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The Golden Mistake… Episode 62

#Chapter 62
Still On Anabelle’s POV

My birthday breakfast was first on Lianne’s list of birthday filled activities. We had just got finished eating at a small restaurant that served amazing breakfast. It was a good start to my birthday.
Derek called me while we were eating at the restaurant. Derek and my father both wished me a happy birthday and told how much they loved me and missed me. I’ll admit i cried up a bit.
Shopping was next on the list.
I was happy that we were going shopping. I needed some new clothes now that my stomach had gotten much bigger. “Hey Anabelle. Here,” Sean said, handing me his phone.
I knit my eyebrows together as I took his phone from his hand. I looked down at the screen and saw that Sean’s mother was on the line. I put the phone to my ear and smiled.
“Hey Mam!”I greeted
“Hi sweetie! Oh Anabelle honey, Happy Birthday!”
“Thank you Ms.Raye.”
“Eighteen wow. Are you excited? How does it feel to finally be eighteen?”
“Well I feel no different but I am excited. This day has been going amazing so far.”
“I am so happy to hear that sweetie! Sean kept reminding me yesterday that your birthday was the next day. He also called me to help him find you a gift. Oh Anabelle did you like it?”
A gift?
Sean had gotten me a gift?
I watched as Sean was engrossed in a conversation with Chase about the basketball game last night. Did he really get me a gift?
“Uhmmm a gift?”
“Oh. Oh no no no. Did he not give it to you yet? Oh goodness it was supposed to be a surprise! I thought he had already given it to you! Oh sweet heavens what have I done?”she said sadly
I chuckled lightly. “Mam. It’s fine. He hasn’t given me anything yet, but I’ll be sure to act surprised when he does. Did he really get me something?”I asked
“Yes. I could tell how important it was to him to get you something special for your birthday. Anabelle, I’m so sorry I ruined the surprise for you. I feel horrible.”
“No need to apologize Ms. Raye. It’s fine. Hey, at least you didn’t tell me what it was.”I said
“Well that’s true! That makes me feel a little better.”
“I’m glad it does.”
“Well, I have to get going Anabelle. Today is my last day in Hawaii and I’m trying to do as much as I can. Enjoy your special day sweetie.”she said
“Alright, thank you Raye. Have fun on your last day.”
“Thank you! Tell Sean that I will call him later on OK?”
“I will. Goodbye Mam.”
“Bye sweetheart!”
I took the phone away from my ear and hung up. “Here Sean,” I said to him as I handed him back his phone. “Your mom says she’ll call you later on.”
“Alright. Thanks.” He continued on his conversation with Chase.
I still couldn’t believe that Sean had gotten me a gift. I wasn’t expecting him to get me anything, but he did anyway. And the fact that Ms.Raye said that it was important to him to find me a birthday gift, made my heart flutter.
Sean was definitely something else.

Today was definitely a fun filled day. It was already a little bit past six o’clock and we were headed back to the hotel. Lianne said there was one more thing left on the list, but it was a surprise.
“Did you have fun?” Lianne asked me, as we neared the hotel.
“Yes! I did. Thank you so much for this guys. This means so much to me.”I smiled
They all smiled at me. “Well we wanted you to enjoy your day,” Sean commented. “And I’m glad you did.”
We finally got to the hotel, Chase opening the door for us. We entered the hotel and started making our way to the elevator. “So. Are you gonna tell me what’s last on your list or are you just gonna continue keeping me in suspense?” I questioned, as we entered the elevator.
“I’m going to keep it a surprise for now,” She grinned.
I sighed in defeat. “Fine.”
We got off of the elevator. “We’ll see you two ladies later. We’re going to get ready,” Chase said.
“Get ready for what?” I asked him.
“Don’t worry about it Anabelle. We’ll see you in a little,” Sean said, as he leaned down and gently kissed my cheek. He handed me my other shopping bags as he began making his way to his room.
Lianne slid the room key and opened the door. She picked up her shopping bags from the floor and entered the room, with me following right behind her. We set our shopping bags on the small table.
Lianne walked back over to the door and closed it. “Okay. Go shower and get ready. We’re going somewhere.”lianne said
“Where to? So I know how to dress.”
“Don’t worry about it. I’ll pick out your outfit.”
“Okay.” I walked over to my luggage and opened it, taking out a matching nude bra and underwear. I walked over to the bathroom and set my undergarments down in the small white stand hanging from the wall.
I turned on the shower and began removing my clothes. I was really curious as to where we were going. Maybe we were going to eat dinner somewhere nice.
I got into the shower and quickly washed my hair and myself. I didn’t want to take too long because I knew Lianne needed to shower and get ready as well.
I exited the shower and dried myself up with a towel. Thereafter putting on my undies and quickly wrapped my hair in the towel. I walked out of the bathroom and saw my outfit laid out on my bed.
“Alright you go get dressed while I shower. Okay?”lianne said
I nodded, as I walked over to my bed. I looked down at the outfit that was laid out on the bed. It was a cute white summer dress with floral designs, a pair of white sandals, a beautiful necklace and a pinkish colored hair packer.
It was a really cute mix.
I dressed into my outfit, which fit perfectly on me. It looked really cute on me as well. All I needed to do was my hair and makeup, which I know Lianne is going to want to do…
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To Be Continued

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