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The Golden Mistake… Episode 61

#Chapter 61

Lianne reached over the table and grabbed my hand, gently holding it. “Look Ana. I know the real reason why you’re holding back on telling Sean how you really feel. You’re scared. I know you are. You’re scared to love again…….

You went through a serious heartbreak with Blake. You’re scared that you’ll get your heart broken again, and that’s totally understandable. But you need to know that not every guy is Blake. Yeah, Sean may be a player but I know deep down he’s a good guy. I have a good feeling about him. Believe it or not, you and Sean bring out the best in each other. You guys clearly make each other happy…lianne said
So why not give it a shot? Because all I want is for you to be happy, and he’s the reason why you are.”she added
I took in all that Lianne said. Although that wasn’t the only reason why I was scared, sure, it’s the main reason why I’m scared, but it wasn’t the only one. I knew that what Lianne had said was absolutely true.
I’m so much happier when I’m with him.
Just maybe.
Sean was the person I was waiting for.
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Later That Day

“Are you going to tell him?” Lianne asked, as she stood beside me. We were waiting in line to enter the Basketball Arena. Mrs. Cole thought it would be a fun and cool idea if we went to the Knicks V. Heat basketball game.
Sean and Chase were beyond excited when Mrs. Cole made the announcement that we would be coming here. If you didn’t already know, we were all Knicks fans. Except for a few others.
I watched as Sean conversed with Chase, Liam and the rest of the guys. I inhaled and exhaled slowly before giving Lianne a small nod. “Now is your chance Anabelle. Don’t chicken out okay? You can do this.” Nicole said, giving me an encouraging smile after.
“Okay. Let’s do this.” I inhaled and exhaled randomly as I began making my way over to where Sean was…it seems easy but to me its like meeting up with a president lol!
Oh my God, I can’t believe I was actually going to do this.
I was really going to tell him how I feel.
God, I’m so nervous.
What if he doesn’t feel the same way?
Don’t think like that Anabelle.
Just as I was about to reach him, I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I quickly turned around only to see Kayla standing right behind me. “What do you think you’re doing?” She questioned, as she crossed her arms over her chest.
“None of your business.” I snapped at her.
“You know, I just so happen to overhear your conversation with your little friends over there. I’m going to be honest with you because that’s just how I am. Sean doesn’t like you. You wanna know how I know? Because I know he still loves me. Everyone at school knows that Sean and I are bound to end up together again because that’s just how Sean and I are.
So I suggest you rethink your decision on telling him how you feel because the outcome is not gonna be pretty. Now that I think of it, I’m doing you a favor. I’m saving you from Sean breaking your fragile, little heart. So you’re welcome.”she said rudely
“Is there a problem here?” I heard Sean’s voice say from behind me.
“Oh no. Just giving Isabelle here some friendly advice. I’ll talk to you later Sean.” She smiled at the both of us before returning to her friends.
“Hey, are you okay? What did she say?” He gently took my arm, turning me around, so that I was facing him. I looked up at him, my green eyes meeting his bright blue ones. I could see the concern in his eyes.
“I’m fine. She didn’t say anything. At least not anything that should affect me,” I softly said to him. He let out a small sigh of relief. “Okay. Good.”
I wanted so badly to tell him how I felt about him.
But I couldn’t.
I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.
It just wasn’t the right time.
Now I just had to figure out when and how I should tell him.
Because I knew that deep down, sooner or later, I just wouldn’t be able to hold it in anymore. And I knew that when that day came, it would either start our relationship or ruin our friendship.
And I honestly don’t know if I’m ready to lose him.
I did something that I told myself not to do.
I’ve completely fallen for Sean Walker.
And I didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.
At least not yet.
#Anabelle ‘s POV

“Should we wake her up?” I heard Chase’s voice ask.
“No. Look at her. She looks so peaceful in her sleep.” I heard Sean’s voice say.
I began shifting in my bed. “Ssh! I think she’s waking up!” Lianne whispered.
I slowly opened my eyes and saw Sean, Lianne and Chase standing there with huge smiles plastered on their faces. Lianne was holding several balloons in her hand and Sean was holding a beautiful bouquet of yellow, orange and red flowers in a vase.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” They all yelled in unison.
I rubbed my eyes as I slowly sat up in my bed. Lianne squealed and rushed over to me, quickly pulling me into a hug. “Happy Birthday my beautiful best friend!”lianne said loudly
I let out a small laugh as I wrapped my arms around her. “Thank you Lia.” She pulled away and tied the balloons to the handle on the nightstand that was beside the bed.
I got up from my bed and looked over to where Sean was. I looked down at the flowers and smiled. “Tulips,” I murmured as I looked up at Sean, a smile still present on my face. “My favorite flowers.”
His lips slowly curved up into a smile. “Yeah. I remembered you telling me that Tulips were your favorite flower when we went to Seaside Park and played the questions game.”
He remembered.
“I can’t believe you remembered.” I whispered, as I looked back down at the flowers. “Thank you. I love them. They are so beautiful.” I carefully took them from his hand and set it down on the small table.
“Alright Ana. Mrs. Coleman gave us all a free day to do whatever we want. Which means we have a lot of things planned for your special day! So, get ready birthday girl! We have a long but fun day ahead of us!” Lianne explained.
And for once, in a very long time, I was actually excited for my birthday…
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To Be Continued

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