
“Well I’ll let you get your rest. Goodnight Anabelle.”
“Okay. Goodnight Sean,” I murmured.
He walked over to the door and opened it. “She’s better now.” I heard Sean say at the door.
“Okay, thank you Sean. Goodnight.”
“Goodnight Lianne.”he said to lianne
I heard the door close. I watched as Lianne set her bag down on the table. “Get some rest Anabelle. You’re gonna need it.”
“Yeah, I know.” I held the bed covers closer to me. “Night best friend.”I said soflty
“Goodnight hunny.”she commented
Sean was the last thing on my mind before my eyes slowly closed and everything went black as I fell into a peaceful slumber.
To Be Continued

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